I kinda rewatched Macross Frontier for some reason and I have come to the conclusion that, holy shit...

I kinda rewatched Macross Frontier for some reason and I have come to the conclusion that, holy shit, it is FAR superior over Macross Delta.
How the hell did Kawamori drop the ball so hard for Delta? After years of waiting that's the only thing he was able to do for it? Damn.

Truth be told the only good thing about Delta was Mikumo really.

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This is my wife Mikumo, say something nice about her.

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Doesn't help the double V for W looks like them flipping you off instead of the international sign of ahegao face.

Frontier was great, especially the movies

F is the best Macross tv series in my opinion. Although DYRL is the best entry all together. Also, Ranka a best.

I like her hair.

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Compare to Frontier, Delta feels soulless, but then again that's generally how recent anime feels to me.

Yesterday was Yoko Kanno's Birthday! Happy Birthday Kanno-san! One of the greatest composers alive!

She's a hot plot device.

>Compare to Frontier, Delta feels soulless
Delta is soulless regardless of Frontier. It was utter crap. When even the movie failed to salvage the series, you know it's bad.

Just how bad was the movie?

Frontier isn't even the second best TV series

That's subjective

At least we can all agree on the objective fact that M7 is a masterpiece

I heard the Delta movies were panned. Hard. What happened?

Has the movie even come out yet?

She has an extremely fine ass.

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Of coursh

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She's 3 years old you fucking pedo.

Sheryl x Mikumo collaboration when

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I thought this anime was about trans and stuff
because that face is manly

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>This is my wife Mikumo, say something nice about her.

I prefer Apple-girl

>I kinda rewatched Macross Frontier for some reason and I have come to the conclusion that, holy shit, it is FAR superior over Macross Delta.
Wow user, who would have guessed that ice cream tastes better than shit?

>At least we can all agree on the objective fact that M7 is a masterpiece

40 episodes of drudge and 10 episodes of epic.
Of course M7 would be good in any case for the bridge bunnies (way hotter than the original trio) and super-sexy-fox-milf-mayor-Milia.

shit taste

Delta has many flaws, but Frontier is just romcom disguised as mecha show. Neither is actually good.

>obsessed rankafag being toxic and insufferable as usual


Sheryl is the best

Ranka is garbage

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Yeah delta was shit, if you didn't realise that until now I've got bad news for you.

Sheryl is so superior compared to rest of Macross is not even funny.

eat a cock

they weren't cancelled

Sheryl doesn't need her purple clone at all though, Kawamori isn't fooling anyone.

Great taste, please be good to her.


He better not fuck this up.

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2 gets
both trash

Jesus, both gets wasted

Good post.



both gets wasted, just nuke this board already, the cancer is terminal.

>Ranka is garbage
That's rude

Checked, have a cute frog

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we don't like frogs here

>animal ears where real ears are
At least I am in the screen shot.

>says crossboarder from other more cancerous boards

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Guess user has confirmed elevated tastes.


I bred with your wife and now your wife loves me.

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Mikumo is mine.

Such a waste of gets, pathetic.

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I don't see any septs backing you up. Heck, I don't even see dubs. I reckon you just done got NTRd, boy.

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Implying she's a Sheryl clone when she's far superior than her in every way


user shall do as the numbers said


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nah, just a pathetic and unnecessary sheryl clone

>Sperging this much over a couple digits
Frontier is probably my favorite right after Plus and 7.

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Sheryl is truly the best.

A pity Macross doesn't exist anymore tho.

Frontier is mediocre but Delta is absolute garbage, holy fuck. I got maybe halfway through it. Terrible show. There hasn't been a straight-up good Macross entry in almost 20 years and thats sad as hell. I may shed a tear.

Keep telling that to yourself, faggot. Sheryl can't even do any of the feats Mikumo does or even perform in a n open battlefield. Mikumo is a recreation of the Star Singer? Sheryl is nothing but lowly descendant of some island girl.

Wholesome get

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Don't tell me it's gonna get deleted just like 166666666 one.


I seriously think Delta could have been great if the second half didn't drop the ball so fucking hard. I was really into it for those first 12 episodes

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We did it, Mikumobros

Freyjafags BTFO

Delta was dead on arrival when Kawamori thought he was better than he thought he was and deviated from his formula and tried sticking it up to the higher ups.


This. They should've stuck with the original plan of 13 episodes and a movie.

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>Dead on arrival
Bullshit, the general consensus is that the first half is good, second half however was trash and could be heavily reworked. It wasn't "all" that bad.

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Delta should have been Mikumo vs Freyja

Freyja only won because the Rankafags are still seething and have to be appeased


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>younger chick and worst chick wins
>worst Macross of all time

Really makes you think.

If the Jenius girl won it would be different.

The first half was absolute garbage that broke Macross conventions in a really shitty way.
The second half proved that the "NEW AND BOLD" experiment of having already overused goddamn idol group dynamics did not pay off.

>The first half was absolute garbage
It really wasn't though

lmao, what a retard, keep fooling yourself thinking mikumo is something else than an empty template just to copy-paste sheryl and try to lure fans, which delta entirely failed to do.
pure creative mediocrity

something nice about her

>How the hell did Kawamori drop the ball so hard for Delta?

Ran out of ideas and went for the low hanging fruit that was "Lets make a idol group anime, but IN MACROSS".

It also didn't help that 98 percent of the cast were either poorly written or completely uninspired. I think this is easily the worst Macross series to date. Even the music was lackluster.

>I think this is easily the worst Macross series to date
Macross 7

Kaname should have won

7 is a masterpiece

>the mental faculties of a Sherylfag
I'm happy there aren't any more Rankafags around to make you look good in comparison.

All subjective opinions of course, but I disagree. Macross 7 is the wacky G Gundam of Macross. It's just too absurd to hate. And at least it wasn't just a late to the party trend chaser.


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Quick question. Is it just us white foreign devils who disliked Delta? Or did the moonspeakers dislike it too?

The idols along with Freyja were the only good thing though, it was the windie sues that ruined it for me.

1000% True.
All hail to the galactic fairy.

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gotta be there, I guess