Yu-gi-oh vrains

so it seems that we arc v now, fusion summons is going to be shilled iin vrains soon, rejoice my fellow brothers.
next set's name is soul fusion.

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>Revolver Synchro when

I'm fine with that actually. VRAINS has went utterly overboard with Links. Now the anime needs to bring in the other Extra Deck mechanics to the table.

Furthermore, it's not even guaranteed that the anime will have fusion stuff in it. It could very well just be for the cards that were made only for the OCG/TCG.

If the cycle of YGO quality continues, VRAINS is only going to get better from here.

Yusaku is going to use a ritual monster next week? And the main set's name always reference something in the set, so we are undoubtlely getting fusion, probably one of the new characters is going to use it, I'm really excited, links are really boring on their own, but with other summoning methods the anime will surely improve.

Revolva is going to use fusion, mirror force dragon and the barriers' variants.

are you saying he's such a hipster he runs fang of critias?

He probably has raigeki and torrential tribute in his side deck.

Yeah they are even hiring a-list va so they problems have ended.

Not if they're gonna scream in my ear.

Kids and teenagers seem to love him since he gets so many leading roles.

When was the last time Yusaku used Firewall Dragon?

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against akira.

Against Akira.

Find a flaw on Decode Talker.

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He hasn't shown up in forever.



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>are you saying he's such a hipster he runs fang of critias?
He runs Mirror Force and Mirror Force support. I wouldn't put it past him.

Makes sense. Links are supposed to be enablers for the rest of your extra deck, showing them in a vacuum defeats the purpose.

The fact that Revolver is gonna get beaten by a Ritual monster after swarming the field with Links is just really funny to me.

Do you miss him, anons?

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Tail signer mark maybe,

I do, I lost all my copies of quillbolt hedgehog years ago and I really liked it for my synchro summons.

Is Revolver going to switch to a mirror force archetype

To be fair no ever does anything against backrow. Revolver managed use mirror force a bunch of times so far

>Stardust Road
>talks about paths to the future
>no Stardust dragon anywhere in sight or any Synchros for that matter
Should've used some other term or at least went eith the japanese name for Stardust Road.

I think that they are trying to show that Links have weaknesses too, specially when you stop ignoring all the other mechanics of the game, that's why they are pushing Mirror Force so much right now, since it's supposed to be a counter to Links without back row or effect protection.

Aoi and Akira's parents supposedly died in a car crash, and since this is yugioh no car accident can't be left in mystery, its just a matter of when.

Everyday but I miss Jack and his qt nerd waifu more.

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I'm worried what bullshit BBEG they will pull out of their ass once Revolver turns good now that the Ignis seem to be confirmed to not be backstabbing evil assholes after all.

Kinda thinking whats-his-name's brother and/or he himself will end up being the main baddies, considering how much of a vengeful psycho he kind of seems to be.


We still have SOL, remember?

We really need some nickname for him, can never remember the name.
Now if only he ever did anything of interest to nickname him after.

It's been 7 years since 5D's ended and it still hurts. You have to move on or you will spend nearly 10 years bitter about a show the went from promising to medicore at best.

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Hanoi, Kogami, and SOL didn't have the names of the lost incident victims, yet they don't seem randomly selected.

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He showed up in Ep #42 on the 7th

>yusaku gets rituals
>fusions announced, some character (probably ryoken or the new fire guy) will get them
That random guy in episode 1 playing zoodiacs becomes a main character and is the XYZ representative

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think he lost?

>Atlas's waifu is cuter than aki
>Same for kaiba and anzu
What if ryoken gets a cute girl for him?

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Only Mirror Force can be a good enough girl for him

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>The Nips prefer Yuya Sakaki, of all people more than Yusaku

The absolute state of VRAINS

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fuck of Arcfag, come back when Vrains is finished and we will see who is the most trash boy in all franchises.

I'm surprised Yusei is tied with Judai at 2nd even though people here said that Japan likes GX and Zexal way more than 5D's.

I think 5D's became more popular in japan after it finished airing

Apparently new theme?

OCG : Next Set is called “Soul Fusion”

The next Japanese Booster Pack has been announced

Release Date: July 14th, 2018

Price: 143 Yen per Pack

5 cards per Pack
The latest “Official Card Game” Booster will be put on sale July 14th, 2018. This Booster Pack not only contains the latest cards used in the animated series “Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS”, but it also includes many new cards that can be used to build at least one brand new theme Deck.

More likely it's a Zexal mode with the AIs that Soulburner will use.


the show is not even over yet fucking shitoster faggot

Not too surprising. Yusaku is pretty bland.