Are lizards the chad race? How can furries compete?

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GODhan is the master race.
Thanks based Toyotaro for these KINOhan shots

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I just realized why spics love 17 so much, it's because he's the human version of Gohan

Thank fuck Toyo brought back the demon school gi

Indeed, Gohan looks fantastic

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Jiren deserves to win but Goku was awesome

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El Abuelo

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When's the El Grande Padre plotline?

Sorry I like my Gohans Pale

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Don't you mean el Grande Administrador?

That's disgusting and not canon

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PALEhan still looks good

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>DBS thread
This garbage is over next week anyway, nobody will miss it aside from some wall builders.

lol gay

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I hope he doesn't get a bang to spoofeed the audience that he's Mystic because that's fucking retarded. He looks great as he is now.

>orale orale pinche pendejo wey andale andale
What did Gohan mean by this?

He's very angry about Toei shutting down his father's stream

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>anime has garbage animation
>manga has mediocre art with no ounce of effort along with some amateur-tier panelling

Can Toriyama please stop forcing it and just put down DBS for good?
We've already seen he has lost his touch and that nobody working on DBS gives a fuck about it, so why keep trying?

Who knows, Maybe Toyotaro will have him using Super Saiyan (That would be cool) But even if he has the bang, I'm sure he's going to look good anyway

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Why would Gohan use SS if he's already ultimate? Sure he can go SS (like he did in BoG) but it's a waste of energy

Or maybe he'll rush the fuck out of it and kick him out in the next 1 or 2 chapters because we already know only Goku vs Jiren matters.

t. cuckhan

In case he lost his Ultimate state or something like the anime.
Nah I don't think so, the elimination order will be respected so Roshi, Piccolo and 18 have to be eliminated first in order for Gohan to fall

His name is CHADhan

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Not bad drop rates.

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He's already ultimate, he only lost it for RoF

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>JOBhanfaggots jizzing themselves because their balding husbando finally learned how to dodge

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>Cuckzafag insecurity kicked in so he had to say something negative
Shoo, time to job against Jiren

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>not hoarding every single F2P unit

>struggling against furries

OHOHOHOHOHO sorry, monkey. I can't hear you all the way over there in the stands. I'm too busy PARTICIPATING IN THE TOURNAMENT OF POWER.

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