More than 100k people watched Dragon Ball Super in Mexico at several plazas

>More than 100k people watched Dragon Ball Super in Mexico at several plazas

Is this something unique in history of anime?

Did something like this happened before?

Is there a single country in the world that has showed so much love, passion and respect for an anime franchise?

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Sounds like a random sunday in Mexico. We do the craziest things to break records.
>Is there a single country in the world that has showed so much love
Most likely, not.

Honestly the Jiren Goku fight was better than that silly forced Naruto Sazuki fight.

>Is there a single country in the world that has showed so much love, passion and respect for an anime franchise?
japan and their idol anime boner?

Yeah, I was talking about other countries besides Japan

This is why i'm happy this trash anime got cancelled.
Literally only those dumb spics like it.

Spics proving again how disgusting they are.
I don't know why they don't just fuck up to hispachan.

>Is this something unique in history of anime?
Yeah, that shit taste know no limits

> tfw you will never have your local town folk band play the Dragon Ball Z OST.

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Mexicans will eat up DBZ regardless how bad it gets, they have basically no standards. If you don't believe me watch any spanish subbed, or worse dubbed things.

>shitting on superior spic-dub
Nigga, fuck you

I bet you're a spic

> all these assblasted burgers

how does it feel to be dead inside and can't enjoy things?

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Good, since DBS only has one week left, spic.
Dragon Ball overstayed it's welcome back in the Cell arc.

Is Sup Forums really pretending that DBS is a bad anime when we have so many fuckin threads each day?

Talk about being contrarians like Sup Forumsedditors

>hating on based "Hola! Soy Goku!"

I swear whyteboiis should be barred from Sup Forums, amerifat dubbing is literally cancer

Because gee I dunno anyone in the world can make these threads, including mexicans?

>Only Mexicans like Dragon Ball

Except we know literally only mexicans post in those, and never stop talking about
>how based mexicans are for watching DBS in cinema
and how
>haha, le gohan blanco is so epic

This is why i'm happy that this piece of shit is over.
Nobody but a bunch of favelians will miss it.


Yes, any country that hosting AFA and other huge con.

Given this thread's responses to anyone calling out mexicans, I'd say yeah they are pretty much proving that point.

Toei them not do it now they got dragon ball ban in latin america

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If they ban Dragon Ball, they're only shooting themselves in the foot

Can you into English?

Japs prefer that over catering to some filthy gaijin.

Fuck Mexico.

Because the Peso is sooooo valuable to the yen...

So growing up is called being dead inside now. Okay spic, fuck off.

Probably not, but Mexico is the biggest and most important market in Latin America for anime,I don't think that Toei would like to stop revenue from there

>t. La creatura

Finnish, actually.

This show makes me completely ashamed to be mexican, its the lowest kind of entertainment possible and the only reason mexicans like it is because local TV never stopped airing this stupid shit for more than 20 years, combined with the fact mexicans are retarded bandwagonners who never developed a taste in their lives.

See how normies suddenly starting liking capeshit and marvel in america only when the movies became mainstream? its the same shit, because mob mentality is the ultimate form of expression in Mexico.

We are still praising this turd of a franchise which is barely even appreciated in japan, with every other morning show like precure or kamen rider taking much higher spots, also Toriyama is a senile lazy fuck who doesnt even care about this shit anymore yet over here the stupid franchise is threated like a religion.

we had 15 fucking years to develop a taste for better anime shows, but no, Goku es el numero 1, and changing hair colors is the highest achevement in the history television and yes I mad.

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t. Chairo

both are the trash that only the most un-cultured third-world country shows praise, watch better shows.

Shit, now I get why are you so mad.

>when spics get a diplomatic cease & desist over anime

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it just proves how much of a shit taste mexico has, nothing else

>Black Mexican Weebs
Imagine the power levels.

Let's get this shit started

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Toei actually allowed to stream it in several plazas as long as the govmnt didn't profit from it

t. Mexican who was at one of those events

I know you spics don't have jobs, but a lot of people here do. That's why we actually spend our time watching good series.

inb4 no one here actually watches anime

Better than some mexican who, on top of being mexican, also unironically likes DBSpic.

How was it?

>Is there a single country in the world that has showed so much love, passion and respect for an anime franchise?
outside Japan? definitely not.

kek they got them from animemovil anyway.

It was cool

Mexicans are more extroverted than whites though so they have way more normalfags in their population.

You do realize that this mob mentality is actually being pushed by the media just to keep the masses occupied from realizing how shit their government is right? The way they are promoting this trash is similar to how soccer is promoted in all Latin American countries. Sad really. I would have a bit of respect for spics if DBS wasn't one of the worst battle anime to come out recently.

>current year
>hasn't realised Dragon Ball is a world wide cultural phenomenon
What the fuck?

>implying the majority of spics aren't just manchildren stuck in their basement

The only reason why they keep reproducing is that the normalfags have kids with at least 3 women each.

Fun facts about mexican "taste" in media:

1 -Fifa is the most popular videogame
2 - Dragon ball is the most popular show

yup, the list ends here, if you expected this to be a longer list you are wrong because mexican taste is so horrible those 2 things are literally the only things they like, you can't get worse than this, its as rock bottom as it gets.

>1 -Fifa is the most popular videogame

Reminder that EA kept publishing PS2 games of Fifa into 2015, because of that

And you wonder why Mexico is an exploited nation in abject poverty with powerful drug cartels....

>source my ass.

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Fifa is the most popular game on USA as well

lol no, it isn't

Americans don't care about soccer or Feefur


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Why the fuck are superfags so proud about spics loving their show? Its one of the reasons why Sup Forums makes fun of you superfags.

they aren't, it's falseflagging aka high brow comedy, you clueless puto.

>Mexico is so devoid of culture that they have to praise a japanese show that japan doesnt even care about to fill the void in their third-world country lives.

is there a more cucked country in the world? I don't think so.

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You best start believing in spic threads, user.
You are in one.

I fucking love how much Latin America loves the shit out of dbz and will gather in droves to see it.

I wonder if this will cause some kind of animation boom for Mexico inspired by dragon ball, or in addition to animation, hispanic dramas and tv show inspired by dragon ball.

now I want to find out if theres gonna be any viewing parties in nyc for episode 131, which should be the last episode.

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fuck me I fucking love this shit

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of course not, mexico does not support original creations in the slightest, they hate themselves, so they have to praise shows from other countries to pretend they are not creatively bankrupt, after this blunder of a show ends (DBS) they will just go back to watching football and telenovelas because they dont know anything else.

well obviously not
we dont like doing anything ourselves, reason why we just dub anything we like and just watch subtitled japanimation

might as well set up their own official viewings then

Making a shounen board would fix 90% of everything wrong with this board.

This is from a PSG game. Also Frenchies love dragon ball

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>Sup Forums
>making fun of anything
As if I give a shit about what a buch of newfags have to said about my tastes.
For fuck sake they don't even know who the fuck billy was, plus they sucks mod dick all the day.

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>respect for an anime franchise

nigga have you seen the shit fan fictions spics push out? not to mention anyone who really respected the franchise would've dropped super. spics really are the scum of the anime community

Mexico is the most culturally relevant country in the Americas

There are several Mexican animation, go to Sup Forums, webm related

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damn, I was just about to get ready for a boom of Mexican animation, along with that one ghost show with the redhead ghost and villainous.

if anything it'd be better than the cartoons americans are making