An anime adaptation of Tomiyaki Kagisora’s manga series “Happy Sugar Life” has been announced

An anime adaptation of Tomiyaki Kagisora’s manga series “Happy Sugar Life” has been announced.

Yuri murder series huh.

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It's always good to see more horror manga getting anime adaptations, though, it's a shame that it's a Yuri loli manga.

Everyone in this manga is fucking insane

>it's a shame that it's a Yuri loli manga

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I love it.

But that user is kinda right, how can we take an horror manga seriously when it has yuri with a loli?

By choosing to take it seriously.

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>murderer yandere lolicon mc
>somehow every next character introduced is worse

The relationship between the girl and loli is the most horroresque thing about the series. Everything else is so over the top it's just funny.

Impossible, the yuri scenes and just the loli herself would already destroy the horror vibe.

There is literally not a single scary horror story that exists in 2D. It is physically impossible for 2D to be scary. So just enjoy it for the edge/uneasiness.

damn i was hoping it would be /ss/ instead of yuri

Wasn't main girl fucking guys for money?

It seems to be a pattern with all the "yuri" adaptations recently where one of the main girls is involved or even sleeps with guys.

Seriously? So it's more like an horror parody? I did read 5 chapters and dropped it, but now I might give it another chance and even enjoy it if I just see it as a parody.

More like an edgefest. You don't get the impression it's trying to be ridiculous but it just turns out that way. I found it enjoyable for that alone so if that's your kind of thing go for it.

Can't remember if it was for money but yeah she fucked guys.

The scenes with her aunt and the subsequent BTFO of the friend will be meme material for fucking years.

I agree, but 2d can create a disturbing story and atmosphere too, that's what the human chair(pic related)and some other nice horror manga I read managed to do, I just feel that a Yuri plus Loli would ruin any horror atmosphere that the author tries to create.

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I'll give it another try then.

Can't wait to see how funny it's going to be.
>inb4 it'll be a powerpoint show
>inb4 it'll be censored as hell

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Typically watching women and children go through scary events makes the viewer act more concerned and scared for them.

Why is only shit yuri manga getting adapted.
It's getting really old.
It's all gimmicky fetish shit with characters that one step below cardboard cut outs.

Of all the things to get an anime adaption damn.

Yagakimi by kyoani when?

Ganma adaptation soon, r-right?

God, this manga this trash. I love it.

Never, thank god.
Not only is it bad, these's no real fetishy gimmick to it, so they won't even try to adapt it.

>no gimmick
Kyoani will put their own gimmick then

It's as if someone tossed randomly picked genres into a blender and was determined to make the result work.


At least it's not Shitrus.

Who is best character and why is it the lolicon?

>happy sugar life
>it's none of these things

The guy who becomes obsessed with the loli is me. This series is a wild ride.

by not being fag

Because he knows a good girl when he sees one.

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Guys I'm starting to read it now. Holy shit this is so unnecessarily edgy it's fucking hilarious

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Enjoy the edgefest.

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Hey I'm having a laugh about it.

>literal slut MC goes full yandere over a loli
The manga is glorious, the threads on Sup Forums when this airs will be hillarious.

I wonder who should voice Sato? It should be someone who can mix innocent and batshit insane well?

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It's the type of shit that is enjoyable to read/watch with Sup Forums.

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About time.

>trashy yuri with town bicycle "lesbian" MC
it's time laugh at /u/ again.

Screw isekai, moe horror is the worst anime fad.

When aren't we laughing at them, to be honest? Everyone's watching this for the edge anyways.

Uneasiness and surrealism is why 2D horror can be terrifying.

>implying /u/ is a hivemind of purityfags
Everybody who reads the manga knows the premise, it's literally stated in the first chapter.
Technically the point is that MC "used to be" rotten and empty so she would try to fill the void in her soul by fucking random guys hoping to fall in love, until the loli "purified" her and made her feel true love.

>this and magical girl site getting adaptations
More edgefest cute girls!

Totally unexpected, can't wait.

>yuri hating faggot can't even write
not surprising.

Sato reminds me of a pink-haired, lesbian Rena. You cannot refute this statement.

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Semen residue stays in the vaginal walls for years.
She's also a literal beef curtain tier female. Saggy and disgusting.
There's a reason you don't want used goods sluts. And it has nothing to do with being a "purityfag".

Probably the best yan manga i've ever read even if that's not saying much. Can't wait to see the edgefest animated.

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Why do Yanderes feel the need to strip after killing someone?

Thé le a sociopath
She was fucking guys since her crazy aunt taught her it was the only way to be happy but she never felt any pleasure for it

She only started to feel real emotions when she met her loli, she would do absolutely everything for her

>not being able to think "oh, this is wrong" for yourself
Yeah, she's a retard.

illiterate faggot

eh not really

does anyone even know if she really was fucking guys
it could just be dating
I mean, in my time there were people who dated without fucking.

Yep it's yuri alright.

Eh, yes really.
>High-schooler Matsuzaka Satou has a reputation for being easy, but one day her lifestyle of sleeping with one boy after another comes to an end.

I hope we have the same VA for the MC, hearing KanaHana being a slut/pedo/psycho would make me diamonds

From the thumbail I thought that was going to be a cute waifu material monster girl with face marks, and it's just /u/ shit. Fuck my life

>from mangahelpers:
not the confirmation I wanted, but I'll just take it.

Don't how to feel about it

Marina Inoue please, please I beg of any and all listening deities to make this happen

If you self-insert as the loli the whole shit turns out pretty scary.

Lads please. We all know the most perfect voice for Sato is Mai Nakahara. Her transitions from innocent to batshit insane are absolutely boner-inducing and terrifying, and as such she'd make the most perfect Sato.

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HanaKana did her voice for a commercial a while back

no not really.

I really do hate autistic people like you.

Commercials ≠ cast

If it was a Drama CD sure I'd say they'd get HanaKana back, but if she's just voicing a commercial for it, they'll probably just get someone else.

We'll wait and see, but I'll admit there is a high chance for HanaKana

not really

Tanaka Rie would be nice, if she's still even around.

Too busy farming in Azur Lane

More yuri is always good. There should be at least 5 yuri anime every season.

You care an extreme amount about having the last word because it's the only "win" you can get in your life. You have no interest in actual discussion.

Literally me

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Which part of this manga was horror ?

Care to spoil me the story anyone?


not true but you care enough to shitpost

Stop that, you're starting to sound like someone pushing for diversity quota. If it's 5 per season they will all suck, like when the battle harem genre was at its peak.

You can blame them for doing a Nep event ages ago.

Bislut fall in love with a loli. Loli is a murderer.

I don't care. Quantity over quality.

I hope they stop before it turns into shit.

But it's all trash tho?

So the first 2 vol?

Where do you guys think the anime is gonna stop at?

Yes, I hope they only adapt the first volume.

>anyone saying something I don't like is shitposting
>said by someone spamming 4 word posts just so he can have the last word
Do you know what irony is?

Lol yuri
There's barely any yuri in the manga

Girl with love issues fail in love with a loli
Brings her to his senpai who is a in love with girl, seeing her fall in love with lol I drives him into blind rage, tries to kill lol I but is stopped and murdered by girl

There's also a guy who gets raped by his female boss who then develops trauma with older women, but later goes insanely attached to the loli

The main character is a fucking psychopath who kidnapped a child. The kid is too blissfully oblivious to realize she's just this girl's coping mechanism.

>implying the kid isn't a devil that descended upon the Earth to turn everybody who meets her into a murderous psychopath

>Girl with love issues fail in love with a loli
Is it bad that I immediately thought of keit-ai when reading this?

Mentally ill girl murders people to get loli. Loli has repressed memories and shit. Girl also fucks over other characters blackmailing them. She's mentally ill thanks to her aunt. I haven't read since batoto died so that's as much as I remember.