Best High School DxD right here

Best High School DxD right here.

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Vol 25 and Slashdog 2 spoilers in less than 12 hours. Another PV is probably coming within a day too, Ishibumi said to look out for something coming soon.

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A live stream for Hero is on the 21st.

How come the Sitri girls who lost there student council seats didn't join the ORC?

Yeah, it also seems they're doing the first official popularity poll since like 2012

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Well Ravel won't be very popular.

Sona and Tsubaki are the only ones, aren't they?

Momo, Yura.

You might be surprised. It's mostly LNfags who vote on these things

I'm telling you she won't be popular.

>he doesn't know
It was the LN readers who begged Ishibumi to put her in the main cast.

Besides, now we can finally see a full poll. The last one is lost to the sands of time, and we only know that Akeno, Rias, and Ise were the top 3 after vol 10

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That was then, this is now.

That's not Akeno and Rias.

Lets hope they show off the Sitri girls, Kuroka and Ravel's new looks in this PV/stream. I especially can't wait to see Le Fay.

And have a Rias.

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A Xenovia is also good as well.

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You got a new card today.

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Threadly reminder that we're getting best girl this season

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My body is ready.

V24 life 0 is translated

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>I reported the situation to my grandfather who had passed away while at Kuoh Academy’s pool with everyone….
Did Ise's grandpa die of nosebleed blood loss or something?
Also how many old perverts does Ise know?

Sper bold Xenovia is the best.

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>telling all of Issei's servants to have one big orgy almost took him away from Rias and Akeno
She's getting smarter

His grandpa reached nirvana

Was Rossweisse up for the orgy?

>Xenovia tugged on my hand as she said to those two

>“Well, you two should also join! If all of our team members are in the storage room, we should make babies together! Don’t just stand there like that, Asia and Ravel, come over as well! All members of our team should practice baby making in the storage room!”

>Asia and Ravel were extremely shocked.

>“I don’t want to be left outside! I…also want to join the practice!”

>“P-Please wait! I think this is okay, but it’ll be completely full if this many people enter the storage room! But, we should go in first and then decide!”

>Asia-chan and my manager didn’t have any objections to making babies either!? Completely disregarding my shock, the girls of the [Hyoudou Issei] team pushed me towards the storage room! Xenovia and Irina firmly held on to each of my arms, leaving me with no room to resist! Aaaahh, I could feel the softness of their oppai on my arms! Their snow-white skin was incredibly smooth! The oppai of those two had their own elasticity and softness; these exquisite differences allowed me to feel the very personality of their oppai! If this continued, I would enter the storage room with this many people, and then we would continue on from last year!? T-That’s also great! But I’m also rather concerned about the follow-up of this! However, someone embraced me from behind! An incredible softness pressed against me from behind! Rias hugged me from behind and prevented me from going into the storage room!

>“Hold on, all of you! He’s my servant, and also the son-in-law of the House of Gremory! I won’t allow you to take my fiancé away and do erotic things with him there!”

>And then Akeno-san also joined the battle by snatching my arm away from Xenovia and tightly clinging onto it!

>“Exactly. He’s my husband-sama! I won’t allow you to silently lead him astray!”

>first official popularity poll since like 2012
Who do you think will win?

She's perfect

Friendly reminder about using waifu2x so you can have HQ cards

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Even bigger...

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Xenovia always makes me diamonds

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Who thought that killing sera-tan is a good thing.

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Progress for her. With V25 it should be complete.

Rias. People will make sure of it.

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Best sacredgear coming through

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As an active mobage player I can guarantee you the results won't differ much for top 5 except maybe the order. The only definite is Akeno first place.

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Who's that in 8th?

The Ravel fag that frequently posts will probably kill you for not recognizing her.

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Ravel is a miracle

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But can she keep up being a miricle in the new art style.

The important part is how they do the drills.
Original old style went different route from LN drills and i prefer the LN drills.

I'm more worried she will be over moe'd and have her tits reduced.

*for Issei

If only.

he is the only possibility right now unless Ishibumi throws her a bone
Saji is confirmed not happening

I kinda forgot FMP is gonna be on TV again. Will we have Al activating Lambda Driver?

Well somebody needs to dick her before she becomes the weird old cat lady.

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But we know from EX that she gets no dicking.

This cat whore is a bad influence on Koneko

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Is that Ddraig? He looks completely different from the anime version.

Badly drawn shit. It's upsetting.

Drunk valkyrie

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How so?

Lewd valkyrie

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Can't forget the main heroine

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>best Rose is a drunk one
Nonetheless I'm glad it's not a retread of volume 2

Let me guess Issei is still a virgin

Looks like a loli with big tits.

>expecting anything before the final volume
Don't be daft


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Look at that handsome and tall motherfucker
He was supposed to be 170cm compared to Rose being 175cm and Rias 172cm
Now he's taller than both, possibly 180cm or something like that
Also for Rias, the paizuri hole is beautiful as always

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Miyama, images over a year old don't count as new ones.

5 BW is 3 more than last time, he's improving.

His record is still V8
13 BW, 3 colored ones and the colored cover

Ishibumi has been self-referencing for a while now
>Asia and Issei's confession scene was a reference to their original meeting
>then happens which is a reference to V4
>the entire planned wedding thing is a reference to V2

V8 is a collection of short stories

Still the most illustrations

It's like saying a compendium has the most, because only one or two were new ones in it

Well then, I guess V1 has the most

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>Koneko and Kuroka got fucked
RIP Rias and Akeno


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>hero for hero faction
>hero for h-ero
Ishibumi could've worked for a haiku company too

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Akeno is for a____!

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>Roygun becomes Issei's Rook
>Ddraig makes a physical appearance in the climax of the fight
>Team Ise wins
>Kanzaki the final Longinus user appears and does a dual balance break

>tits reduced
>with the character designer as a hentai artist and Ishibumi in creative control
Nah, son.

Building off this, new Longinus have finally come into existence. Azazel talked about it back in volume 11 but the Sacred Gear system god made is designed to let new ones come into being, and now there are 5 new ones, Gasper's being one of them. Two of the 5 are high tier, meaning True Longinus/Zenith Tempest level.

Indra, Cao Cao, Sun Wukong, Typhoon, Mahabali, Sutr, Vali, Zeno (Super devil team), Dulio, Tobio, Diehauser, Ruval, Sairaorg, Rias, Ise, and Shooting Star's team are the teams who advance to the next round.

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You lie. Not even Ishibumi's mad enough


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Koneko is above his penis.. She is learning.. Good work Kuroka..
I am not surprised that her daughters born at same time in EX(a Trio)

Those are some evil tits.