ITT: Moments that lost their magic in the anime

ITT: Moments that lost their magic in the anime

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pretty much all adapted junji stories have been ruined by deenshit

Basically this. The Doll Hell episode especially pissed me off because they didn't even bother to keep the disease plot and changed it into a generic shit curse.

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one of the worst was the Reiner just says he's a titan moment in SnK/AoT
in the Manga, BOOM< it just hapens.

in the Anime, 2 episodes are centered around the fact armin tipped people off.
really lost all impact there.
all impact.
completely burned the momentum

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Any funny or comedic scene will be overused and made unfunny just to drag time or because the director sees that one thing about a character that's seldom used in the source material and make them all about that one thing.

nah, anime did it better

Tousen's flashback was one of my favorite scenes in the manga, and the anime rushed the SHIT out of it.

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Which reminds me--
>"worst character assassination" thread is gone

The S1 finale also kind of fucked the buildup to Eren becoming a titan to fight annie. And the fight itself... it wasn't bad but Eren didn't need to be on fire.

I fucking hate Pierrot so much.

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Erza is yummy

Kyoani and their hamfisted drama.

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fuck end of evangelion.shitty music for a great momment. good thing they take their time with the manga. was superior to both adaptations.

forgot pic

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Oh right, there was a time this manga was actually good.

I miss actually seeing what the fuck is going on

This thread could be comprised of Part 4 scenes desu

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>was superior to both adaptations
Do you know what adaptation means?

I'd have to disagree. When Reiner drops that bomb, having the quick backstory to tell us where Eren is at that point made it a lot more tense than just "these guys are Titans." It was explicitly "we know they're Titans but as long as they don't know we know we might get the drop on them" which is a LOT more interesting than Eren simply fumbling through it.

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