This Thread Will Trigger SakuraFags

This Thread Will Trigger SakuraFags

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Abe wishes OP would stop with the faggotry

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That Capitalization Triggered Me More

Thats The Point


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>everyone already loves us
I have no idea who that is next to the white lesbian loli

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I hate this stupid cunt but man do I want to fuck her so bad

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not knowing bronze heroine Satsuki.... and Ultimate Sacchin.

>2013 was 5 years ago
I wonder what TM will do this year.

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I will never read Tsukihime until the remake with VA is come out.
I read FSN VN because theres a voice acting in the VN.

>I wonder what TM will do this year.
tsukihime remake


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I want to make her fuck her big-tittied rival until she likes it.

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Bend over.

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Whoever draw that should be murdered
Rin is doesnt have a big tits & thicc thighs

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this triggers Rinfags

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>Not Rin
>Tumblr art
Yes im triggered, heres your (You)


The things I would do to her

What would you do user?

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man, Sakurafags are all sluts

Sounds like you've been living under a rock for the last 11 years or so.

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>suddenly wake up with a violent shirk
>all the worms in my body are wriggling about in anger
>it's a rinfag
>a rinfag on Sup Forums just made a post about best girl Sakura

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Honestly, why would anyone want Sakura? Simply thinking about person violated by truckloads of worms makes me feel sick. I would probably vomit if she was in the same room as me.

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Je moet teruggaan.

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Rin’s ZR is absolutely delicious

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>Rinfags completely unaware that all they're doing is making Sakura more popular.

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You are the only sakurafag who track someone using image hash, user. Stop doing pathetic things. You are beginning to easily get recognized that way.

>Sup Forumsfag damage control

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No wonder this fag always paranoid

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Did you get a house yet, or are you still blaming your poorfaggotry on black people?

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Thanks for bumping the thread

Does anyone even like Sakura aside from feminists on Tumblr?

Theres only 2 people who are autistic sakurafag, the one who thinks everyone is an ESL & this imagehash sakurafag.

Yes, most people who aren't from Sup Forums do.

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>it's the newfag who didn't even know what ESL was a couple days ago

There are a lot of people who like Sakura, it's just that the autistic bait faggots are a vocal minority.

>Not an ESL
Do you actually read your posts before posting? If you're not an ESL then you must have some kind of learning disability.

Name one good trait Sakura has that isn't better fleshed out in another character

>Someone is better at X than this other person so I hate this other person now.
This is how you sound.

but rhinocucks are the ones eternally unable to move on from their defeat user

You must be retarded

>ESL Is Bad
Is That Way, Gestapo.

What defeat ?

See , for one.

>This is the average Rinfag.
How embarassing.

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Explain more.

She's a shy unconfident girl with immense amounts of self-hatred and bitterness due to her horrible situation, and yet she also has a fierce determination to endure it all, as well as being really kind-hearted and selfless. She's usually introverted and keeps to herself, but develops to become a lot more energetic and playful before the start of the story due to the influence of Taiga. That said, she's still very modest in comparison to the more generic action heroine personalities of Saber and Rin, and treasures daily life over risky goals. Unlike them, Sakura prefers to lay low and stay out of trouble, but for better or worse, Rin is the one person who brings out Sakura's inner competitiveness, as she simultaneously looks up to and loathes her big sister. Sakura has a bad habit of blaming herself for the faults of others and putting their happiness over her own, but simultaneously, if she's offered hope and happiness, she won't allow anyone to get in the way of it no matter what, as the two things she won't stand for are having the rug pulled out from under her and losing those she cares for. If she's somehow angered, Sakura's rage is cold and calculating, to the point of almost seeming gentle despite its ruthlessness. Even when not angry, Sakura sometimes displays gentle snark and teasing, similar to Tohsaka, but done in a more kind-hearted way.

And that's far from all there is to her.

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Rin has been getting absolutely BTFO by Sakura in recent polls.

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Poll doesnt mean anything.

>this thread

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>Post count still 20 before this
Told you anons, theres only 2 (Two) Sakurafags in this thread.

I agree.

>Sakurafag who shitposts on every threads instead of creating his own thread or create an actual discussion.

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I also like Sakura

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ESL pls

Yes, this is fine.
This is not, this is simply a dumb Sakurafag who shits up the thread whenever he sees it.

Sakurafags are the worst type of people you can have in a fan base, secondaries who pretend otherwise.

It's no surprise that the farther away we get from the original work, the original depiction of Sakura, the more fans she gets.

The shitting up of the thread started right here:

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If you see the post count carefully The shitting up started when AntiESL Sakurafag comes to this thread. Starting from here

This thread is literally bait for those few autistic faggots to fling shit at each other and spew the same Sakura hate we hear every day.
Actual Sakurafags probably aren't even here.

So gawain is a mid to high tier sevrant right? And he still managed to reach the final round of the mooncell hgw. How weak was the average servant in this war? Would any of the servant hakuno fought have been a match for gawain?

>It's no surprise that the farther away we get from the original work, the original depiction of Sakura, the more fans she gets.
So basically, you're mad that she just gets more and more popular over time while your waifu is growing increasingly old and busted. Sakura is like a fine wine.

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They don't call him Gawain the Main for nothing.

>Still 23 Posters before this
You're making Sakurafags look bad, dumbass. I like all FSN girls. Your bait shitposts is too obvious.

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>my waifu

I don't give a shit about FSN girls, I simply do not like secondaries and autistic shitposting.

Why does the counter need to go up? It's a perfectly fine response from someone already here.

>I simply do not like secondaries and autistic shitposting.
And yet here you are in a painfully obvious bait thread. What were you expecting really?

Theres only 2 Sakurafags who watch this thread Just look at the posters count carefully

>Sakurafags are the worst type of people you can have in a fanbase
Funny thing to say in a thread where Sakura haters exposed themselves as frogposters.

But I'm so that makes at least 3


That is indeed kek my man

This is the right answer really.

The other one is AntiESL Sakurafag. Theres only Two.

I love kek the froge

I would give Nursery Rhyme 99% chance to win against him. There is no way Leo is going to avoid unwinnable fight against Jabberwock

He's said to be stronger then Arthur with sunlight so each match up really depends, Also harway is a pretty great master

But you said there were two here So I make 3

Hi give

You are one of the Cancerous Sakurafag.

But I only posted that one thing?

Don't be so harsh on him. He can't into English, obviously he wouldn't be able to handle basic counting.

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This is the AntiESL sakurafag i said. This is the most cancerous & the most idiotic one. But you anyway, are the less cancerous one.

>Liking either Sakura or Rin

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How the fuck can anyone who actually read the VN be a Sakurafag? Rin is the best girl by far. I can sort of understand Saber, but Sakura is just so shit

Simple, you actually pay attention to the story rather than being a speedreader falling for red herrings.

Every girl in FSN is the best one. I only agree to Sakura VA in HF VN. but thats like over 10 years ago. Her VA is improved nowadays.

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Every fsn girl is worst one. Extraverse might be garbage just like fsn but at least girls are great.

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Different strokes for different folks

Do you have downs syndrome?

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karen is the best fate girl

Shirou is the purest girl in Fate.

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