Are you ready for the Anime of the Decade 2?

Are you ready for the Anime of the Decade 2?

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Should I read it on my Vita?
I only saw the anime of SG

Only if you’re going to read the original visual novel. It’s much different than the anime in terms of content

Who cares. Post Leskinen

>1 cour

read the original vn as well
more content and endings are pretty dope
there's also phenogram spin-off that you can read before starting 0

This was already disproven retard

0 was pretty shit, I can't see the adaptation fixing it. Especially if they're keeping Kagari.

>I know nothing but might as well shitposting anyway

Where's my mommy?

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2 you retard.

I hope they will adapt the Daru-Suzuha interactions.

Just ignore the retards and trolls, Discuss SciAdv / S;G.

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How long does it take for the original S;G vn to get going? I haven't tried it in a couple years but there was so much boring bullshit at the start that I dropped it after an hour. Can't be assed to deal with such a slow start.

There's no way it will be as good as the original because the source material isn't as good as the first S;G

>Can't be assed to deal with such a slow start
ADHD sufferers usually can't, yes.

I don't know if that's supposed to be an insult or not but I do have ADHD and it's fucked up my entire life

I have ADHD, stop making an ass out of yourself you absolute fucking nutter

It 100% is.

It will be trash because the source material is trash.

Zero was a mistake and actually retroactively ruined the original.

>retroactively ruined the original

>retroactively ruined the original
Zero did a lot of things wrong, but it sure as shit didn't ruin the original. Despite all its fuckups it managed to stay self contained and not change anything that happened in the original. I would even argue it strengthened the emotional impact of True End.

that was attack on titan

>falling for disinfo

>Reading Phenogram and Darling in their current states.
No. Don't. The current translations are either suffering from Spanish-Symdrome (Translated from a translation; In this case, translated from the Chinese translation of Phenogram) or made by a dickhead and uploaded to YouTube without a patch.


They should cut Kagari, she made the VN unreadable.

I want to but I hear the ugly short girl replaced Kurisu as the main heroine
Why the fuck should I bother

>I want to but I hear the ugly short girl replaced Kurisu as the main heroine
Eh, not exactly true. She does fill Kurisu's role in the original a bit, but I'd still wager Kurisu is the main driving force of the plot in 0. Even more so than in the original.

Some chuunishit VN adaptation will never be "Anime of the Decade."

t. Never saw the show, let alone read the VN.

>talking shit about Maho

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Zero was pretty bad honestly.

Kek @ cc

Also checked


More like, a good joke.

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Np, and thanks too, didn't realize my trips haha.