The Promised Neverland - 79

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God damned ewoks.

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sasuga, mangastream

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Boom, eyeshot.

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Now bring me orphan 63194
Your time is up
And your cohorts are gore

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they're going to blow this opportunity, I just know it.

So now it's time for somes kids to get killed.

Just caught up with this manga, I've been pleasantly surprised by everything except for this hunting arc. It just feels kind of pointless and you just know that they're gonna kill off the fodder kids and maybe Lucas.
Also, the fact that pretty much everything about William Minerva was revealed earlier in a single chapter was pretty shocking.

>trying to sneak in a few negative remarks to make it seem like you're not shilling

shilling for fucking who?

This is like the third chapter in a row I don't really like based on the scans but when it's translated it becomes better. Now it's pretty obvious some of the kids will die. The one who has the "I'm dead" look is Sandy.

>big boobies
>multi breasts
>skintight black bodysuit
boner n-no

Wait so those are 4 pairs of tits instead of tits and visible abs? Does Musica look like that too?

Do they have eyes on their tongues?

dead series