Darling in the FranXX

The Grand Crevasse.
I seriously believe that the Papa’s true intention is to offer 02 like an offering to the Klaxsaurs to try to calm them.

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Honestly wouldn't be surprised if that’s actually the case, especially with the mention of klaxosaur activity being detected in the Great Crevasse.

Zorome ia a manlet

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thanks anime for representing me once again



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2 > Miku > Nana = Kokoro > Ikuno > Ichigo

Hir02 = ZoroMiku > Ichigoro > MitsuKoko

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Can you just IMAGINE Nana's curvaceous body in a pistil suit. Your old pistil isn't able to ride with you, so Nana takes over and rides with you. But the stations were meant for small children, so you sit down, and Nana gets in, but since she's so big her butt is just hanging off, and makes contact with your groin. She quickly pushes herself up in embarrassment so you two aren't touching anymore, but as you start piloting the Franxx and the g-forces keep pushing Nana back into you, her puffy, skintight area digging deeper now into your erect groin. Not sure if Nana can feel your bulge as the G-forces keep pressing her against you, you try to ignore it and focus on piloting. But after a couple minutes you can't take it any more as her body heat on your groin has nearly made you prematurely climax in your suit, you try to jerk her forward a bit so that you're not touching anymore, but Nana's voluptuous rear shoots up with a jolt and starts quivering. You look closely in confusing and notice that her warm, puffy crotch is dripping wet. "Holy shit, she knows" you think to yourself. "Does she want me to keep going?". So you test, by ever so lightly touching the tip of your still fully erect bulge onto her dripping wet crotch. You instantly know as she sets herself onto you and your crotch digs deeper into her. with a wry smile you start to motion back and forth slowly as-

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as you start to pant heavily, squeezing yourself against Nana. You can't take it anymore; you reach down and tear your suit, freeing your rock hard dick. Your hands run down Nana's soaked pussy, pinch the suit and start ripping it open. Nana, offering no protest lets out a small gasp, almost as if she was waiting for this moment. Her bare buttocks glisten with moisture, sweat dripping down her thighs, and her pink pussy twitching ever so slightly as an erotic invitation. Gripping the base of your manhood you guide it and slowly touch Nana's lips with your tip, still completely unsure how she will respond. All doubt is erased as she pushes back into you, your shaft engulfed completely into her pussy and an overwhelming warmth feverishly tingles your groin as you let out a pleasurable exhale. Her buttocks pressed firmly against you, and her puffy mound squishing the base of your dick, you gently push her away. Your dick gliding effortlessly through Nana's soaked vagina. Strings of sweat and juices stick both to you and Nana's buttocks as they intermix. Taking the initiative this time, you start moving your hips back and forth; Nana letting out a pleasurable exhale with each pump. It isn't long until an inevitable rising feeling starts building up as you slow the pace down.

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"Nana.. I'm gonna.." you squeak out as you try to slow down and start to pull out, not sure whether it's okay to-- But before you can finish that thought Nana's hand disengages from the Franxx, and yanks on your chest, pulling you forward. Your chin and chest on Nana's back, you wrap you arms tightly around her as you dig as deep as you can inside Nana for the final pump. Exploding into a state of Nirvana, pumping furiously into Nana's womb, your testicles desperate to empty every last drop with each twitch. Nana's legs tremble and she shudders erotically before collapsing down onto the seatrest beneath her, her cervix twitching uncontrollably. Both of you lay there for several minutes heavily panting, your shaft still deep in Nana in an intensely burning hot inseparable seal. Finally, you carefully lean upright and slowly pull your soaked member out, the tip leaving one last string of fluid against Nana's lips before it disappears. White semen starts to drip out of her and onto the seat below, and another string dribbles down her inner thigh. She quickly brings her arm up and presses her fingers against her labia, as if to plug it so no more can escape. Nana then completely disengages the Franxx and turns around and faces you, her face red and wet from drool. You brace yourself as you fully expect a punch as punishment and for her to start yelling at you. Instead, she just simply smiles lovingly at you and kisses you passionately.

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>They're supposed to not know anything about sex/love
>still get embarrassed when they get seen naked

these are children not men

I was gonna say you forgot the pastebin, but that works too

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Nana is a side-character with zero personality you dumb idiots

she has less of a chance than Ichigo at this point

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I want to send my mechanical penis into her Grand Crevasse if you understand what I am talking about

Why don’t they ever share their important findings and critical thoughts with each other?

Nana is better than 02 though

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anyone have that "who will win, 10 minutes of thoughtful references, etc etc, or 1 keyframe" pic?

What were the children infected with?
Why don't the adults speak to each other?

>stop having fun

I don't think there's anyone here that seriously expects Nana to win the hiro bowl.

She's just a fun character that shot up in popularity and we're just rolling with it. Plus its fun to fantasize about the onēsan

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>Why don't the adults speak to each other?

Because they're addicted to the happy place.

He grew in episode 10, being 161cm

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>implying those are mutually exclusive

>What were the children infected with?
impure thoughts

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On ep 7. 6 was the shit man.

Beach eps rock.

literally made for impregnation

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>haha im edgy filler
>im probably the most pathetic filler
>i have no character im just a pair of milkies
Filler bitch
>oh look its literally nothing

And you mean to tell me people unironically pretend to like this show for its story, and not because it's just 002 boner bait? This isn't even SoL, it's worse.

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The series started very crude, first the enemy seemed to be really dangerous and every mission could be the last one but now is like a slice of life with some combat highlights. I don’t like this pacing too.

How does this show make you feel, anons?

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>The Power of Otaku pandering and waifufaggotry
Fix it

dumb SoL poster

>See this
>Dopamine circuit is stimulated
>Have to wait a week for it again

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>trigger was trying to get us to value real relationships
>the show was designed to flop so people would go outside
veg saves anime trigger saves our souls


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Sad that i have no Waifu Simulator 9000 to plug my brain in to.

I watch it for Hiro, Ichigo and Nana

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Yandere 02 when?

>code FP40-T3NL-666

Franxx Pilot 40(?)
The 3rd Nursery Lab

>Grand Crevasse.

It's gonna be a tits/vagina metaphor.

Not today Abe, not today

Am...am i not supposed to get erect from giant robots?

Even if they don't understand that they at least realize they're bodies are different. The girls also noticed they were being looked at in a way that makes them uncomfortable.

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more like sperm and eggs

also something tells me that they aren't as hormonally suppressed as the adults, so while they can't name it they still react like regular teenagers

>The Grand Crevasse

Its safe to say 02 has had miles of Klaxsaur cock in all of her holes. Probably in their satanic ritual orgies called the Grand Crevasse.

In fact I’d guess that where Papa really met her. As its pretty obvious APE Royalty attend those ritual orgies

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This isn't fair bros.

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What the fuck is the structure of this society? Are we really 10 episodes in and still have no real idea outside of Papa = God Emperor?

who the fuck cares about that shit? sales isn't an indication of how good a series is, just enjoy the damn show

Why this particular place attracts couples?

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>Hiro is 168cm as a kid
>I'm 168cm at 25
Good god.

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Papa seems to hold a position similar to the Pope, so a society with a clerical-like structure is the most probable

like i need to protect that smile

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That's the stuff.

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>you dig as deep as you can inside Nana for the final pump. Exploding into a state of Nirvana, pumping furiously into Nana's womb, your testicles desperate to empty every last drop with each twitch.

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>ywn creampie Nana

Just fucking end it all

>get a great worldbuilding and tension building episode
>just shitpost about nana all week

These threads really have gone to the dogs

There was never any hope for these threads to be anything more than waifu shitposting.


A Klaxsaur who did all kinds of weird orgy rituals and rape stuff with 02 to achieve “redemption through sin”

was believed to be a demon.

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Enjoying your first season on Sup Forums, newfriend?

It just goes to reinforce the fact these threads are filled with nothing but Sup Forums, /vg/, Sup Forums, and reddit cancer

>Being a onifag butthurt

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It doesn't help that they inserted a god-tier waifu like Zero Two into the show.

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Sauce pls

>Show is tanking hard after three inconsequential af episodes
>Lets have an episode focused on Zorome

They deserve the low preorders

>muh bogeymen
shitposters will always shitpost, get used to it or get outta here

So what is bothering 02 lately? The last episodes all have scenes of 02 alone looking sad, the scenes when she's looking at herself in the mirror, but there were other scenes like the one on the beach at night. She didn't put her happy dahling mask in a while what is it?

Did it finally occurred to her that she is stuck with the boring MC, that didn't die as he was supposed to? Before that she had a new Chad every week for as much as 3 rides, but now she is permanently stuck with dork.

Or is is something to do with her getting self-conscious about her monster-side after the Ichigo slap or after Hiro trying to tame her. Maybe she feels he still didn't accept her monstrous side, because of that. In the puberty episode she seemed to try do do something less monstrous.

Rather than complaining you can be the one to start it

onifag headcanos are so boring and bland as 02

Why the fuck is his code 666?

this, every time I read an onifag spheel on I cringe

She's trying too hard to be seen as human. Should just go full klax to erase all doubt regarding her acceptance in the group.

>Did it finally occurred to her that she is stuck with the boring MC, that didn't die as he was supposed to? Before that she had a new Chad every week for as much as 3 rides, but now she is permanently stuck with dork.

Go walk around the closest lake each morning.

He's the one that will pierce the heaven

>birthday: December 3
do we have the birthdays of everyone else?

Cope, Ichigofags.

because it's the only code coole enough for him

t. NTRfag.
She loves Hiro, don't be so jealous.

How is it NTR if he was supposed to die?

what did they mean by this?

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Naomi is still alive

This, I hope cour 2 is better, this amount of world building is not needed. Wasting an entire episode in Zorome and a literall who old lady, this was almost as bad as the flip floppers muh alzheimers episode.

>replying to their own shiposts with other shitposts

Jesus fucking Christ, 02fags are completely desperate

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episodes are made months in advance, they had no idea things would go so wrong

Good episode, zorome dies first screenshot this

Ichigofag pls.

>mechashit that isn't gundam or evangelion or macross
pick one

I'm more curious by what they meant when they called him infected.
Are the children who are born that way selected to be expendable by training them to operate franxx?
Is that why they're termed "parasites"?

>to offer 02 like an offering
And after he lost of the only ace he had, what he gonna do when they'll get back?

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I was kind of worried he wasn't even going to survive the episode. A more bold production would have had him get liquidated after the granny called him in, episode ending with everyone else getting a notice that he was transferred or something.

Probably the most complex name. Zorome means matching digits in Japanese, and when this happens it refers to Repdigits:

666 is the most common/famous three number repdigit hence his code is 666

>bold production = someone dies in every episode

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So we all agree that this is the Neon Genesis Evangelion of this decade right?

I wish the show would go full TTGL already. You can tell that's where this is headed.

You guys think we'll see Nana/Hachi suit up at least once? Maybe even in a flashback?

Where did I mention people dying in every episode? Whatever, based on twisting my words like that I'll just assume you're a cunt.