Shingeki No Kyojin

What will Noctren Lucis Reedus do next?

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I love Pieck.

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This killed the threads

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Freeze himself in a crystal for 10 years


If Sup Forums wrote SnK, the book would be long over by now.

Yay I'm not banned anymore

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I want a Pieck kitty cat.

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Gabi will come in and go BOOOOSSSSSHHHH

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I want a sloth Piku

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If Sup Forums wrote SnK there would have been a lot more rape.

>Gabi gets armor
>Eren rips her apart limb by limb with his MMA moves

Come on, Porko ain't that ugly.

I hope Poko saves his wife next chapter

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You must be sad she's dead then.

why does everyone keep saying she's dead? Many characters have survived way worse.

What is Eren's actual endgame? All he did is turn every country in the world against him before Marley could do it. Even if they don't attack immediately they are like 10 years away from bomber technology to wipe the island off the earth

tfw still crying over that song

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He just wanted to see the world burn user. He just wanted to remind them.

Also, he made alliance with dirty Japs that'll attack everyone in the back.

It honestly depends. If that little announcement can be seen as an official declaration of war then he hasnt really done anything wrong, he attacked the head of state of a nation he is at war with. And it also depends on how the other non Marley nations will view the conflict and whether their more recent hatred of Marley will over-ride their hatred of the Eldians

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Genki Gabi GAB mode

get your shit together, user. in the meantime i'll pray for you.

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Tybur wasn't head of state, he was basically an aristocrat. The whole point of that setup was so that if Eren attacked, the victims would be Eldian civilians and foreign dignitaries. It was bait and he shamelessly took it. Not only that, he proved Tybur's story right. It's not about hatred of Marleyans or Eldians now, all their ire will be directed at the Coordinate and his supporters.

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I don't think it really made a difference. The world already hated eldians so much that they would've attacked Paradis sooner or later even without Willy's speech or Eren's attack.

Tybur straight up admitted he was big boss in his speech though? And since it wasnt a lie and he really was in charge then not only did have the power to officially declare war between his nation and others he also made himself a legitimate target.

whoever haven't voted yet, check if you have taste :

Hisu is best girl. Ymir is best boy.

Historia 1st
>Pieck 2nd
>Annie 3rd
I cant argue against this.

He only took credit for all of that in private to Magath. Heads of state are rarely the targets of war, even ignoring Eren's collateral damage.

Huh could have sworn he admitted it to the public...fuck Eren what are you doing son?

How did YHfags react to PORKED?
I want to see screencaps of the salt, it sustains me

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>actual human beings voted for ymir and gabi

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I was actually conflicted, because YH are both best. Ymir is rather best boy though.

Did someone say rape?

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Is best girl and best waifu the same thing ? Because I'm sure Pieck is waaaay better waifu than Historia.

Listen to the band MONO, user. They make the most emotional music I've ever heard.

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>aot2 unlocks in the west in an hour and a half
Its almost time to hoard all the waifus

wait really i don't have to wait until tomorrow?

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It's not fair bros, why is everyone dying.

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It is but the way of the world.

I get a lot of shit thrown at me for living Australia but this is definitely one of the perks.

My fellow user.

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I love Annie

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Eren did nothing wrong

Gabing around
At the speed of sound

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Reiner should crush her.

Capture some airship and threaten the rest of the world into a non-aggression pact with the combination of CT nuke and Wall Titans going rampage. Use the time to develop Paradis technology and military power, and to ally up with certain nations to form a coalition while destabilizing world powers with subterfuge.

You know he just wants to exterminate everything beyond the walls.

What could Paradis even do? Their position is hopeless no matter how you look at it. Might as well go out with a bang and remind the Marley scum what it's like to have titans slaughter your people.

>the Male scum
Great majority of deaths were female eldians.

I'll fuck her so hard she'll forget how to walk on 2 legs again.

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Crush her with love and affection.

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No. Crush her to death.

>start aot2
>begins with annie turning into the female titan at stohess

Can i save mina Sup Forums

Give Monkey bitch to Eldia and see how he gets gangbanged by his compatriots.

>can't kill Annie for good
But why

Can Jewnnie be saved though?

Nah. But you can play as her, at least.

4/10. I'll make Rico my waifu.

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>no Petra option
Well, fuck you too

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>having a piss fetish

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Gabi a cute. Falco is such a little bitch I hope he dies and doesn't attain any sort of main character status like they're building him up to be.

It's gonna do a *record scratch* you're probably wondering how I got here.

They deserved better.

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Undermine Marley. If Marley is shown to be militarily weak, well, they're next on the list, right? Wiley's dead, and the power of the Titans ain't that useful. This makes Marley a huge sitting duck.

Meanwhile, if Eren can get all of the Titans, he can revive the Founding Titan. His people will be able to live peacefully, because they will hold the ultimate WMD over everyone's head: "Fuck with us, and we unleash the Colossal Titans, and Earth dies."

start shit get hit

They deserved worse

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Blorpfags' collective BTFO-ing still makes me smile to this day.

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Too bad that we got Armin surviving in return

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You win some, you lose some.

Eren is not a Fritz, and has no contact with the oriuginal, so no.

Bert is still best boy

Oh man I almost want Gabi to get the armor now.

what does eren want?
why is he trying to eat the warhammer but tried to kill reiner instead of eating him too?

never happening. no country would stand for this decision. If you are the leader of your country and you'd like to ally with Paradis you better keep that vision to yourself; if not you will probably not be in charge of your country much longer.
Also if a country were to do this it would be seen as your country trying to buddy up with the psycho that can/will go on a rampage any day now. You're hoping by being nice he'll disregard you when it happens; he'll probably end up killing you anyways. The other countries will also blatantly notice this betrayal.

Bert a shit

he was fine when Mikasa seemingly killed WHT outright. I guess consuming it is just considered a bonus

He want's to force the 10th shifter out of hiding.

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Why do you hate Bert so much? What did he do?

>what does eren want?
Exterminate Humanity and power.

Thank goodness Bert was killed before he was cucked.

Nah, he wants to stockpile power for himself.

>Implying Blort wasn't cucked before


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Both are better than Mikasa.

So the game feels more like an expansion than a sequel? I can't find Nick cutscenes

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He should crush Eren.



Eren deserves death.

He does not. He's done nothing wrong.

Mikasa disagrees.

Being chewed slowly by a small titan is not painful enough for what he deserves.