Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

That is a very square ass for a girl

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only girls use skirts


Daga otoko da!

>girl (male)

It looks like a man. Are you sure you didn’t post a male?

Does this look like a guy to you?

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Try taking a closer look, user

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One of the best girls of the season.

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I want to know how big his bulge is.

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The true reason Banba made that face is because he realized the trap was bigger.

I read that in the novel, Lin's voice makes him seem like a girl even more. I wonder how soft it's supposed to be? Im guessing like when he did the secretary's voice.

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Easier to deal with shaving.

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OST when?

I think I saw it for April 28th

nvm. March 28th

I made the discovery of the century
Remember that hacker from one or two episodes ago?
"Macro Hard" is a joke on Microsoft.
If you split "Microsoft" into "micro" and "soft", take the opposite.
The opposite of micro is macro in Ancient Greek.
The opposite of soft is hard.

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Good catch

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oh shit

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Doesn't look like it. Boxer briefs >>>>>>>>> shit > briefs > absolute dogshit >>>>> boxers. But panties are always better and I'll have to dock points for not committing to crossdressing.

no that can't b- oh wow

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