Okay fuckers, you got me

Okay fuckers, you got me.

If I were to start watching anime, what should I start with?

Before you guys tell me to turn back,I'm apart of the western animation community, I somewhat know what it's like when shit gets bad (I'm also in the Sonic fandom but they're chill outside DeviantArt).

Fire away if you have a suggestion(s).

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pic obviously not related btw

I will tell you to go somewhere
Now go search, and once you join discussions, don't shit it up with crossboard shit.


Also sorry if this thread doesn't go here, was just genuinely wondering what anime to start with.

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It does go here. These guys are just so caught up in their elitism and "u wont troll me!1!" that they have no semblance of people skills, even on an anonymous image board lol

Or rather, especially on an anonymous image board

Designated shitposting thread?

Psycho Pass is a boring slog. Well, not boring. It's a meandering show that doesn't really do anything. It's pretty forgettable. Without the insane marketing, nobody would remember it.

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serial attack in abyss shippuden

Is the full name Trails of Cold Steel, cause that's all I got when I looked it up.

Although this feels like a fairly well crafted bait post on the off chance its not all i can say is this.
There is no good answer. It depends on personal taste. You might as well be asking "Whats a good movie to watch to get into movies."

If you like comedies i would recommend cromartie high school.
If youre looking for decent action with some light drama i would highly recommend parasyte

Just remember its a medium not a genre

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Sup Forums what was your first anime and does it still hold up even to today?

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Put a name so people know I'm OP when I respond. Somebody will probably try impersonating me with it so people think it's bait but for now it works.

I'd just like to say though that no, this isn't a bait thread and that I do understand it's a medium not a genre.

Parasyte is absolute shit and you should feel bad for liking it.

Fuck I know about Coldsteel but I didn't get the reference at first.

You gotta have the list of info next to him though for the true edgy OC experience.

I recommend starting off with the shorter classics. FLCL, Golden Boy, Gunbuster, Project A-Ko, Akira, Ghost in the Shell (movie), Perfect Blue, Kite, that kinda thing. Stuff thats not a huge time commitment so you can checck out a lot of stuff fairly quickly and get an idea of what you'd like to see more of.

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You should start with having anime images, fag

Why is this thread not deleted yet?

We need to bring back public bans and start with everyone who responded seriously in this thread.

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This is just an image laying around on my PC so I used it.

I understand it's odd/bad that someone who hasn't watched much anime is on here but you're picking apart a reaction image.

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What did I do that's ban worthy.

Honest question.

/wsr/ is a thing, google is a thing, lurking is a thing.

Read the rules, then kill yourself, then leave and never come back.

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