Was she supposed to be gay?

Tvtropes says she was

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Abe thinks that Tvtropes is for degenerates

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She was into hetero rape play. Idiots.

Doesn't she have sex with dudes? Isn't that like, you know, the opposite of gay?

Better question: Is Satan counted as gay?

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Nah, she willingly has sex with dudes. If her feelings towards Miki weren’t platonic best friend, then one can argue she might be bi.

Do your self a favour and go to Devilman Crybaby's YMMV page.Those fucking idiots think the robbery scene was supposed to reflect police shootings in the us. Now distance yourself from that site and never go there again. I promise you you'll enjoy anime significantly more this way

Thanks Abe.

No, it doesn’t have a gender.

I had to check few other things on tvtropes to see how legit it is

They call Soleil BI which is not true so she's probably not gay

Look at this gay fuck

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Nah all girls are bi

She likes real human dicks in her vagina, what do you think.

It’s like you’re a loser NEET with nothing going for him but scoliosis and a future of getting even more fat than what you already are.

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Tvtropes is trash

Why was this censored?

TV Tropes says a lot of things.


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fuck off

because netflix was making anime not hentai

No. She fantasized about being raped by a guy, and later was shown having sex with another. In the latter case, although his intention was to rape her she was never in any actual danger and knew it, so you can't really use that as an excuse. It also hinted that she may have had a crush on Akira in episode one, and when Kukun expressed interest in her she seemed to reciprocate, and went out with him to a club.

What TV tropes is doing sounds like 'bisexual erasure' which I'm told is pretty problematic.

Because use your imagination


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Already a thing.


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ED2: youtube.com/watch?v=m4DyTjrruVo

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Do all these morons who question or state the sexuality of Devilman Crybaby characters miss the point of them to have a huge sexual drive thanks to her transformation? They all have their affection turned into lust, so a lot of the devilmen must have changed their sexuality.

Tvtropes is filled with tumblrinas for whom anyone who looks at the same sex with a slight smile counts as bi.

>look it up
>Miko said "I love you" and Miki said "Me too" that means they're both gay

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I never understood that robbery scene. Why did he yell at them, he was a different character to Butterfly-kun wasn't he?

This, Tvtropes is a fucking awful site

Their senses and basic needs are amplified, but their sexuality is the same, why would they change it. The gay devilman was always gay.
This. And people should stop giving them attention.

He saw they had tattoos. In Japan tattoos are associated with the Yakuza

go back to being investigated for corruption faggot

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Have that one killed

Miko was at least bi, Miki was straight.

Satan doesn't have a gender, yet Satan is still gay.

Dumb koreans

fucking everyone in continental Asia at least acts like this
drives me mental trying to walk or drive anywhere here
in some areas like Shanghai I know they've built special walled paths for "phone zombies" to wander down aimlessly because too many would end up in traffic

You never heard of closet gays ?

A common misconception
The order from least gay to most gay is:
>Fucking a male
>Fucking a trap
>Fucking a girl

You have to understand that sometimes it's not censorship, but simply the way they wanted to show it.

Being investigated for corruption is a Japanese right of passage.

She could have killed the pervert right away instead of having sex with him. Buy most importantly she fantasized about having sex with a male. Back to dumblr, retard. You too

>Getting literally triggered over a joke

>seriously believing Crybaby was about romantic love

>character says "I love you" to a close platonic friend
>autists on the internet think it implies sexual attraction because they don't understand interpersonal relationships beyond the desire to fuck something

>using the word triggered
I was right then, you have to go back

It's just like Kill la Kill ended and they all loudly proclaimed it was a canon gay ending because Mako said they should go on a date which is just what Japanese girls call going out with female friends. Or when they said the same for SamFlam because the guy who has no comprehension about what love is desperately tried to help his best friend feel like he wasn't alone.

People want to see what they want to see and these people just want every character to be a flaming homosexual.

>waaah fun is bad


>because the guy who has no comprehension about what love is desperately tried to help his best friend feel like he wasn't alone
Also he was naked which was extra confusing for these motherfuckers.

It was strange that anyone could be confused considering the past three episodes had been about him being a man child who had no comprehension of romantic love or how even the people involved said he was being gross/doesn't understand what he's saying. But when has logic ever mattered for these people?

Satan's love for Akira was pure.

I don't remember what she said, did she use the verb 付き合う(tsukiau)? That can be misleading because many people think it's something only girls and boys who have romantic feelings for each other say, but it really means to hang out with people in general.

Pure selfishness.

She's a devilman. She just fucks whatever.

No she said デート. People then construed this as a romantic date particularly because one or two frames of her hallelujah included them going on a romantic date because her hallelujahs were all visual pun gags, but I guess they think Mako is a xenomorph too when she turned into one when talking about aliens.

Of course not, they only select the stuff that is convenient to justify their delusions. Taking the hallelujah gags seriously means literally grasping at straws.

Her love confession wasn't about her actually being in love with Miki, it's about the jealousy and hate she was feeling and how it was wrong and that in the end, they set aside their differences and became friends again.

Most Tvtropes users have never met an alpha female, so it's an understandable misconception.

Seeing someone trust his penis into a girl doesn't add anything to the characters nor the story. Though showing she gets raped at gunpoint when she could have killed him instantly before does.

Didn't she fuck the dead body too as she ate the top half?

If two girls hang out enough together,it means they're lesbians.

Just ask the ending of Legend of Korra.

the webm is literally in this thread

The kid's a dumbass for walking in the middle of the road without paying any attention, but why didn't the driver attempt to stop at all?

what did yuasa mean by this scene

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My sides.

Didn't Tvtropes went SJW some time ago and removed a lot of rape-related articles?

Yep. Shows how much worth that garbage site had in the first place

if there's one thing I disliked about this series is that it seemed to be more aimed to edgy teens.

devilman was always edgy

the driver was also on her phone
they were texting each other

god shes so hot, hmanga when

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Pretty sure she was dating the rapper guy and fucked the homeless dude
Very gay indeed

To be fair, even the magazine interviewing the director and writer thought it was "homo". SF was not a well-written show.

This, really. I suck man cocks every day but I'm just a closet straight.

Did he die?


In the Legend of Korra they were actual lesbians though it was such a halfassed last-second addition that the creators had to come out and say it via tumblr after the final episode.

Then the comics came out and it turns out Sozin was evil because he hated gays.

Hopefully something by Bobobobo soon.

meh, I'd want Pija or Inoue

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Ive also seen people say the devilmen were a representation of the lgbt community in modern society so i wouldnt worry to much about it

Then you talk to idiots

Good choice as well.

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By which i mean read on the internet i dont actually talk to people irl

finds a way

I'm confused because the show made Akira even more hetero (you could at least kinda argue he may have been bi given one line in Lady) yet the official Valentines' pictures were Akira x Ryo and Miki x Miko. I dunno if the artist just likes yaoi and yuri or if they wanted to pander to the 'muh queer representation' westerners or what.

They also hugely downplayed Miki x Akira.

>because netflix
except netflix didn't do shit on devilman. that was the work of aniplex and dynamic planning, and science saru for the animation.

devilman was a japanese product for japanese people.

they didn't even air the english trailer till much later. it was on netflix japan first.

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where did her abs go

I mean I'm normally all for homosexuality in anime but the 'queer representation' people trying to make Devilman entirely about gays are unbearable and giving them any ammo buttblasts me.

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they weren't fucking gay

She said deito. "Date".

That's my point, the show didn't really support them being a couple but the pic is official art they tweeted out on valentines' day. And I dunno if it's just fanservice or yaoi/yuri for the hell of it or if they're trying to pander to an obnoxious western crowd.

Fuck you.

hey fuck you leatherman

I have to report sorry.