Hunterfags will defend this

>hunterfags will defend this

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Literally nothing wrong with this

Yeah it's kind of dumb, but it doesn't matter. It's not like the show is super serious and then suddenly this happens.

Sure rubber and gum is totally a fair and under powered ability but motor granny is just too much? Nu/a/ needs to die in a fire.

So is she literally useless without a second person to drive her?

This fits within the rules of nen brainlet

So why hasn't someone conjured a giant robot yet? if 2 people already have that much power imagine 10, you could go full Gureen Lagann with 1000 nen users.

meh, I was more kinda peeved Hisoka just started slaughtering people willy nilly, I thought he had perhaps gone through a slight enough change

Like what, since when is killing not part of Hisoka's M.O?

Hunterfags will also defend the fact that Togashi introduced at least 100 useless characters that will serve only to job or be completely irrelevant.

I can’t tell if this post is ironic or unironic anymore. Congrats hunterfags


when the troupe went nuts he stayed out of it for the most part right?
durin the heal gon shit he was just killing hopeless saps left and right and its like.. i thought he wouldnt even waste his time with most of these bums

i totally agree with you


how is it that killua didn't knew about nen when everyone in his family and even the butlers are users?


Why didn’t she design her ability such that she could use it by herself without need for a second person also?

Conjuration allows you to manipulate anything within your ability's power, including yourself.


wouldnt be as fast

Nen's utility is nearly limitless. We had a vast array of hatsu with unique and outlandish effects. This one is actually not that bad if you ask me. If people can create objects out of thin air, then it isn't that ridiculous for somebody to transform themselves into a motorcycle.

There is likely a limitation in place to make this ability more effective. She probably could conjure an actual motorcycle, but the fact that she needs to transform her own body into the motorcycle and to have somebody else power it with their aura makes it stronger. Case in point, she has seven different transformations (other than just the motorcycle). That is likely something that was only made possible because of the limitation.

Her life was designated to be used by other people


she likes being ridden

Bisuke cares about her looks so she transforms into a cute loli, and her hatsu is cute too. This one will freely give you any amount of her freshly ripen off nails, for the masters' safety, it's how she doesn't give a shit about anything but efficiency.

Leave it to a retarded hunterfag to justify something by saying it is plausible using their magic fantasy battle system.
The point is how absolutely retarded it is and as OP was proven, how hunterfags always try to justify everything about their show.