Post a single better fight scene in animation history than this

Post a single better fight scene in animation history than this.

>Hard mode: It has to be actually visually engaging not boring artsy edgy crap

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I wanna say cell vs Goku, but I know you'll post up the bad art stills that are found in this fight so...

Cell vs goku

literally cant
this is anime kino
not even that hack miyazaki can create art as beautiful as this

>best anything
Come back when you aren't underage

>It has to be actually visually engaging not boring artsy edgy crap
What does that even mean? What exactly is "boring artsy edgy crap"?
Actually every fight with an actual choreography qualifies as better.

a high framerate does not equal a good fight scene

That one where Vegeta jumps over the guy and kicks him when he's falling down.

Boros vs Saitama

Honestly Nappa ripping a jet apart had better animation than this fight.

I was gonna say Saitama vs Boros but after rewatching both fights it's pretty clear that episode 130 of DB Super is superior. It's pretty close though. Also, DB Super had absolute garbage animation most of its run whereas OPM and like 90% of seasonal anime have consistent good animation.

TTGL vs Anti Spiral and also the movie version also comes into my mind but other than just the massive scale of the fight, the fight itself wasn't actually that engaging. I feel like the writers of DB Super are not doing justice to the amount of damage Goku and Jiren could do. The fighters are easily universal but they are still fighting in melee like it's early DBZ.

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Post the actual animation, because I have a feeling it's shit with pretty stills.

Basically any fight from an anime that isn't Dragonball.

Sword of Stranger ending fight

Gintoki vs Takasugi

Mob and co. vs Claw

Kakashi vs Obito

Leon vs Alfonso (Garo: Honoo no Kokuin)

That's just off the top of my head. Goku vs Jiren is good. Nothing mind-blowing. Though the animation is pretty limited and their conflict is a farce.


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I can't find a high quality version. 1:06

No this was way better

>getting baited by beautiful frame
the fight was garbage animated

EZ :-)

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You are like little babby

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Any Raoh vs Kenshiro fight

Toki vs Raoh

Tiger and Bunny vs Jake Martinez

Shin Getter vs Getter Dragon in Armageddon

New Getter vs the three God's of destruction

Shine Greymon Burst Mode vs Belphemon

Omegamon vs Diablomon

Goku vs Omega Shenron


Came here to post this, this single fight scene is better than anything any of the DB shows have ever done.

Oh, so this is just another joke thread about DBS looking awful?

it's the fucking sword of the stranger fight, why is this not ITT more