Why did OP succeed where Bleach and Naruto failed?

Why did OP succeed where Bleach and Naruto failed?

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IDK if I'd say Naruto failed, but probably by being way more light hearted and less ass-pulley than Bleach at least

Because One Piece has Nami while Naruto and Bleach has Sakura and Orihime

Naruto fucked up after pain arc

Bleach was garbage

Because Op didn't finish yet

Because it actually capitalized the more patient nature of past readers by building up lore and moving the plot forward instead of dragging shit out with pointless battles that lasts from week to week to week

>orgasmic characters
>orgasmic character proportions
>orgasmic character designs

better worldbuilding, a likeable main cast and (generally speaking) better pacing

Bleach had interesting characters but Ichigo is boring and everything was too drawn-out to give proper development and page-time to interesting characters and have them interact

Naruto generally suffered from the main two characters being annoying. The supporting cast is excellent and the pacing is decent

Recently though OP started to drag due to Oda juggling an ever-increasing supporting cast that just eats up page time.
I'm also not a fan of the strawhats constantly getting split up.

the universe is massive, huge, and all interconnected so it seems like a real world with real limits, even tho the whole gear 5+ is pushing that. its more about the world of one piece than just 1 character.

side characters have their own motivations aside from being plot devices for the MC

zoro basically became a plot device for luffy. he was even willing to cast aside his pride as a swordsman to train under mihawk in order to help luffy better.

yeah but zoro is specifically portrayed as stoic from the get-go

he's literally the ideal right hand man, never questioning the boss and doing whatever needs to be done

also when's the last time we saw nami making maps, or shit...I can't remember the last time brook played music or referenced laboon.

Actually good designs

>I can't remember the last time brook played music
He does it in most fights. He did it to put some of Daifuku's ships to sleep, for example.

Because One Piece was actually good while Naruto and Bleach revealed their shortcomings very early on, the biggest of which is that neither Kishimoto nor Kubo had the imagination to keep a long running shounen creative and fresh for longer than a few arcs

One Piece actually built up their big villains instead of springing random people out of nowhere

Pretty much this. One Piece and Hxh for me at least have an effect where a plot or lore implication, or even two characters meeting can be much more exciting than a fight.

Forced drama

By having everyone some kind of sad backstory it became popular for stupid people as well


Naruto is right up there with Goku as well as Luffy on the Olympics thing. Which means that the creators of Naruto are acknolwedging his success, and usimg him as a bastion of popularity to show the rest of the world "hey everyone, it's me, one of your favorites, Naruto"

Bleach failed, Naruto got convoluted, but by no means failed

I like the characters much more in one piece than most other shonens, including Naruto and bleach, though admittedly I've never really gotten into bleach so I'm not very familiar with much of it. I also enjoy OP world much more than Naruto, I feel the world building is much better and having read it since the beginning, I've enjoyed the journey so far. It's writing is also better imo. Im a OP fanboy though, so Im most likely biased.

>By having everyone some kind of sad backstory it became popular for stupid people as well

Bleach and Naruto were exactly the same

What does that mean?
I can't really call Namie relevant anymore. So what's left?

One Piece is garbage

>Naruto still has ongoing anime, movies in production, sequel manga, light novels, and video games & merchandise regularly being released

I’ll never understand people who watch 100+ episode series

Anything over 24 eps is too much in most cases

One scene that comes my mind was when he made sure luffy would only accept ussop back if he apologized. His dedication is admirable

Its called reading, especially when the show is full of garbage filler like Bleach was

watch more than 30 anime

Can’t wait to be an anime pro much like yourself

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Turns out most people actually prefer a hero who makes them laugh and forget about their worries, instead of grimdark edgy powercreep kpop band members



just read the manga instead, you'll be done faster won't have to sit through fillers and have more time of your day left

>complains about funposting

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I hope you're at least being ironic


One Piece is its own thing while both Bleach and Naruto were downgraded versions of Yoshihiro Togashi's works.

because there isn't going to be a scene where Blackbeard goes "yeah... sorry" and Luffy forgives him

Even though it's long as shit there's basically always something happening, most characters have relationships and conflicts with each other independent of the main party that build up different alliances and power shifts as well as adding development, characters from years ago who were barely mentioned show up as time goes on and stay consistent with tons of foreshadowing, and Oda basically outlined the entire thing as he was growing up so he knows what he wants to do as he goes no matter how long it takes

Wacky characters that attract autismos that would defend any kind of shit Oda comes out with.

because we got BOUNDMAN while nardo and blargh got edgy transformations

snakeman is probably the edgiest form luffy will ever get since it's just G2 applied to G4fied arms.

Hachi was forgiven

Still Naruto is more popular in the west

Likely because the main character is more likeable than Naruto or Ichigo. Luffy is a Goku rip off in every single way.

Last week I found a place online where I can read the manga in colour and I've been zooming through.

Is this the best way to experience OP or should I watch the anime instead/as well? I used to watch it but I kept dropping it because of pacing issues, but the manga does away with all of that.

Just wait for it man

Naruto went down after Pain arc
Bleach went down after Soul Society

OP is going down now in WCI

Set fail for One Piece!


After never doing anything wrong and being a comic relief character

Giant knockers on near full display

Same as fairy tail

OP focuses on character sand their interactions/dynamics getting into various adventures. Their friendships feel genuine as you see them actually having fun. The only downside is the adventures themselves are hit or miss.

With Naruto friendship is cemented by a ramen eating scene and sad flute music playing to a character's flashback. He never really acted like friends with either Sakura or Sasuke, their friendships were more plot devices. When the main cast can't even have good interactions with each other, you have to rely on worldbuilding and fights. Which admittedly were pretty good until the pain arc.

>Naruto went down after Pain arc

It went down long before that.

Only Pre-pain Shipp arc I didn't like was Sasuke Retrieval.

What was wrong with Sand Village,Hidan/Kakuzo and Itachi's arcs?

>caring about the West when they can't even produce anything good themselves
You're embarrassing yourself, go read a Spider-man comic if you want to suck off the West so hard

People are going to keep reading this as long as there's a promise that Zoro will appear.

>I can't remember the last time brook played music
When he was stealing Poneglyphs.

Why is it called Wano? Because it's going to be so bad, people all over the world will cry "waaaaaaah nooooooo!"

> He doesn't like Image,Vertigo, Valiant and writers like Moore/Morrison.

Shit taste senpai.

>kishi gives tailed beast power up to Naruto
One piss fags : plot armor

>Oda makes luffy defeat a guy who is better than him in everything
One piss fags : best writer

Comics used to be good, trust me, I own more than any human should but they went to shit quite a while ago and they just don't consistently produce anything close to the level of Japan

Atleast Kishimoto and Kubo ain't hacks like Oda

Because it never tried to go full edgy to be cool. That, and the main focus that drives the story are the characters and how they interact with eachother, not boring power scaling.

Okay, that made me chuckle.

It's a battle shonen ffs
One piece has the worst power scaling

That is accurate

Fair enough, there's alot less stuff i'm following that's western, but there's still niches for me though. The state of the big 2 is even worse.

>not a hack
Serious talk, I'm gonna miss his bullshit. I mean, how did 'a sniper that can pierce through anything between him and his target' turn into 'an immortal bifurcated giraffe-owl thing'?

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It never had power scaling to begin with. And if it’s bounties you’re talking about, they’re not indicators of how hard a guy can punch. The only thing close to scaling was the one between the Cipher Pol members, but even that was briefly glossed over.

They all failed.
>Bleach: turns to shit around Mexico
>Naruto: turns to shit after chuunin exams
>One Piece: turns to shit after the time skip, degraded in quality after Enies Lobby

Nardo went to shit after the Gaara Rescue Arc.

agree after timeskip OP went shit
the drawing was so much better

Well, I guess it's my fault for assuming everyone's already read the Western classics so I guess there is stuff that Japan just doesn't cover as well but the overall quantity and quality of Japan is so much higher it's not very comparable

But yeah, you won't get a lot of manga dealing with stuff like deep criticisms of religion or dissections of Western politics or ones that really deal with a number of major social issues, but with a lot of those, there's only a very few comics that do it well either

Western stuff suffers because so much of it is corporately owned and there's not really any creators that can do something on their own, they need collaborators so even the good stuff just takes absurd amounts of effort to be released

And because the creators are public faces unlike the private Japanese, they get completely full of themselves and plenty of the most praised comic creators basically do nothing for most of their careers and get called the Messiah everywhere they go

The time-skip was the end of One Piece, but the sequel fell apart at Dressrosa and just hasn't been able to revive itself because it basically revealed this whole world stopped having any logic and none of the stuff that happened before the time-skip is canon in this new One Piece universe

It's competently written

ongoing anime you mean boruto? have you seen that steaming pile of shit? naruto has lightnovels? i never even knew that

Adventure style and comedy. Japanese kids love it.

>people still bitching anout the time skip saying that it ruined the series
>while in reality it still the same fucking shit the it always was, even the arcs now have similar themes to the ones before the time skip
Jesus christ narutofags and hxhfags dont even try to hide themselves

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what are saying one piss fags?
Your manga went shit after TS and is in the shittiest phase in WCI

Have you read WCI? Worst arc in one piece ever

It went downhill because it's not the same series anymore, before the time-skip it was a manga about Luffy and the Straw Hats

Now it's just a manga about, the New World is full of weird people and sometimes a character that looks similar to one from One Piece will appear! It's fun most of the time, but it's not the same manga at all and all the characters are just lifeless caricatures of themselves to make room for all the new stuff

Oda doesn't care about power scaling.

Good fights. Cartoonish art. Characters legitimately funny. Sexy girls with big tits.

I think that's it.

Better worldbuilding, while One Piece has some great characters the setting is where it really shines, it's setting has more potential for a long running series than other long running shonen, there are countless islands the characters can visit and the main plot is a journey. I haven't read Naruto past the first twenty or so chapters, but I have read most of Bleach and where that fell apart was the fact that it wasn't planned and the setting and plot didn't lend itself well to a long running shonen it should have stopped long before it did. Due to the nature of One Pieces story a long plot with many stops along the way is expected.

Its funny since Wan Piss characters originally were the strongest in the HST. Naruto barely had any jobbers who could beat Don Krieg in a fight and even Pein would get beat by Lucci.

oda plans his story