People are willing to kill themselves for a measly 100000 bucks

>people are willing to kill themselves for a measly 100000 bucks

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t. lives with Mommy with no expenses and doesn't know there value of money

I earn 45000€ per year. I sure aint killing myself for 10, let alone 2 years of salary.
Sounds like you're the one not having a job

its like you are too stupid to actually watch what ure posting about

They made a live action of this? Why does Japan have to ruin everything with live action?

Poor people are dumb

Yeah, the characters competing for the money are hopelessly in debt with no chance of getting a job that would earn close to that much money, and have no realistic chance of ever getting on their feet without a huge injection of cash. There's a reason many first world country's have bankruptcy laws or other forms of debt forgiveness/relief. However, if you owe a debt outside the law, as these characters do, you're basically fucked.

This was good. Both that and the sequel.

Live a couple of years under the threshold of poverty with no hope and dreams and suddenly your own life doesn't feel that appealing, "worst can happen is I die and everything ends".

That's nothing, some people even kill themselves for free.

Still a stupid thing to do though

stupid yes, illogical no, They in a debt they can never hope to repay with the jobs they can get, so they choose to gamble with their lives

His blond friend from his last job had no debt

> blond
Say no more.


James Johnson.

I'd kill myself for free

That said, 100000 bucks could solve basically all my life's many problems

>either get 100.000 bucks or die
Sounds like a good deal to me

Do you really "turn your life around" with a hundred grand?
Is that how easy it is?

You still obviously don't know the value of money if you think 100,000 wouldn't change most peoples worlds.

If you don't have anything to lose, might as well try to gain something and hope everything goes well.

If you're indebted to Yakuza, 100 grand can actually turn your life around.