What's her appeal?

What's her appeal?

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For me it's honestly only the blue hair and pale skin

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Head over heels for a guy. It makes me wish she was head over heels for me.

This, those are the best parts of her.

Being from a shitty series

This honestly

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She can give you a colonic anytime

russian waifu + legs

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I am suddenly overcome with an overwhelming thirst.

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eccentric and madly in love

Look at all the fluffy bits to touch!

She's a female side character who is actually funny. You don't often see those in anime, let alone in Shounen battle series

Always wet.


Loyalty beyond belief.

Also a ridiculous body, but that's fairly common in the manga.

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da ba dee da ba die

Yandere girls are best. Al

To make Gray look more gay

Same as all Fairy Tail girls; her body.

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Her French accent.

>Japanese with a French accent
How would that even sound?

Hated Fairy Tail, loved her.

Has the biggest hips and boobs fo the main girls besides that girl from laxus group but her boobs are ugly

Wandered around Nippon for a while and surprised by how little Fairy Tail merch there is, not that I care, but I thought the series was really popular and I have seen fuck all of it aside from a single tiddie figure in Akihabara and the manga volumes in manga focused stores.
Compare to literally anything else, even Katekyo Hitman Reborn has more merch than it and that ended fucking years ago.

What accent?

She loves...

Too much!

The only Russian thing about her is her hat.