Who is good in bed?

...and also new HOTD thread.

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You would think the obvious answer was Shizuka, since she has the most voluptuous figure and is the oldest of them, so she would have had the most experience. But the manga sometimes left me wondering if she'd ever even had sex before.

So I'd say the best in bed, as far as the overall experience goes, is probably Rei. Hate her all you want, she's a confirmed slut and so she probably knows how to please a man.

Useless meats. Hirano's blubber is more useful than those

Since Saeko was my waifu back in the day I'm going to say her and only her and if you disagree with me well your gay mate

Rei chan

Probably rei but saeko has the most stamina

Obviously Rei because she was the biggest slut in Primary and High School. Saeko would be the best experience imo though, better than Rei's loose Vag.

man i wish i could draw half as well as inazuma. i love his designs. shame when does porn, it doesn't seem as good. i wonder if he doesn't like drawing porn or if he just doesn't think it's worth putting as much effort in

Of course she has the most stamina, she's in the best shape. Imagine Shizuka's fat tits and wide hips flopping everywhere as you're fucking her, she'd be tired in half an hour.

But what a glorious half hour it would be.

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Rei had been fucking Hisashi for almost one & a half year so obviously, she is good than anyone in bed and for anons who would counter that she is still pure, read the "condom chapter"

So, now that the writer died, will the artist finally finish up this shitshow?

I can imagine her lapping her tongue as she goes to devour my dick.

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I think she has had experience with men, episode 6 subtly confirms it.

>"condom chapter"
Oh! I remember that chapter, it catalyzed shitstorm back then.

Rei is bae!

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As if anyone is lasting half an hour with her

Saeko. Muscle tone on the outside means muscle tone inside, confident, assertive, best voice, best body, best personality.

Rei has a loose pussy from all that banging she did with dead meat.
Saeko & Megane girl is virgin.
Shizuka has the best body of them all so I'd bang her all night long relentlessy.

Lazy as fuck with gigantic sacks of fat hanging off of her, and you think she'd be a good fuck? She'd be a dead fish, mate. Her only use is as a pillow while you fuck someone better.

Instincts my friend. And a woman who has breasts that big would know of sex appeal, she'd be experienced.
And she does express some desire to do lewd things, she's an airhead who knows about her puppies and how to use them. It'd be like dom'ing and getting dom'd

You getting upset about who I prefer to fuck doesn't make any sense.

Why do anyone want to discuss this confirmed dead manga?

This discussion is not about manga anymore it's about who you prefer to fuck or fap to.

I agree with you, user
Saeko truly a best

shut the fuck up, virgin retard

is this your girlfriend on board?