They have sex!!!!!

they have sex!!!!!

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Who does?


Who doesn't?

You're kind slow.

All of us.

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Just because she is laying naked doesn't mean they had sex.

Maybe all her clothes are in the washer so she has to be naked, but she is cold so she is lying under the covers.

Who's that?


Yeah after he walkd her home gently


I refuse there are actual adult virgins here. Waifus and >3D are just memes too

as any gentlemen would.

Why do you think that we are still here?


>I refuse there are actual adult virgins here.
Believe it.

and get out. this is our board.

You are young buddy, too young :´(

>WEEEEE the author drew characters having sex
>theyre drawings but i treat them as real anyway
unironically kys, cancer
pic related is you

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>too young
Me and my friends were getting laid before hitting 18 buddy,age is irrelevant

I'm a 25 years ols virgin
Want my autograph?

Oh my sweet summer child

Shut up kid

>I refuse there are actual adult virgins here
I didn't lose my virginity before I was 24.
I don't get where this notion of everyone boning everything at the age of 16 comes from. It's actually pretty disgusting.


Just go to a club, buy some drinks and lower your standards. Girls are easy to pick up drunk. There isnt a excuse for not getting laid if thats your sole intention


>just be yourself

Kill yourself

>Girls are easy to pick up drunk. There isnt a excuse for not getting laid if thats your sole intention

But that's rape.

>Just go to a club,
Why? And there were no "clubs" in my area. Just filthy pubs with their "standard customers", if you know what I mean.
>buy some drinks
I don't drink alcohol.
>and lower your standards
How about fucking NO??

>There isnt a excuse for not getting laid if thats your sole intention
Well, it never was.
And I found my dream wife thanks to my superior standards. Prolly avoided countless STDs as well.

So yeah, I repeat: kids under 20 don't need to have sex.

Get out of here and take your generic normalfag advice with you

>too young :´(
To know the cruelty of the world :'(

What is this, the normalfag hour?

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fucking normals

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s-sure it's just a meme haha...

Summer is coming.

Those sluts are outside my strike zone (8-12).

sounds like a plan, but why do it?

>lower your standards

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It has felt like years since I've heard this. Thought most people stop caring about the summer newfag influx.

Hebephiles projecting imo

I don't even know what this is.

Happy people here discuss the subject at hand.

We entered perpetual summer several years ago.

yours are already pretty low

Most people in Sup Forums are now summerfags, NeoFags, Sup Forumsermin, /p/oltards. Every single thread seems to devolve into non-anime/manga topics.

I am poor, unattractive introvert.

That's what you get when you mention sex on virgin central

1. Don't reply to my posts without my permission.
2. Lowlifes like you are not allowed to judge the taste of superior human beings like me.
3. It's obviously way too early for you to post on Sup Forums and Sup Forums so get out, stinky pleb.

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make me