5 More Days Till Girls und Panzer das Final

Who is ready for the beginning of the end? Time for some FAT Frenchies.

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Yes but how do I get english subs

Pray fo /ak/ to do their magic

I hope that you are ready to wait for 5 more years


How low we have fallen

I'm ready for the fat ass

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>I hope that you are ready to wait for 5 more years
I can wait.

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Someone needs to make a crossover with taxi driver

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I'll be ded in FIVE days.

I want to see this happen so bad

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Explain why

But it happened

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I'm not sure, i don't want to waste more time over here

She's already pretty well known as a spy.
RW has the poles humoring her

It makes her look so good

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Pulling your leg m8s, sorry.

She seems very happy happy for someone who's about to get their Alsace-lorain annexed

Dem thighs

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She's a loader. Probably got al the baguettes off her with a spinning lariat.

Loaders are terrifying

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i want to die

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Join the club

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Have they announced anymore projects?
This can't be the end.

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>Yukari using a Glock

Did you even watch the show?

They don't even know the date for the second OVA

damn spoilers!

I'm already here forever

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I heard July-Aug 2019.

But that's not the spoiler

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I want to redraw this image but with GuP characters. The most appropriate characters I can think of is Miho as Snake and early morning Mako.

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>one 20m OVA per yer

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OVAs are slated for 1 year release with a 3-4 month slippage at VOL 2,4,6 due to the 4DX thing. This is why they went movie release vs a TV series, they can make more money with a normal/4DX movie ova. Remember also that the 1st one they barely finished on time. Based on track record, you wont see vol 2 bluray till mid 2019.

Fuck that.

I want to give Shizuka enough babies to crew a tankathelon team and take responsibility!

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40+min also a Yukari Tank Corner and other extras.

Hahaha, I was right! Once per year, boys and girls! ONCE. PER. YEAR.

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Oh forgot, Bandai bought our Actas so this may no longer be the timeline since Bandai can put more resources into this. Maybe cut the timeline in half? But Gundam Unicorn was a LONG time too, like 4-5 years too.

Fuck this shit, i need a new hobby.

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>I'm trapped here for at least another 5 years

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I'll be dead by the time they finish Das Finale, let alone the inevitable sequels.

I don't even know what the fuck I'll be doing in 5 years. I'll have my fucking master's by then and hopefully be gainfully employed.

I just hope that Bandai lift the lewd ban

I only marathoned through GuP a few weeks ago
How long does it usually take /ak/ to sub?

No. God, please no.

Der Film only took like 2 days, but because we had a camrip, so may take a bit longer

Movies were a mistake

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Good luck my dude! I'm rooting for ya.

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how can technology advance faster than anime girl with cgi tank battles gets made?


No, GuPpies are not for official lewd.

Finally, a team where every single girl looks really good.

I don't know, i find this very lewd

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That's too stupid to be lewd.

Post THOSE doujins.

[spoilers] Yes THOSE ones [/spoiler]


Based frogs

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Someone freeze me and then wake me up 5 years later

I want to "mega pop" Mako's cherry, if you catch my drift.

I guess it's time to come back to the GuP threads.

>I'll be in my 30s when Das Finale is finally done

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This is Hotel California, you never really get to leave.

It still does the work

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good luck getting through the moral committee

/ak/ and apparently a member two from the GuP discord will be working on it and acquiring the BD.

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Once all the xfags left, this place was just a glorified /c/ thread. I hope there will be some discussion here.

I don't think that would be difficult

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your hopes are about to be shattered

Good, i want my fix quickly, so the waiting game begins again

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We SYD now

Well, you're lucky fellas, I will be 45 when the ovas finished been released (if they are released one per year, of course)

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As long as I can find opportunities to tell everyone about Nishi vomit.


I forget what OVA was the last i watched, by this point i just should watch the "seasons" again.

>but because we had a camrip
I wonder why this time around, no one in elevenland made a camrip for this ova

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It's not that a serious crime in nipland?

I wouldn't mind going through them, if you know what I'm saying.

We're really here forever, eh

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I believe this is some kind of business practice to preserve a franchise for really long time.
Who need more seasons when you can release one ova per year

Whatever is or not a crime over there, that didn't stopped them making a camrip when der Film were in teathers, so why no one did a camrip for the new das Finale ova??
I refuse to believe that they didn't want to brake the rules

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Only if you get caught.

but wouldnt that... drastically slow down revenue

Maybe they were too distracted by Marie's fat ass to do anything

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Yeah. There's people on /k/ in their 60s with wives and kids and shit.

Only to an extent. It's a balance between producing a quality product that people will want to buy and not putting out so much media at once that you burn out your franchise.

Maybe the sweet gacha money is enough

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Someone have the link for the russian trailer of the ova, where the Leopon tank make that crazy drift?
It was posted a few threads back

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They better be making a masterpiece of the generation

I just hope that they top the finns

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>Not enjoying animu in your 40's or 50's

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But i don't enjoy anime anymore, only GuP

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join a real tank battalion then retire in 5 years

Marie really doesn't give a fuck

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According to /k/ you'd fit right in

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