Who do these character designs appeal to?

Who do these character designs appeal to?

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Me, but only the left one


My dick.

Me, obviously.
Now stop shitposting.


People who appreciate good designs.


Hopeless dreamers

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intellectuals, such as myself

I want Gahara-san and Kanbaru to hold me like that.

I'm not a pedo but I'd do unspeakable things to Kuro.

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>tie over collar, not under
Holy shit, I'm diamonds


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Nobody wants to see sexy characters this young.

Me, but only the right one

I still have no idea how they end up in these sexual situations.
Even though I haven't watched any of the episodes.

pedo scum

Kuro is not a normal human being. She's a part of Illya's psyche that was sealed away for years, and she's being kept alive via magic.

In Nasuverse, magical energy is something that exists in the air and in fluids. The magical energy that your body generates inevitably gets all intertwined with the fluids in your body, so the saliva of someone with a lot of Magical Energy (Illya) can be used as a way of transferring that magical energy from one person another.

Cumming inside someone or giving them a blood transfusion also works, but exchanging saliva is the easiest method (if a little inefficient). Kuro often needs recharging, and has kind of a lewd personality to begin with, so she initiates these situations.

I'm not a pedo, though.

So you're saying if I cummed inside Kuro (with her consent) for the sole purpose of mana transfusion, I wouldn't go to jail?

That is an excellent premise! Thanks!


>So you're saying if I cummed inside Kuro (with her consent) for the sole purpose of mana transfusion, I wouldn't go to jail?
The rules of magi aren't the same as the rules of society. But you might be fine since Kuro has no family register and likely isn't even legally a human.

literal semen demon

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Higly intellectual grown men with an exquisite taste.


Pretend-lolicons mostly.


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Maladjusted people that want to hurt little girls.

Nice projection, maniac pedo. No one here wants to hurt anyone.

first day on Sup Forums?


That's not FATE.

> Who do these character designs appeal to?
Isn't it actual pedos?

Abe thinks OP should appreciate delicious brown lolis more

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Should I jerk off to mantis again?

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They are far too borderline teens for pedos to appeal actually, maybe Illya does at times. But even then, just hardly.

>I'm not a pedo, though.
Yeah yeah tell that to the Judge.

What if he doesn't live in an Orwellian shithole?

You mean he's an alien as in extraterrestrial?

You realize Prisma Illya airs on TV and is sold in Walmart, right?

They fucking 11, you pedos. They not even in teenage years yet.
Whoever watch this shit is simply a pedo, whenever you admit it or not. Deal with it.

What is she implying here?

why are you even here

Probably for the dragonball or boruto general.

Deep dark fantasies

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How does that weeb make 100k a year doing this shit

More like how come you don't user?

I used to masturbate to this long before I got into guro. Wish the artist made a lot more.

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Why is Kuro so brown?

Fun fact "Kúró" means "someone who fucks" in Hungarian

what? what is this?

People that are hungry

Nice projection, pedo in denial.

>all these compliments
user, don't flirt here.

In what relation are you telling me that?

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Denial Pedophiles.

You probably meant Magyar. It's okay, user.

Exactly, Hungarian.

shit thread op

Shit reply user

>He can't be making that much I think to myself
>$6,901 per month

So can I just kill myself and go to Gensokyo already?

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I'm not sure it's not very appealing, the characters have loli bodies, but their faces look much older, it's clashing design.

>the characters have loli bodies
Not even that much, the majority of the time it's just well defined teenage body.


His dick. Also my dick.
Our dicks, basically.


Me, they had me in mind when making this. I can say this for certain because I happen to appreciate it very much.

Illya's little butt appeals to my sensibilities.

That's actually pretty disgusting. All moralizing aside, it's just really trashy.

I think it appeals to pedos, but it's hard to say without getting into the mind of someone who likes this crap.

That's nice fag now run along back to


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People with good taste but not the best taste

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It's not presented very well, no. Much better in the manga.

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I want to pet Illya's head

>the length nips go to justify their pedofetishes

I think she wants to sharpen your pencil before your test.

There would be no reason for me to be in front of a judge. I am a well-behaved citizen of society.

What's disgusting is you wanting her to die. Read 's post. She was in need of mana to not die and it's a giving to those that are in need is a beautiful thing. Don't be selfish. Whether it's blood transfusion, cumming inside her or kissing her passionately, I'd give my mana to this young lady the same way (no pedo).

>the "non-lolicons loli" type
>best taste

>Sweet and wholesome imouto who loves you so much and so purely she sister-zoned herself on a metaphysical level
>Slutty and perverted imoutos who say they want you while they stick their tongue down the throat of any girl in groping range
Which way, onii-chan?

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>implying she is not the sluttiest
NBR was not enough for her.

Miyu is pure as the driven snow and will make a fine wife for Illya

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Illya is for lewds.

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Prisma girls are some of the sexiest girls in anime, this is fact.


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>implying Miyu doesn't have the best taste in women

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imagine being them


Normal fucking people who just want to live normal lives like everyone else, but are oppressed by the government and society, because of who we love.

why don't you just learn 3d animation and make some hot as fuck porn so you can be rich too

That's a little exaggerated, don't you think?

>Normal fucking people
gas yourself, faggot

No, considering the fact that at any given moment I could be rounded up and thrown into a prison full of people who want to murder me for who I am.

i think user meant that you cant get your ass handled into prison for liking bdsm or being gay, but for liking drawings you can, in some countries

See what I mean? People don't even see us as human.