Stardust Crusaders

Why didn't Dio just have all his lackeys attack them at once instead of one at a time?

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Because Araki is an unironical hack.

Why didn't Dio just use his incredibly broken powers to instantly kill them all as soon as they entered his base instead of messing with them by swapping them around the room?

He wanted to buy time to fully recover, not necessarily kill them. Sending them one by one would delay them the longest. Imagine if Dio didn't send that one guy on the plane. They could've flown all the way to Egypt, possibly win against all his stand users, and could face Dio even sooner.

Because they were all in it for the money and none of them wanted to share.


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He's a pompous jackass

It's like Jojo is terrible

Assassins don't work well in groups. Aside from the ones that were complete scrubs like Steely Dan and the Desert dude, a lot of the assassins came close to killing them. Hell the Darby brothers DID kill 3 of them.

Stardust Crusaders is unanimously understood to be the worst part, but it's essential to plot out the ideas that are used in the later parts which are great

Is this real? That's fucked up. I'm a new Jojofag and I haven't read manga yet

Based hair poster

>Hasn't read manga
So you aren't actually a fan

No I just haven't gotten around to it. Anime isn't the only thing I do and I literally just finished watching the anime like a week ago.

because it's a saturday morning cartoon you dipshit

>Hurr durr why should I read the source material
>This is actually the level of critical thinking shoungenfags are on

>the absolute state of your reading comprehension

Better than yours considering you haven't even read the manga

Don't feel bad user I haven't read a single part start to finish. Made it halfway through 1, 5, 6, and read just all over the fucking place with 2, 3, 4, and 8.

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>I read picturebooks about muscly men punching each other so me am smart
Yea it looks interesting. I've read some spoiler free summaries to see if I would like it and it looks great. I'm also currently without a laptop so reading the whole series atm would be inconvenient or just really expsensive.

>Too retarded to read a book about muscly men ora oraing
You're the only joke here