ITT: Characters who Did Nothing Wrong

ITT: Characters who Did Nothing Wrong

I'll start

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You are supposed to put meme answers not people who genuinely did nothing wrong. It is like saying pic related did nothing wrong, everyone already knows that.

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Filthy Griffith apologist. You make me sick.

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apart from appropriate the look of an early seventies raconteur or late seventies porn star that is.


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Oh this is an easy one

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Is that Don Ramon?

My man Yoshii is a gentleman of taste.

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that's why I mentioned raconteur first as those lads had a sense of style and class, and unlike today, wern't afraid to show it.


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Indeed. Well said.

yoshii is the only man in this thread who did nothing wrong

Soy "Guts" Boy pls go.

This but unironically
Brando can go fuck himself

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I honestly thought it was just a joke until I finished the show. Such a well written character.

I had my suspicions since the early episodes where he stressed that he wanted to "see primitive human energy" and for the people of Lux to rise up or something, but the full extent of what was going on still managed to shock me. Texhnolyze was such a good anime.

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The major let down for me was the very last episode. I had seen the screenshot of Ran in the statue so all that weight was lost. That's not the show's fault of course.

Knowing where he came from, I'd probably do the same thing.

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In a country filled with people who have no souls, can killing them be considered a public service?

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Squidward just wants to play his clarinet

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Prove me wrong

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You're wrong

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Why are these threads don't get deleted? Clearly only underages would post here.

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where are her legs?

Fair enough

sousuke deserved everything

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He was just doing what a god should do.

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Yeah, seeing how awful the world above was I felt Doc did the right thing by sudokuing.

Did she really kill herself though? She just kinda...gave up. I'm not exactly sure what happened with her but goddamn seeing an extremely ambitious woman like that just give up like that, it's kinda frightening. Surface world really is a special kind of hell.

I missed it at first, too, because I was too busy reading the subtitles, but when I rewatched it, it became apparent than in one of her scenes - the ones where she isn't seen, but talks about Ichise and her infertility - there's a bath overflowing. I'm pretty sure that implies she killed herself. It makes sense why she'd do it, too. She spent all her life working diligently towards something that made literally no sense in the end. Not only that, but texhnolyzation was also taken advantage of by Kano for his warped goals.

Despite how monstrous his actions were I can sorta see where Kano was coming from. After all, he was the byproduct of several generations of inbreeding and god knows what other kind of genetic fuckery. The dude was bonafied insane.

Sup Forums bitches that women are sluts and whores, Sayaka sacrifices herself for unrequited love. She has done more than 99% of "waifus" or "best girl"

she can't win in either 2d or 3d, a true Shakespearean tale

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Oh, I'm not saying his actions weren't understandable from a certain point of view. They certainly were, doesn't make them less warped though. Characterization is Texhnolyze's strong point, I believe. Pretty much all of the characters and their motivations make sense.

How bullshit op would be or how much of a jobber would he been if he was introduced now instead of very early on?

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She purged degeneracy to better the world and protect her daughter.

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Can't believe she's dead.

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who the FUCK is this guy?

Lelouch vi Britannia

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Scamming children is okay?

In vidya? Yes. They're little shits anyway, now give me your armor. I'll make it nice and shiny for you!


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Unironically this
>never have friends
>make friend
>watch her die horribly
>rinse and repeat over and over even having to mercy kill her
>fall into despair
>try to sudoku but can't
>rewrite universe so everyone has a normal life except you who still has to suffer
>get called the devil for it

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He not obnly did everything wrong, but he was also a lame ass villian. a real reaon to drop that unsanly overrated manga.

Okay but this Hitler here did nothing wrong.

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Yuugo Tennouji. Done.

He killed millions
You know he didn't kill Brandon for a good reason right

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She deserves better.

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Harumi wasn't a villain though.

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i thought it was about characters that did nothing wrong


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Raoh Did Nothing Wrong

His only fault was his talent...and maybe to use his dick instead of his brain

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im a gay dick faggot

Fuck Gennosuke for what he did to him, fucking cuck.

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literally just some guy whose body was destroyed and whose mind is shatered between diferent vessels

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