Does anyone else think that in future decades...

Does anyone else think that in future decades, Ako Tamaki will be looked back upon as one of the most classic and iconic heroines of the 2010s?

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Her philosophy about love is actually spot on, and quite respectable. In later chapters of the manga, even the other characters begin to actually understand and give merit to the way she sees relationships

Have she and Rusian had sex yet, Quad-kun?

not really, but AmaBuri will be heralded as the high point of anime storytelling in ages to come

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I don't know but Ako is best.

Hi ako.

no one will remember her


I will.

This is your guild master for today

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Schwein > Master > Ako

Anything with big tits waifubait will be forgotten,better off watching hentai


Damn quads confirming the truth again. I guess i'll make Ako an honest woman.

No one remembered this shit show 1 year after airing, though.

I did

Schwein > Pink slut > Master > Ako

Only you and the other 3 people in this thread.

The chronic masturbator was better

>about to kiss
Every time

Annoys me so fucking much

I want to suck on my guild master's beautiful tits

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>Ako is not just cute but loves you and would stay inside for weeks playing games and having sex with you
>and she lives with her single mom, who is also a cute and is completely okay with you giving her daughter the dick. probably would join too if allowed

Why, God? Why cant I find a girl like that?

Shit girl shit show.

Because girls like that aren't real.

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Did the manga for this get axed or did every translator just drop it? Its been stuck at like chapter 19 for well over a year now. Fuck I need to just learn how to read moon.

I loved Ako but I think Pig is better.

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yes they are. girls like that are eztremely common. they are called whores. they also cheat on you. 3d is pd, tho.

They do. They are just taken.

because you arent trying. girls like that are a dime a dozen these days.

I guess I was misinformed.

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How is Ako a whore?
Just look at the OP picture. Does that look like a whore to you?

>Manga translations just finally hitting the later parts of the anime
>No LN translations
Might as well rewatch.

>posting a failed normalfag

>manga translations
Holy shit, it's true! Thanks!

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literally who?

Both are good

A man of taste I see