Code Geass
>Code Geass: Resurrection will be split into a three-film series
>The names of the three films: Initiation, Transgression, and Glorification
Fuck you Sunrise, I was promised a season 3. What are your hopes and expectations now, Sup Forums?

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I hope, and expect, they all flop so we can pretend they never happened and enjoy the way the series actually ended.

I didn't have any expectation to begin with

well my little bit of optimism for R3 has now died. Hopefully we get some Kallen/CC/Milly nude scenes out of this.

How the fuck are we suppose to watch this with Sup Forums?

I am ok with this. Re;surrection thing is pure cringe though.

Wow. This better be false

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Fucking fuck

Wait 6 months after each movie airs for subs :^)

Honestly who even gives a fuck about this new Code Geass stuff anymore?

get spoilers from 2ch and then hope for camrips to drop. Then wait for the BDs to drop months later so we can properly watch them.

All hail Britannia.

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That's incredibly disappointing. They'll end up forgotten like the Akito OVAs and probably be just as shitty

>What are your hopes and expectations now, Sup Forums?
Memes, with the promise of more memes.

With Lelouch dying, as was most thematically satisfying.

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Did anybody else cry when lelouch died?

Wow, fuck Sunrise.

I am kinda glad if this means higher quality overall. But on the other hand, I'm not glad that I have to wait an entire year for the BDs of each movie.

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Newfag here, whats so bad about movies?

The entirety of Britania, probably, tears of happiness.

I'm happy. R3 would drag on to much and ruin it. Keeping it short like this has more impact. R2 nearly ruined code geass.

No. You're the only one.

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They're movies.

I did. And everytime I do a rewatch, honestly

Why is that a bad thing?

I wasn't even all that looking forward to R3, but somehow this news still makes me unreasonably angry. Fuck you, Sunrise.

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This is wrong though. If their source is from official tweet it said this:
>【第2部公開中】ちなみに劇場三部作はそれぞれに、第1部:Initiation 第2部:Transgression 第3部:Glorificationという英題がついています。「復活/Re;surrection」はそこに連なります。sun_コウジロウ #geassp
Basically the recap movies that we already know of have official english title which are Initiation, Transgression, and Glorification. And then after that we will get this sequel Re;serruction.

>R3 threads die in the distance

R2 almost ruined Code Geass but it definitely wasn't because of the pacing. It was because of the content.

This. I don't understand people demanding continuation and disgusted by people making it. Not only we have so little anime with actual endings in general, but CG have absolutely the best one and now they going to throw it into the trash.

the first thing is, a 24-26 episode season has way more content than 3 movies. Even if the 3 movies are really well animated, they will rob us of potential story arcs and are almost guaranteed to be poorly paced. Movies are a shit delivery system for adding onto anime. R3 shouldn't even be considered a season now. The second thing is, since these movies will most likely be airing in Japanese theaters instead of on TV, it will take months for us to get the BDs, and even longer to get proper subs. Since these movies will likely not be released all at once, by the time we get subs of the BD for the first movie, the second movie will already be out in Japan.

It's not a series.

Good, having geassfaggots shitting up the board in a poor attempt to recreate the 2007 hugbox would have been intolerable.

We won't have the pleasure of watching it unfold week after week
Things will be cut down to exist in a three movie time constraint, and not elegantly developed over two cours of show. We won't get really intricately woven plots as we are us to, nor fun filler nor comeplete trainwreck episodes
Spoilers will also hit us before subs or even raw torrent will, so the impact of the ending will be ruined

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"Megan Peters" from "" can't understand moon. Shocking.

The content is the issue because they had no idea what to fucking do. I mean R1 AND R2 combine was 50 episodes. At some points I was banging my head because it felt they were just creating drama to pad the season. Even R1 had this issue.

Holy shit, that's a relief

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Well. We still don't know the format of R3 yet though.

>rushed pacing
>very barebones story
>have to wait a whole year after each cinematic release for the BD release
>doesn't make for a good discussion on Sup Forums - you can discuss and nitpick whole episode for an entire week if it was a normal episode, but with a movie, well you can't really do that

A movie could be nicely directed, it could have high production values, good soundtrack, and incredible animation, but it's not nearly the same as a 20-something episode anime. You don't have to be an oldfag to tell how things could be worse.
I guess that the people who were scared that there would be 50 geass threads at a time could rest, though.

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Mecha anime is dead, you can see how Darling in the FranXX became a FlopXX despite the massive amount of hype it had early on. Sunrise would be throwing money down the toilet bowl by making a Code Geass S3.

What was it about Code Geass that made it so entertaining to watch and so easy to meme?

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This is not good for my heart, fuck. Thank god.

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Geass is barely a mecha. The mechs are more set pieces than actual plot points.

>tfw too new to witness the legendary r1 and r2 threads on Sup Forums
>tfw will be able to be a part of the legendary r3 threads
feels good, I’m looking forward to it

24 episodes is 480 minutes including recap episodes and flashbacks. 3 movies assuming they're 2 hours each is 360 minutes with zero repeating scenes and much better production values, which is very relevant considering CG is an action series. I'm convinced the only people mad are faggots who enjoy posting in ongoing threads more than watching anime.

It was over the top. And Lelouch was a fabulous fag.
It also had pretty girls I guess.

It's not possible to have hype about R3 the way we did with the first two seasons on the current Sup Forums. Fun is dead.

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Wonder if this will be better or worse than Digimon Tri.

should I just lurk the archives to get the true Sup Forums experience?

That’s the entire point of the fucking series. It’s shit.

Called it

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that's literally the recap though.

so is LeLoooosh still king of Sup Forums?

no it’s goku now

Yes, all pretenders will be hanged once the messiah return, he will once again sit upon the throne. ALL HAIL BRITANNIA.

>now a days
It's nice to see Sup Forums literacy levels haven't really risen in the past decade

Geass is doing alright. First movie BD is sold at around 13k. Merchs are sold out regularly. The movies entered top 10 box office at their premier week, usually the revenue is around 130-140 million yen. There are more successful anime now but at this number Sunrise isn't losing any money.

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Kek 11s were so lost they relied on a jew to be their leader before lulu took over.

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Is sunrise a good studio?


>Cross Ange
>Code Geass
It's a BASED studio.


T-that's like my top 3 /m/ shows in order.

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It gave us Sunshine, so I guess.

Didn’t those all have the same script writer?

And they achieved all that without a new Code Geass TV anime in many years. Their current strategy makes them more money than a Code Geass S3 would, much more. Girls und Panzer is using the same endless OVA/movie strategy because the Production guys know a GuP S2 will not be able to capture the magic of S1.

>brainlets STILL think Lelouch's punishment was to die

He will always be my emperor

Just a reminder that the first movie is out, and is subbed by [gg].

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Valvrave was shit though. Somehow high schoolers were able to challenge some illuminati space government in a drifting high school space station, and, when the had the chance to vote a reasonable, educated person to lead them, they chose some bitch who wanted to party.

And wtf was with that rape scene?

Fuck Valvrave

So why did Suzaku kill his dad again? I forget, because it's been ages.

Do the archives even go back to 2006-2008? I think you're just shit out of luck man. You will never get to vote for Clovis and Rivalz.

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It hasn't changed much honestly. Dragon Ball and Naruto threads were bannable offenses and Sup Forums was labeled by Moot as the hardest most autistic board on Sup Forums. It's still the most autistic board but mods don't ban popular anime threads anymore.


Not him, but I think it was something about stopping the war and the bloodshed; his dad wanted to resist until the very last moment.
Suzaku did it with good intentions.

Suzaku's dad didn't want to surrender, and instead wanted to fight britannia even if it meant the destruction of japan. suzaku killed him because he didn't want to see japan destroyed and believed more lives would be saved through a surrender.

>no Code Geass S3
>full metal panic S4 is 3D garbage
Now I have to wait years for the films to come out on BD and I can't visit Sup Forums years unless I want to be spoiled.

Still waiting for 4.0 btw

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Which ruins the main series more, CG R3 or FLCL S2?

Contrary to popular belief, this is actually how a lot of mecha are. The mechs should be tools for character and narrative development.

Valvrave was fucking terrible. I can understand enjoying it ironically but for it to be a top 3 anything is just embarrassing.

Don't forget that FMP S4 is also going to adapt the worst arcs from the source material. The cruise mini arc will be fine, but everything else will be a wonderful trainwreck. But hey, we may finally get Chidori's nipples animated towards the end.

>we may finally get Chidori's nipples animated towards the end.

Only if you buy the BDs

Franxx problem is that the ideas behind it seem to be good, but the execution of it is shit. Personally I feel that it fell after ep 5 which it dropped all the tension surrounding it with ep 6 with the MC being healed without any real side-effects happening to him. Ep 7 and the eps after that were a snooze-fest since their was no real danger to look forward to the show anymore except random subtle crap that didn't need a whole ep about it.

The show is only real good for the fan-art and fan-service too be honest.

That's hot

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By your logic, the recap movies should be better than the first two seasons, but they are terrible

Only Geass and Valvrave.
I don't think anyone here enjoys VVV unironically.

I audibly exhaled, thanks for clearing that up. OP is a massive fucking faggot

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The "source" is this tweet:

>The 2nd movie is currently in theaters, and after, on 5/26, the 3rd movie will be in theaters, and after that, please enjoy Re;surrection.

So, yeah, still bullshit.

I've seen the "re:" thing used in a lot of anime sequels. Is it like a reference to the re: you'd see in a reply to an email?

Reminder that deadfags are BTFO for all eternity no matter how shitty R3 is.

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Just trying to be witty and make R3 title a follow up from last ep of R2. I don't know about other anime but in this case "re" supposed to refer to any word started with it in which also included "retarded" I guess.

Thank fucking god, I was pretty dissapointed for a minute there.

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It's specifically a semi-colon: "re;". If you recall in R2, Lelouch and Suzaku's plan was also called Zero Re;quiem. This is because a semi-colon resembles an "i", which spells out "Rei", and "Rei" means zero in Japanese.

It has some particular meaning in this case as the other user pointed out but 11s usually just try to be witty and put random things in places just to sound smart.

oh boy, I can't wait for fucking stupid release pacing like the Akito OVA's or the Eva rebuild movies

sure is fun only getting half the story then needing to wait 3+ years to find out more!

Thank you user, I was livid for a minute.