_______ is good because it is a deconstruction of the genre

>_______ is good because it is a deconstruction of the genre

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>>Gintama is good because it is a deconstruction of every anime

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I bet neither you nor the people you’re quoting have any idea what that means. When someone says that, it’s equivalent to them saying they don’t have an argument and you can safely assume you won the argument

I think I've barely seen people use the word deconstruction on here since Madoka aired.

it happened during One Punch too I think.

Whenever someone says that just ask them why it's a deconstruction and what makes it a good one. It'll stump them almost every time unless they actually thought out their opinion instead of getting one from youtube.

The idea that a show is good because it subverts gernre standards and is "meta" really annoys me.

>what is monogatari series

To me, a deconstruction is using a common story type in a genre and making it play out in a completely different way, I wouldn't call Madoka a "deconstuction", but it's a good example anyway.

Fuck off with your retarded layman definitions. Go read the actual derridean deconstruction or just drop using that word. It gets annoying annoying when you normalfags use our intellectual academic anime discourse terms without understanding anything.

>intellectual academic anime discourse

Sorry, I need to go to college first, get a phd, and write a thesis before I can talk about cartoons on the internet.

>One Autism
Kek, you couldn’t get any more delusional, battle shounen faggots.

I said I think lol. I didn't watch One Punch Man.

>______ is a seinen/shonen because of its content even though it's serialized in the other kind of magazine

I'd agree there, OPM is more of a parody, not a deconstruction. But at the core, those are very similar things, really, no?

Here's an article for your enlightened, intelligent, 200IQ cartoon viewing pleasure.


>People using tvtropes
Stop. How did that garbage site even get popular

>One Piece is a deconstruction

the war of the digits has come

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I, too, only view anime dissections and commentary from peer reviewed studies from Ivy League schools.

>X is stronger than Y because X is a parody character/has toonforce

Serious question, is eva a deconstruction or not?

I've never heard this, unless you're just making a joke

There's at least one guy on here that thinks that. Always cites the parts of the series meant to be sad and how they're apparently insincere.

Not what I said. The site is awful and literally deleted anything they saw as """""problematic""""
I'd say no, but it is an extremely dark take on the genre even with it's optimistic ending. I'd say the same thing about Madoka, it's just a dark magical girl show but not a deconstruction

Cross Game is a deconstruction of Princess Nine

No. Only the ending was even unconventional at the time.

Yeah, well, that's every site now including Wikipedia, but I still use Wikipedia.

No, it's done nothing that wasn't already a part of the mecha genre except for the fact it's focus was on dealing with social anxiety/depression but still attempting to function in society.

>death march is deconstruction
>read more than 200 isekai to make your argument valid

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Jesus christ none of this means anything. what an elaborate shitpost

Tell me how to become deconstruction of humanity myself?

>_______ is good because it is a deconstruction of reconstruction of destruction of discursive construction of a genre

Get a good job, get married, have kids, then suddenly kill yourself for no apparent reason.


>i...it's just a parody of a self insert isekai harem for loser young men!

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I usually respond to these kind of people by asking them what exactly they mean by "good", since they are very unlikely to even know what they hell they are trying to communicate.

Please, it was never the fans of the show saying it was a deconstruction. It was asspained autists who were upset that a comedy battle show was popular that were projecting everything they could to make themselves feel better about how much they disliked the popular thing.

What is it about this useless goddess that makes me want to breed with her???

There's nothing wrong with wanting to see something different, or something that "jumps the shark" on purpose. The problem exists when everything is trying to deconstruct a genre, because you wind back up at the original problem of just seeing the same shit all the time.

The other problem with trying to "deconstruct" or subvert something is that doing that actually requires a person to analyze not only the thing they are trying to subvert, but whatever thing they are submitting as a subversion. It requires a lot of effort, and sometimes genuine intelligence, which means anything that bills itself as a subversion or deconstruction is almost assuredly guaranteed to be shit given that it is certainly guaranteed to be some low-effort cash-grab targeted at the tryhard pseudo-intellectual audiences that have come to dominate consumer bases.

Better ways to say that phrase:
>X is a prime example of Y
>X really shows what it means to be Y
>It's good that X does this thing differently from other Ys
>I like how X highlights all the things from Y

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Don't even bring Derrida into this, because you're automatically wrong if you do. You do not understand "derridean" deconstruction. If you even bothered to care to, you would understand that genre deconstruction is a separate idea wholly unrelated to anything Derrida ever talked about.

Being a genre deconstruction really doesn't make something instantly good, though. Look at School Days.

Genre deconstruction builds upon derrida's work. If you can't even understand this then you must be TV tropes guy.

I saw a youtube video that said Monogatari was a deconstruction of the harem genre.

I mean I could maybe see satire, since true satire is almost impossible to tell from the real thing. But deconstruction? Not really.

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>he didn't enjoy school days

It’s literally like most of my harems albeit with some playful trope subversion.

Fuck off

legit nobody think evangelion is good, it has so many flaws it's embarrassing

when people talk about NGE being a masterpiece they only mean the opening

legit nobody thinks any show is good, every single show has so many flaws it's embarrassing

when people talk about anything being a masterpiece they only mean the opening

Then what should i call them?

Stop going to reddittropes

Now you are just being retarded. Tell me what's wrong with using the term trope or get the fuck off.

>Spoonfeed me why reddittropes is bad
It's quite obvious, but you nu-Sup Forums faggots have no idea

>genre deconstruction
It doesn't exist, retards,

>can't say trope

this whole thread is about how saying "deconstruction" is a trope in analysis videos

What's your problem?

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There's nothing wrong with "trope" and it has nothing to with reddit.

>He can't separate the meaning of the word trope from a cancerous website dedicated to listing them
Or are you so new you think tvtropes invented the word?

>Moefaggots literally defending """"""tropes""""" because it's hard to think about media

Fuck off, frog poster.

>legit nobody think evangelion is good
But your wrong because I fucking love NGE not even just for the waifus I love seeing Shinji grow throughout the show, it's no masterpiece sure but to call it embarrassingly bad is just wrong.

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What's a good anime that deconstructs the deconstruction genre?

Genre is a social construct

It's not?

But what about reconstructing genres that have been torn apart?

Is genre deconstruction just an internet meme? Because I can google deconstruction and get a stanford article, but when I google genre deconstruction best I get is a tvtropes article with a definition that seems to have nothing to do with Derrida's ideas of the ultimate meaninglessness of a text nor the activity of demonstrating this to be the case.

The word deconstruction in relation to popular media is most definitely a meme. People who use it have no fucking clue what it means so they use it as a buzzword to describe series they like. This is fact.