Ehsts this buttflap on Violets dress called? What is its purpose?

Ehsts this buttflap on Violets dress called? What is its purpose?

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Easy access

It's like she turned my belly into her dress


Exhaust ports

rear spoilers

She can spread it so when she sits down she's not sitting on her dress


When I sit down in front of my computer I take my pants off so I'm not sitting on my pants.

>booty got me like

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>white people been doing that since 1700s
>some people still apply ass fetishism to niggers


her hair has air intakes then her rear must be exhaist

its to disguise the ass, not enhance it

white people hate niggers

>Ehsts this buttflap on Violets dress called?

>What is its purpose?

Rear diffuser. Provides good downforce.

pure and simple

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Holy shit educate yourself you fucking nigger

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it's for the ass cleaning slave

It lets the braps circulate outside

Nothing, she just got her dress caught in her underwear after going to the toilet. No one has the heart to tell her.

It's something that prostitutes used to wear at the turn of the 20th century. A uniform of sorts.

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Are you implying violet is a whore?

This user gets it

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Would that be wrong?

Yes. Violet is not for lewd.

I think the army boys would disagree.