Best Gurl

What's the best Poke-Girl, gang?

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Pic related, but Chicken-chan is such a close second if only she was in the anime.

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I see you too are a man of culture

i just got to diamond a pearl chapter, is it good?


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Kris cucks, yellow shitters and Cynthia niggers need not apply

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May. Those tits and ass were amazing.


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>3 pokemon threads in catalog at a time
Why is these /vp/ cancers leaking into our Sup Forums these days?

I can't get enough of brown

>stop talking about anime on the anime board
Gas yourself.

Misty will always be the best Poke girl

Best girls are Lorelei, Sabrina, Cynthia, Flannery, Mei, and Korrina

May of fucking course.
Those who deny it are the lowest of scum

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You posted her


My waif erika

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> Suiren > Mallow > Iris > Serena ( long hair) > Misty > Lily > power gap > May / Dawn >

This. Compared to her everyone else is bland trash.



No contest

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Brown loli best loli!

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True though you posted the wrong one.

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you mean arc? It's long as fuck but it picks up around the time Ash evolves his Chimchar.

Better version of May

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original will always be the best.

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>kissed Satoshi multiple times
>Has been in the anime since episode 2

Can't get rid of best girl.

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say what you want but that ass belongs to her purple-haired teammate.

What's up with her teeth?
Funny, that doesn't look like Serena to me. But to each his own I suppose.


In only 1 season/game she lost like 8 spots on the list.

While misty/kasumi is the original waifu of many people here. Waifu even before sex was on our mind. She was 1 when we were innocent and she is on a pedestal your literal who will never reach.

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>Always has romantic interest in other men.
>James has never shown to be attracted to a woman unless under hypnosis that one time from a MALE Gastly pretending to be a maiden.

James is gay. And don't bring up that fucking non-canon manga made by a guy who pioneered the anal enema doujin scene.

>And don't bring up that fucking non-canon manga made by a guy who pioneered the anal enema doujin scene.

first of all what the fuck are you on about?

he has shown to care for her and thus your argument is garbage.

also I ask again what the fuck is this?
>non-canon manga made by a guy who pioneered the anal enema doujin scene.

Bro they're a couple, look it up

He's probably reading PokéSpe, friend.

The electric tale of Pikachu manga, the one where a very rare straight James knocks up Jessie. It was made by a doujin artist who excelled in anal enema scenes. It also made Jessie a J cup and Misty a G cup.

>you care about a person, so obviously, they're in love.
So they're both fucking Meowth too? And their other Pokemon? And even Ash?

Jessie and James aren't a couple. They've confirmed this multiple times, in both English and Japanese. James even states in a Pokemon TV show take over that Team Rocket did, that Jessie is the reason he fears women.

Oh, and despite all the times Jessie has outright insulted James, personal attacks, straight for the jugular.

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Meloetta isn’t a girl

>Said in the BW era when Team Rocket/Rocket Dan took over the show that has all those people do Pokemon trivia and shit that they weren't a couple.

Nyarth even comfirmed it, MULTIPLE times, they aren't a couple.

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>Jessie in one XY episode debates on leaving Team Rocket to marry a man.
Yep, sure are a couple.

Whatever Jessie's like second best girl anyway

>Has been in the anime longer then all the other girls combined.
>second best.

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This. And s1 is the only good shit.

Oh boy, are season 1 pokemon the only ones you say are real?

May or Flannery
>May is May
>Flannery is fire girl

Shauna is best Pokegirl, OP.

Hilda, always.

Lenora is best. Best Wishes would have been more watchable if she was the partner instead of Iris.

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>labu labu

How are there so many AAA girls in this children's show?

This artwork is fucking awful.

Pokemon have its own board, is like a /mlp/ thread in Sup Forums

For my money, if you actually, y’know, do the math, y’know, it actually uh, y’know, calculates out yo be, uh, y’know, y’know, uh actually uh, y’know, uh Maylene?

the fang ruins her

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Is it true Ash got a harem in SM anime?

Yes. Lana wants to fug super hard and Mallow just likes dicks and Lillie is the girl character so you know how that goes

Picked the fuck up then.

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Yellow is my wife.

Kind of. He has multiple girls hanging out with him this time, but there's no romantic subplot unlike in XY.

Acerola. If she ever appears that is