Euphie did nothing wrong

Euphie did nothing wrong

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the special admistrative zone was a retarded idea. she was a stuck up bitch

What exactly is the point with her new scene in the recap?

I think it's to reveal that she's a princess and skip over the fight scene from the show

Remember to slap your jap.

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The Euphinator moment was truly legendary

That was her problem. Pure and good people like her get fucked in the CG world.

No, she screwed up the biggest part. She didn't destroy every single 11

She was born


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Why didn't Lelouch just fuck her? He wouldn't even have to use his geass, she was thirsty as fuck

He wanted Suzaku.

That's a strange way to spell Shirley

Weird way to spell Nunnally

True. It was all fault of Ledouche.

Odd way to spell Kallen

Puzzling way to spell CC

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>Euphie did nothing wrong
>didn't fuck Lelouch or even Suzaku


She's mostly innocent

She doesn't understand the idea of colonization or imperialism.

She only killed filthy elevens. She's completely innocent

She's a qt

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She is a mary sue.
That's wrong.

No one wants used goods.

>mary sue
What? Explain

>Everyone loves her.
>She had immediately resolved a national problem that no one couldn't when she arrived
>Lelouch lost to her. Needed a bullshit plot device to fuck her up.

She fucking died though

Seriously though, I wished they managed to continue the story without resolving to O MY INAPPROPRIATE JOKE, I would reckon there would be a way to do it

besides murder

She already wanted to fuck Suzaku by the time his identity was revealed to her.

Lelouch does.

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Did they have condoms back in whatever age when CC was human? What if she stuck to anal to prevent pregnancy and was therefore a virgin?

Kinda hard without making Lelouch or Euphie to be secretly evil. Maybe the Geass controls fate and saw an opportunity to fuck things up some more.

It was kinda fucked that the soldiers responded so quickly to Euphie's orders rather than trying to stop her and sort things out first. Their princess was clearly unhinged walking out on stage with a fucking nail gun.

Euphie should have ended up with Nunnally.
She wouldn't have died if she didn't meet Shitzaku.

Not according to the anime directors he doesn't.

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Britannian soldiers were such loyal supremacists that they would genocide elevens without hesitating when ordered early in the show.

While clich├ęd, the Britannian soldiers plotting an incident and blaming it on the Elevens would be much better in making Lelouch more cynical and give the Elevens more reason to join the rebellion

>Not according to the anime directors he doesn't

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Code Geass wouldn't be the same show if Lelouch wasn't responsible for anything bad that happened. The whole concept of the show is that Lelouch is the cause of all the chaotic events in the world, both good and bad, and of course feels grief when things go bad because he's not a total edgelord.

>if I say "nah" it will change reality

But Taniguchi never said that user. Neither did Murata the assistant director in case that's the one you're referring to since you said 'directors'.

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Did Lelouch tap this?

Oh yes she did: she murdered all those japanese people! She's an inhuman killing monster who disguised herself as a pacifistic princess! Fuck that murdering whore!

It was going to fail anyway even without this so I am not that worried

Fuck off 11

Most Mary Sues don't end up dying in a hospital bed

As i said it took a massive plot device to kill her.
Death wasn't enough to justify her marysue-ness

You are to interrogate with nip nog by ANY MEANS. Rules applicable to humans out the window.

What's your first move?

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You think it would have been better if the Special Admin zone just failed on its own or was sabotaged by the Emperor? Because how stupid everything gets after this incident when she died, it probably would have been the better option.

She truly is.

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Dunno but hope he did so that "Lelouch died a virgin" meme could die.

shoot her in the head for being a waste of space character instead

So is R3 still happening?

Disgusting racetraitor. Loved it when she died.

Not to mention true love got rid of the geass she was under.

Euphie is the based Princess we need, but not the one we deserve

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Unzip dick

Forcibly make her naked, then make myself naked. Then I sit down and will talk about my problems and feelings.

>She had immediately resolved a national problem

Wasn't it specifically stated that her plan was no long term solution?

Sick fuck.