This is a neet

>this is a neet
what the fuck?

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just end my life already if this is a neet im literally a pig

>"Character Development"
Is there a worse concept?

Females can't be NEETs

There are no NEETs like this
anime isnt real

She is ugly in universe

She is beautiful in universe

Will i be like her if i becomne a hikkineeto and consume nothing but instant noodles?

That's a post make over neet trying to get laid. But in her defense, I would have fucked her pre make over too.

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everyone that posted in this thread would look good in 2d

i cant get over the fucking mole

It's hot right

Morimori-chan looks a thousand times better with short hair, pleb.

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Do you know what a NEET is?

Uroshitters love it! Can't blame people copying him

he meant truNEETâ„¢

What this kind of eyebrows would look like IRL?


Fuck off, normalfag

Is a truNEETâ„¢ the same as a hikkiNEET?

No, that's a cake.
with some NTR on top

Are they going to be okay when it's time for them to make babies?

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She's an elite NEET. There's a difference.

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Morimori plays the prude when it comes to feelings and love but she's a freak in bed

>Are they going to be okay when it's time for them to make babies?
Absolutely not.

I'm a neet but I keep a clean appearance so that I don't get judged when I go out for food

stop being so exclusive. anyone can be a neet

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Obligatory She looked better with messy long hair post.

she looks like a neet tho...

She never looked truly happy again after cutting her hair.

When has anime ever been realistic? For real though, what did you expect

Any NEET can clean up nice if they really have to so I don't see the problem.

blonde stalker loser who can't admit his feelings. dropped this show long ago.

even removing the Sup Forums autist tier neets youre referring to (a group with a definite female representation) almost every stay at home mom i by definition a neet

there are more female neets than there are male, and by orders of magnitude no less

Needs to be bushier and lesd well shaped.

What's wrong?

>saved money for a while to NEET it up
>can afford 5000WM, beers and other shit weekly apparently

I want her office job