>Animejapan 2018
>No Raildex booth

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And nothing of value was lost.

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PV never

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Kuroko will save Index!

Well it’s getting made no matter what so there’s no point in even arguing about how incompetent the people behind it are as you can all see from the movie but I’m mainly interested in when we all finally see the intro for the first time. The Index intro’s have always been amazing so it could be one of the most exciting parts of the revealing of the series or not. The intro in my opinion will really set the tone for the anime more than anything else.

This was my favorite Index into song.

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Fun fact: there used to be a version of this with all Saten

No Open stages: anime-japan.jp/main/open_stage/
No Special stages : anime-japan.jp/main/special_site/
No Goods also: event.kadokawa.co.jp/animejapan/goods/

Chin up, brother! our time is in (Fall to winter) Sept - Jan 2018 -2019 season!

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One thing all of you aren’t thinking about is there’s a possibility our favorite characters could potentially have new voice actors this time around.

six years in waiting
Raildexfags can't wait for another months or two

>No SAO either.
Because they are belong to Miki's company right?

just some (3 pages of) some goods (doujin)

So if Index 3 is released with Netflix will we get all the episodes at once?

Its a TV anime so no

What about the Junko anime? It was hinted at already.

The inexplicable sadness that resonates through my heart. Oh the horror of the darkest corners, that science city adores. Perchance the good that can come from this, to save our very souls from war. Though to reject the spoils of victory, of the better part.

We plead, we pray, we say again and again, but to continue on we must plead with the coin of blu-ray sales.

Is this all that has become of it? Of the spoilers that they through their own accord have mislead the very same who consume of what they wish to be purchased? All to simply profit from some other venture?

If they would be count and see the numbers agree, and continue this valued project. No more will it stand, and in the end to lay in the cold stone.

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Kakine anime first, after Season 2 of HO

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That Op makes me wanna buy the dvd/br.

I’d rather see Junko get an anime over Railgun at this point. Even though I’m a huge Railgun fan nothing really exciting has happened in the Railgun manga to warrant another season besides Kuroko punching that girl which would be amazing.

So do you reckon when the anime covers WW3 it will have hardbass for the parts where Hamazura teams up with some Russians?

WW3 will be a movie you jerk.

Why do you refuse to call them "openings"?

I could call them that but I’ve always just called it an intro. It doesn’t bother me either way sir.

Sure, but will it have hardbass? This is important.

You mean skrillex?

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If you think about it Index season one plays out like a dubstep song.

I didn't know you were this stupid.

Kamikoto soon

Do you call endings Outros?

Index dubstepped into my heart. The first step was full of passion and euphoric adrenaline and the second step (dubstep) was filled unconditional love and acceptance.

I just call them ending themes usually.

Sometimes the truth is dumb.

no Anime?

>still no PV
>still no key visual
>not even a new logo
>no booths in upcoming events
>i-it's coming gaiz, d-denialfags B-BTFO

Might as well rename it /th/

Manga belongs in Sup Forums

I legit do not care whether or not this franchise gets a new season or not, but even I think that it's more likely that it's just going to be a season or two later than previously thought.

Hell, Kadokawa probably just made the announcement way ahead of schedule in an attempt to drown out the noise being made about the Kemono Friends fiasco.

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All I know is the intro better be amazing this time around because FLCL is coming and fate already has some amazing ones such as ( m.youtube.com/watch?v=hyH2inDY9eI ). I think FLCL will end up coming out on top though because of the pillows and the shows overall style.

I was looking forward to the violet evergarden intro but that show turned out to be a disappointment in every way.

What intro? The PV?

They are probably gonna announce the project being canceled because of "production troubles" after the heat dies down and everyone has forgotten the Kemono Friends debacle.


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They are really trying hard.

The intro to an anime is very important. It’s a chance for a studio to show off to others what they’re capable of and a lot of work goes into them. More than any single episode of an anime. The intro song to a new anime has always been a huge event for me especially if I’m looking forward to an anime.

You can actually usually gauge the quality of an anime series by the intro alone.

intro = OPening[/spoiler] Video, as well as EnDing Video
PV = Promotion Video

Just call them openings, no one calls them intro ffs.

I also wouldn’t sleep on the new DxD intro theme being IOTY. It’s definitely a possibility.

Lots of people do. Just because you personally don’t doesn't change everybody else.

If you say so.

Hopefully Mami Kawada can come back for Index three. That would be huge for this series. It would be unfortunate if they resorted to making the Index intro sound like something from Railgun which isn’t bad but it’s just not Index.

Why is nobody talking about the new anime? Don’t tell me you’re all scared?

There's nothing to talk about if we don't even know exactly what novels it's gonna adapt.

>there’s nothing to talk about

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Irrelevant characters please do not apply.

>start NT14
>suddenly a recap
I don't know what I expected but this arc is like a roller coaster of my expectations dissipating

>I only like powerful and relevant characters

I’m waiting for the anime then I’ll consider continuing.


I don’t know. I said what I mean.

Yes, I love them

No surprise we are not getting a PV until like 2 month before the series like with the past seasons.

>I love them

It’s not a “love” user. It’s a promise.

Did SAO have to wait for their previous seasons as well? They're about a season away and only have a key visual from abec, not even A1

Why does Measure Heart look so concerned?

I wonder why nobody ever talks about the Index ending themes.

This is your date tonight.

Are you willing?
yes or no

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tell that to the UE-Spammer (UE stands for unfunny edit), fate-kun and others
Literally no one had hopes for this PV

Fool! You should have hidden it behind a spoiler and let us decide for ourselves.

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New boogeyman?

So when's the next fucking book coming out?

June or July, along with a OF, realistically.


Why so long? Aren't is usually 3 or 4 months apart

He's busy with the anime

>new boogeyman
Fuck off, if I say something then someones going to be like "M-MUH ONEGUY"
You can't even classify anyone because of this. It's a shield that shitposters hide behind in order to discredit that this strangely same type of posting is not done by individuals, but rather a group.

Tell me what kind of unfunny edits were they

I think your pics are good user. I liked the purple hair Feb btw.

I'll list some for you
>Pickle rick edits
>Monkey edits
>Autism hat edits
Generally the kind of shit I'd lump with the likes of this. Purple hair febri is Mobileposter by the way

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If it makes you feel better the new DxD is right around the corner. That will hold you off.

Ah, that's one guy's doing

I appreciate the credit but I didn’t make purple hair Feb. My edits are usually really subpar because it’s not something I do a lot but I always like to see new fan art either way.

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I think the person who made purple hair Feb also made blonde Saten and Kuroko.*

There’s also one of Kuroko with brown eyes that turned out pretty good.

I’m still waiting for the Aogami x Feb crack edit.

Purple hair Febri was the only decent one.

It turned out really good but I wouldn’t necessariusly put the blame on the creator for the others because maybe Saten and Kuroko just don’t look very good as blondes.

Naw, the color he used for the blonde edits was just wrong.

One thing I did notice was Kuroko has black eyebrows that didn’t match so maybe that’s part of it as well.

At least he had the decency to fix the red on the blonde characters which already gives him an advantage over the average Japanese manga artist.

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This outfit is el cucuy of the anime fashion world. It attacked her and made her the way she is.

>talking shit about nero
Shit taste desu

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>I like so and so character because she’s more likely to have sex with strangers for money

You do you user.

They should do a filler Prisma Illya status Index spin-off with all the loli characters. If Fate can do it there’s no reason Kamachi can’t sink that low and it’s easy money.

But who will be the artist?


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>liking whore of babylon

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