It's time to decide, who the girl of the season

It's time to decide, who the girl of the season.
Keep it civil.

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Why is unko there instead of Sup Forums-chan?

The sorayoris have objectively the best personalities.
But it doesn't matter because honey badger is GOTS.

>No Ais

Shit list

>no 02

for shame user

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None of the franxx girls are good enough for consideration.

>not Kotoha

I want to hug Pipimi.

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Everyone in that show is a better character than her.

Hitomi blanco.

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Tamate, Hinata or Nadeshiko.

I wouldn't say she's GOTS but her autism literally carries the show. All the other characters are just sappy melodramatic whos.



Ani is the actual girl of the season but no one watches her show

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>who the girl of the season.

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THATS WHAT KILLING BITES IS and Oni are the two that fully make their shows and are the only reason to watch. We've got three sabers this season, autism robot, Umu, and Saber-Caster from not-Fire Emblem.

Beetle-chan is underrated.

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Although not a serious entrant, by far the funniest one. Glad you included her.

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The one with the sharpest fangs wins. That's what best girl is.

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kyoani girl wins by default, everything else looks and feels like trash in comparison

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lack of 02 is indeed a travesty

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>ugly masculine womyn from teen pandering edgy shit
>best anything

Fuck off cakefag.

Best anything and everything. That is correct

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>designed like a mature woman well into her 30's
Yes she is.

>I'm so used to girls looking like they're 10 that a realistic design is a cake to me
Good job frying your brain.

In a season with Sakura
It was never even a contest

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Like any other had a chance

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>>realistic design
Violet looks 18 at the YOUNGEST.

Correct. But wrong picture.

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>muh realistic
Even real life 14 year olds don't look that old.
It's a cake design, brought to you by the studio that hates lolicon anyways, so yes, it's a cake, and you can fuck off with that girl that nobody but normalfags care about despite the huge hype and advertisement around the show before started

>realistic design

other girls can only win because everyone's thirsty for anime tits

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>shota dick lusting girl well past the prime of her series
Yes, she was never eligible to even enter the contest


>Where is Toiletto Evagardon

These three.

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Fuck off normalfag.

I'm personally torn between Miyake Hinata and Inaba Ui, love me some short stacks.

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>Can't think of a real complaint and just using petty insults

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>Hina who looks bland as fuck, no fanservice and at most will be temporary girlfriend
>Momo who is annoying potato who doesn't even do anything
At least Akari is hot, and good house keeper, but that's really it.

>/u/ is STILL furious

Franxx turned out pretty meh but 02 is Best Girl. Tomato's doing a great job.

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Sacchan is cute, CUTE!

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>being this mad his girl looks like low effort trash in comparison

I will insult her, yes, after she broke my heart.

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Rei literally wants to marry Hina. He already got the blessing from the grandfather. Get fucked.

>not looking like an old hag
>anything that looks like why we love 2D is "low effort trash"
Maybe you are better off with your 3DPD MILFs while you're at it.


For the time.

>"i-it's /u/!"
How fucking retarded you can be to even think that, Sakura was never going to choose Tomoyo.
I'm mad because she didn't end up with Yukito, or more specifically, how fast she moved to fall for Shaoran right after.

>blocky hair
>cataract eyes
>fanart looks better than the official stuff
>artificially younger for ultimate pandering
Yes, low effort trash. Low-hanging fruit. Drab. McDonalds girl.

>Claims she ending up with Tomoyo is retarded
>Thought she'd seriously end up with Yukito
You're just a regular idiot then. Good to know

Eiko because she protagonized the episode of the season.

I want to marry both.

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Then why is your chart filled with trash meme lolis?

Go back to your 3DPD "high class" shit, normalfag.

Wew, how serious, well researched insults! Especially
It has exactly one loli, you retard.

>he doesn't eat up my seasonal low effort trash meme girl
You idiots don't even have the best looking loli. Go back to browsing pixiv for something that doesn't look like vomit.

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Loser's bracket?

>best looking loli
>coming from anti-lolicon pioneer studio
That generic trash without any effort is really nothing "best looking", and has no character whatsoever as expected from these fags, just a "MUH PARENT DRAMA" plot device.
You fucking retarded 3DPD hagfucker normal faggot. By the way, your series is more of a trash meme than anything else airing this season.

This. What the fuck OP

Superior line count.
Superior animation.
Superior voice acting.
Superior characterization.
Superior emotional impact.

Superiority in every possible good aspect of a character in anime. The objectivity here isn't even up to debate. Again, fuck off to pixiv for your cheap porn.

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Posting in this thread because of Yuu

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>when factually wrong about everything but the animation and line count
Fuck off to you 3DPD, you KyoAni bred, loli hating, hag fucking shit who don't even like anime, considering your posts? :3

Only good girl there is Tama and real life Yui Ogura.

I accept your concession.
It's not like the average baboon that frequents this board is capable of understanding visual storytelling anyway.

Now shoo.

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>"I'm an admitted normalfag from some different shithole, so my opinion counts more than you, weeaboos!"
Didn't I already tell you to fuck off, loli hating hagfucker normal faggot?

whoever has the sharpest fangs

Don't project yourself on me, filthy baboon. In no way I'm obliged to eat up the vomit you call anime after being presented with caviar.

>"I-I hate anime, except for this one studio's select few works, but I'm right, and have to post on Sup Forums!"
Fucking 3DPD normalfag KyoAni shiteaters I swear.

>implying it isn't Popuko

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Can't pick between the two, but the definitely the best pair of the season.

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That'd be GodAni for you tasteless plebs.

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This thread is for people that watch more than three shows per season.

Pic related.

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I won't say their animation quality isn't top-notch.
But their girls are mostly shit, and in VEG's case they're outright ugly unless you're a huge cakefag, and they are absolute shit at lolis, which shows especially on that 1-episode-throwaway shitty plot device of a "loli".
So fuck off to a thread where you're relevant.

Hitomi just to spite the Franxxfaggots

It is of the utmost importance to only watch the highest quality works of art

But I like badger and dino

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my personal favorite girl of the season

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>the most finely crafted anime girl in history
>it's ugly because it doesn't pander to my porn tastes
Who let you out of the plantation house?

It's shimarin, the real decision is who is 2nd best

>Oogaki is actually the silly one
>Inuko is the straightman
It's little things like these why YuruCamp is great.

This doesn't change that everything else about evergarden is shit-tier.

VEG is tryhard. There's such a thing as too much. Especially if it distracts from the story, which is essentially nothing.

Fuck off hagfucker.
It's you who don't belong, shoo.

Holy shit Sup Forums is fucking awful now.

Yeah, tell me about it, what with all these admitted normalfags who will praise KyoAni shit no matter the thread.

>didn't include 02 or Violet for a reason
>they come to shitpost anyway
Plebs go. This is for people who actually watch multiple anime.

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