Is it officially canned?

Is it officially canned?

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Not officially, as far as I've heard. The author won't be in jail, so it's up to what the mag wants to do.

>The author won't be in jail

Oh Japan you silly.

>The author won't be in jail
source? How the fuck not

200k yen ($2000) fine and nothing else, Japan is pretty based.

He had to pay an $1800 fine, that's it. Did you think that owning CP was a first-time jail-able offense in Japan? The videos Watsuki had were legal to own literally two and a half years ago. That's why it's not so big a deal that he still has them; it's not like he was buying new ones.

Why do people want more kenshin ? It will never top Trust and betrayal. It's all downhill from there.


user, posessing actual 3D child porn isn't based. Fucking hell.

You're right, it isn't based, its admirable.


This is the kind of shit that got Mad Thad arrested.

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I mean you don't know for sure. The Hokkaido arc may renew interest in the series and we may get more trust and betrayal style OVAs

He's getting out this year

It's already confirmed coming back, but the date it comes back still has to be announced.

Are there people who still think we may get Tsuiokuhen style OVAs ?

No, but after Watsuki pulled off this shit, it should be.

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>getting involved with 3DPD

He only has himself to blame

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Assuming good behavior

his only crime was failing to get rid of shit after it became illegal

Kaoru so beautiful

It's canned but we get Hokkaido arc undercover in Golden Kamui. Battousai will be the next tattooed convict.

Pretty much

are people confused as to what "cp" in these cases are
they are not kids having sex or anything. just nudity like gravure videos

More live action shits when

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CP violates the NAP

In another thread some user posted that it wasn't some gravure shit, but real cp (something about an 11 year old doing anal)

so what's the truth??

Imprisoning people for masturbating to things you don't like violates the NAP

Trust and betrayal is overrated.
Kenshin is too gloomy in it.

There's no way to confirm if he had actual kiddy porn or was just some junior gravure shit unless you work for japanese FBI.
But one thing its true, the site were he brought the DVDs actually sold CP. As anons said in past threads, getting gravure from that site would be like going to pornhub and searching for victoria secret's videos.

Publisher say they will put up a notice onto their official site when it is to be continue

that's what I thought too at first but the site he bought it from from only sold hardcore CP apparently.

Trust and Betrayal faggots are the absolute worst.

Kind of fits considering he was at one of the worst points in his life. I mean it would be like Kenshin joking around in the Jinchu arc after Enishi does him in.

I'm honestly heartbroken by this. RK was my favorite manga ever and now you can't talk about it without someone bringing out the fact that the author is a fucking pedophile.

It's totally hardcore CP. Underage gravture won't get you arrested in Japan, no, seriously.

Even if it had tamer videos he's an animal for buying stuff from a site that also has hardcore prepubescent shit.

He's a good boy

But they just got on a boat, I won't be so confident about that naw

>they didn't force Watsuki to learn Hiten-Mitsurugi while fighting for his life in prison
Missed. Opportunity.


In Japan, a man can fuck a teenager and not lose his job.

It was full on abuse material, not gravure crap.

shonen jump manga trash by a pedophile author. He's just going to milk his one hit wonder

The guy didnt diddle any actual kids so I dont see why he should have to go to jail. It's a country with panty vending machines. It's not that big of a fucking deal.

>panty vending machines
Oh, it’s this stupid meme again.

Kids had to be subjected to this indignity, actual fucking kids.

The horrors of being paid to look sexy.

Imagine being this retarded.

>The guy didnt diddle any actual kids
How do you know for sure? Imagine kids growing up in a country where stuff like the "accidental" boob grab cliche is always played for laughs. What's the chance they consider it totally normal when their uncle/teacher/friend does that to them?

Not really it was elevated the source material of a pedo author. You people should be grateful.

We don't, but studies show that countries where CP isn't outlawed (and porn in general) have less actual sex crimes happening. Watsuki was most likely harmless.
Unsurprisingly, sex crimes keep increasing in japan since CP got outlawed.

Is their uncle/teacher/friend hot or a faceless fat old man?

Wait, there are first world countries where CP is legal? Also
>less actual sex crimes happening
you mean reported. there's no way of knowing how many actually happen. and with japs growing up so fucked in the head with all the lolis, hentais, maidbars and underage idols, i bet they wouldn't even realize they're actually molesting/being molested.
>hehehe, lemme touch dem oppais
>lol jk bye

I mean yeah, if you wanna argue against numbers you can pretend the results are fake, but you have no evidence to back it up.

More sex crimes = more reported sex crimes, even if unreported sex crimes happen.

I tought every man in Japan was a pedophile, there is child sexualiatioj in every manga/anime

You're right, what he did is horrible. But you're going to be pulling out your hair arguing with people on this board about it.

You can't jail people for owning what was just recently outlawed.
sorry mutts.

The only horrible thing he did was paying for porn.

>They got married, had a kid and Kenshin was doing fine.
Why this needed to be revived? So Watsuki can pay his fine and now he knows how police deals with CP, so he learned how to avoid them.

The only horrible thing he did was asking a lawyer for advice on a public forum where everyone can see his posts.

>anime is the same thing as real life
how does one become this retarded?

Places with more reported crime usually have even more crime that goes unreported.

what kind of fucking reasoning is that? also
>recently outlawed

Well, how's that all those unreported sex crime in Bongistan working for you?

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Imagine being this gay

>"Accidental" boob grab cliche is played as a laugh.
In literally every fucking country in the world it was played as a laugh until the late-2000s. Even now you still have people grabbing women by the pussy and the recent sex scandals.

id fucking pay money for hokkaido arc to be canned ive never wanted a continuation of something im a fan of less in my entire fucking life desu

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i fucking feel you dude i was livid

Men being kicked in the balls is also played for laughs all over the world.

>In literally every fucking country in the world it was played as a laugh until the late-2000s
but were the victims schoolgirls in skirts? or little sisters (but not actually blood related so it's ok)?

He possessed Illicit DVDs with actual minors.
Think for a second.

Hope for the best he keeps going, user.

after what we've had of the new manga so far i wouldnt trust him or his wife to write a single sentence, let alone a full manga,

Not that user but that OVA was crap. It doesn’t help your case that you’re saying something about the writer that doesn’t have anything to do with his manga abilities.

What would you say is wrong with it? I haven't read it yet.

>pedophilles caught in the act
>not jail

Like wtf is wrong with that country?

>>pedophilles caught in the act
Act of masturbating.

you know how kenshin gives yahiko the sakabatou and he's like chill with just kind of being a dad and husband and his body is fucked up from using the hitenmitsurugi

yeah uh yahiko just kind of gives the sakabatou back to him and his body being fucked is barely touched on. and theres 3 new characters that are frankly really annoying. and also kaoru's dad exists now??

its very annoying to read and honestly just fuckin tramples on a perfectly good ending and it makes me. really angry.

Yeah, that's understandable. He basically just undid the ending and is forcing him out of retirement when he should be living his dream now: being a family man.

>paying for CP
Why didn't he just download it from kazaa

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>Like wtf is wrong with that country?
Slowest first world country to actually ban CP (and I mean actual CP, not junior grauve which is still legal)

No fuck you, we want more Soujiro

What's up with Watsuki and his small-breasted waifus? First it was Kaoru. Then he goes overboard with Tokiko with her flat chest. What's next, a legal loli with flatter bust as the love interest?

i do too but not like this my dude ;w;

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Meanwhile the villain's waifu was a busty grown woman.
This isn't coincidence.

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Kenshin is now in Golden Kamuy, so whatever

Would be funny if his next work will have a villain's waifu with E or F-cup just to piss off the protagonist's loli waifu.

Fuck Kenshin actually, the only way for Watsuki to save Hokkaido arc is to turn it into a story about best girl Soujiro kicking ass and finding a love interest.

I ship Soujiro with Marida from Gundam Unicorn desu

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fucking wheres my spin off of kamatari at that all girl school

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First of all he can rot for owning CP, and second of all, why would you even want it to return? Kenshin ended on a perfect note, there is literally no reason to continue the series. Have you people learned nothing from seeing other series being milked?

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learning about this from mothers basement made me lose respect for the author, that one guy that called out the jews earned my respect though.

First of all, he doesn't have to rot for the first offense of simple possession. The penalty was fair enough. I mean, he already has his name smeared and shit, what more do you want?

Secondly, he can still salvage the manga if he sidelines Kenshin into a side character for others to shine, like say Aoshi, Soujiro, Sano or Enishi. It's not the end of the world, user.

>mothers basement

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>mothers basement
That's an e-celeb, isn't it?

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a great big shill that also works as part of game theory now

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>shounenshits having a say in taste
the absolute high point of the series outside the OVA was the fight with saito, and that feels nothing like the shounen portion. just accept it, battosai Kenshin is superior to moralfagging ronin

>Okita Souji is cool, but he dies young
>Seta Soujirou is based off of him, but the manga dies before his character gets expanded
There's a curse.

Fuck off pedo.

>Sup Forums hates loli porn now
What the fuck happened to this board? Fucking reddit