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Black Clover hype train never stops

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this thread will die because people will look for "Black Clover" not retard nip language fucking idiot

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On that note, could Licht have casted reincarnation on both Mimosa and his unborn child = Yuno?

Try searching for Black Clover in the catalog newfag-kun.

By Mimosa, you mean Tetia reincarnated into/as her, right? I think its possible considering every Golden Dawn member so far except Mimosa was ELFED. We haven't seen Alecdora or Langris yet but its safe to assume they were also ELFED. On the plus side, since Yuno is an unborn child he would have no memories of elven life and probably won't try to kill Asta unless daddy tells him to.

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then just wait until the thread with the title you wanted is archived you brainlet

Is the Witch Queen a lesbian?

she lives in a remote forest surrounded by nothing but other females, all of them being her daughters. she needs some way to pleasure herself.

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Exactly. The reason why I think they were reincarnated was because Licht and Tetia have retained their appearances, but Licht probably retained his memories due to being an elf while Tetia didn't because she's a filthy ningen.

>On the plus side, since Yuno is an unborn child he would have no memories of elven life and probably won't try to kill Asta unless daddy tells him to.
Again, exactamente. Yuno probably doesn't give a shit about ELF revenge because he wasn't there to experience it, and Tabata has done a good job so far avoiding the Sasuke-cliche accusations, why would he start now?

Page 8 is fine newfag

Are you telling me. Our boy Asta is going to be Yuno's father by law of reincarnation?

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>Hey rival, call me daddy. I'm your stepdad now

Holy shit why are the anime models so shit. Fuegoleon THE semen demon of the series looks fucking terrible.
What the hell is the key animator doing?

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>Fuegoleon THE semen demon of the series
Woah woah woah slow down homoanon
YAMI is the semen demon the series.


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I love how Mary being ELFED means that Rebecca is still relevant

>implying pathetic loose Used Goods aren't the lewdest and bestest
user PLS

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is this better?

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You forgot to add Mary. The Elf wants to get Asta'd.

The Magic Emperor does not fuck around. Chrollo solo's faggots and calls it a day.

I wonder what happened to the Magic Emperor before him, I mean the guy looks to be in his 30s or early 40s. Why does the Magic Emperor subject to the Clover King?

Did she rape that slut in Black Bull in the past?

sorry, no. Once Marie Adlai gets over her stupid 10-year old crush she'll realize she always had her perfect man standing right in front of her and let Gauche sodomize her.

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Gauche would kill you for saying such heretical things. He would keep Mary pure; Gauche is also okay with Asta being near his sister and her opening up to him as they both want to protect her smile.

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Absolutely not. The character already has eyes that are too close to eachother, the shading just makes it even worse.
All in all I put the blame in shit shading making already shit models look even more fucked.

How about this?

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>Why does the Magic Emperor subject to the Clover King?
Because he isn't a cunt who would ruin the lives of citizens over petty crown drama. It was implied that he could very well overthrow the actual Clover king but doesn't because Julius is based.

I think Gauche will be another ELF who could not give a flying fuck about revenge. From what little we know he was a siscon in his past life too.

Better but still not good. The inner eye shading is very unflattering. There is a reason Tabata keeps the shading bare minimum.

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Did the anime get good yet?

I love the manga, but the anime is hot garbage.

he is targeting Gray and Gordon with mirrors in the final page though

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He fucking Unlimited Mirror Works his buddies. He wants revenge on Humans for killing his sister.

Will Grey finally confess to him and reverse the elven soulrape by the power of love?

>Black Clover is Race War the Manga
>Remove Elves
Tabata is a mad man.

This arc was the first time they fought together, right? Seems a bit too soon to confess.

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True it is too soon but she does like him and I can't think of a way they would beat him.
Henry will probably job and Gordon doesn't seem to be able to use his magic without killing people.

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Nah I think it'll be a fakeout.

All the previous brainwashings have had some element of talk no jutsu to them.
Yeah I know it's reincarnation/soul magic but it's still kinda the same thing which is different personality

he look asian

>But she likes him
She does? I don't remember that. I know Grey wants to be able to talk to normal people without looking weird since she's shy about her appearance and being a cake.

I think Magna and Vanessa will rescue the other bulls.

>She and luck are older then Asta and Noelle
What the heck

I was confused af when I found out Luck is 18 and Gray is 24

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I think it was more implied when she was transformed to Gauche back in the underwater arc, he complimented her and she blushed for the first time in the series.
And for some reason (probably a crush) she still is hung up on that compliment shit ton chapters later.
Besides she is the only person who can shut that fag's sister obsession up by transforming herself to Marie.

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Not him and my memory's sketchy but Grey liked Gauche ever since Underwater arc

Really hope Magna doesn't become the Yamcha of the series where because of sheer power inflation, lack of hax, and genetics he can't compete.

>Magna is my favorite Black Bull
>this is probably going to happen

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>Asta is going to be Yuno's father
Funny you should say that, there's been speculation going on that Asta is the reincarnation of Licht.

>tfw Magna becomes Sasugay of the series
Oh god please no.

>8 posters
>44 replies
Are we pathetic, autistic, or both?

This is preferable. World Trigger threads were also this way, another teamwork battle manga.

That would make sense if he was Licht's reincarnation; he has white hair afterall.

So what's up with Charmy's magic? She can't be an elf but why is her magic so strong and what's with the sheep beast?
Could a demon be sealed in her grimoire or something?

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She has creation magic. Stop being dumb.

>Noelle looks cleaner but less thicc

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Literally every elf had white hair
Good genetics

At least this guy can swallow his mistakes unlike Digifag

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Creation magic doesn't make a sentient animal that cooks shit for the user.

>Yuno looks like Todoroki but gayer

either that or 100+ different shippingfags

Unlikely, but i do think he will be that character that is always a couple steps behind the MC, which makes him look bad.

I wanna see Yami wrecking shit.

If FT is anything to go by you can probably teach your summon how to cook.

>Creation Magic
>Doesn't make
>a sentient animal that cooks shit
>For the user
You need to take a moment and analyze your post.
>Creation Magic
>Makes a
>Sentient animal
>That cooks shit for the user

I want to see Yami massacre some elves for what they did to Julius.

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rereading chapter 148, someone said I will never forgive Licht, probably the Licht fanboy.

Hello there, I'm a reincarnated demon. Peep my tail.

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Nah. He's probably related to Asta's parents.

Noelle a best

Tabata drew the others fine, it's Ochako he screwed up on.
But that's fine, Ochako=Sakura in terms of relevance.

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That Asta looks fucking Amazing. Hori draws good screamers. Bakugou is always so full of energy, you can see Asta drawn that same energy. Are Hori and Tabata good friends like Kishi and Oda?

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At least post the others too

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Who knows.

tabata seriously needs to learn how to draw noses. His hair drawing skills are pretty nice though

The animation in black clover is so bad I can't watch it

I think I'm the only one who likes his noses

he literally just draws a > and leaves it a day. Guess people have different taste. Well his drawing is probably best on the body parts, except for porkchacho how did he fuck it up so badly

*calls it a day

Ochaco is so fucking round for no reason

Same. I love how he draws faces.

I hate hipster millennials who think they're too cool for school

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Because scenes like that have never ever been done before that not once

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A yugiohfag in the replies also implies Tabata can't draw eyes like NIGGA STOP TALKING, you like YUGIOH

post best girl

>Characters stand at attention while their Commanding Officer enters the room and has space to walk to his chair/desk.
What did they mean by this?

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*blocks your path*

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how many eps until asta gets almost raped by slime girl? that shit was hot

it'l be this season dont worry

I want to impregnate her and take responsibility.

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Because he respects and upholds the laws of his land I assume. Launching a coup is some serious business.


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I wish the witch queen had trie to /ss/ Asta while he was under her control

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Such good taste

But the ironic part is that everyone wants the Magic Emperor as the King, they only respect the Magic Emperor, and everyone straightout says it by going "Who the fuck is the King?"

I'm pretty sure all the other black bulls are older than Asta and Noelle.

Too bad she couldn't get Julius's babies

because deep inside the king is a nice guy

he is currently just a cocky ass like pre-buu Mr.Satan

cuz when your that badass it doesn't matter if their is someone above you, you just fuck shit up and move on with your day.

Pierrot killed any hype

wtf why are people drawing lewds of Jon

you are meant to want to protect this smile

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I hope the series ends with her still single so I can waifu her

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>Asta Staria
>Mimosa isn't a Staria
>Sister Lily's family name isn't revealed yet
Asta x Sister confirmed, Noellefags and Mimosafags btfo

is that batman's gay kid?