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Will he defeat Ichiji next chapter?

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you will get defeated by me first. You and all your family. You dont stand a chance against my Hack Hack no mi

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How did he tank getting pierced by energy blasts?

please someone draw Cesar as crying wojak

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, energy blast cauterized the wound, so he didn't bleed o death, also, heat cant harm oven

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>Heat can't harm
>Cauterized the wound


Reminder: Kaido is a koi based seaking with a human fruit. He's depressed because he can no longer swim.

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Who /oven/ here?

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Remember when people claimed Big Mom had the Acid-Acid Fruit? Good times.

You shitposters are pathetic. You all would jump at the opportunity just to meet Oda once and you'd suck his dick happily if he asked.

>p-please worship Oda with m-me

I don't suck small dicks

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Hopefully, fuck the germutts desu

it's just for effect

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Name your favorite intercrewcrew interactions (not shipping wise).

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>Has the love for adventure
>It wouldnt force Luffy to stay with her all the time since she knows how much he loces the sea and, if wasnt for her responsabilities, she would go with him
>A descedant of the 12 kingdoms that created the WG but it isnt a jerk
>Owns a fucking country so their future son will never have to worry about anything and it wouldn be hard for her to raise their children alone
Truly the best wife Luffy could ever hope to get

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Zoro and Chopper
I love the big bro little bro dynamic they have

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I hate Charlotte bullying and just for once, want Oda to let someone job to them

I miss the days when they would just make fun of each other.

Zoro and Chopper.

Same. It's so annoying that they job so much even though they did everything they could. Plot armor is just too strong.

You faggots need to know your place by now

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heat damage in addition to piercing by laser against a normal person.

Franky and Robin
it's fun when she scolds him

There's no use arguing with him brother. His ship is weak and deep down he knows it.

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Vivi will marry Nami

The Germas are going to get fucked up, but probably offscreen.

>Says Oda is a hack
>Still buys one piece volumes

Irony lvl

nami is evil. she needs her comeuppance

That's unacceptable. I need to see them suffer for what they did to qt Yuen

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Wait is this a Kata x vivi ship? Thats the most random shipp that i've ever seen

Yuen still raped Jobji

>being a dyke like Nami
Not happening

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I really like random ships for some reason. Some have intersting art.

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Luffy Sanji at G8
>we sneaky now, Luffy
>mmkay *proceed do same stupid shit in sneak mode"

Chopper Brook at Saobody.
Franky Robin parents mode
Nami Chopper-pillow
Luffy Usopp kids mode

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Don't worry Vivi will be his second wife

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Another day closer to Monet’s return!

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How the fuck is she going to come back from having her heart fucking shanked, you literal retard?

A man's dream never die!

>Germa, the imperialistic eugenetic super science ruled-by-a-guy-with-a-moustache kingdom is named after Germany
Hacku Hacku no mi

I don't care about any of these characters any more.

She's a Logia.

We saw her fucking die though.

Post a picture of monet's dead unmoving unbreathing body. Ill wait.

Is not a ship is Kata defending his man Luffy

A man's dream will never die I said!

The Charlottes will claim their last kill (Judge) and Big Mom will recover with the cake and beat everyone up. We just have to wait my brothers.

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Another day closer to snow lion

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I fucking hate Oda is using this arc to wank Germas, feel like a waste. Sanji is terrible in this arc and Pudding is incredibly boring, I hope she is a CP0 agent or use her power in a most interesting way

If Big Mom doesn't eat the cake, would that be the biggest 'fuck you' to Sanji Oda has done?

Wait a fucking minute.
The other day some Anons were arguing over why Sanji named Skywalk his move instead of just Geppo. And I just fucking remembered Thriller Bark where Franky uses the "Franky Skywalk" to move towards Oars with Chopper to deliver the Super Frapper Gong.
So it wouldn't be out of character for Sanji naming that move as a reference to the move his friends made.

>implying Sanji cares that much about someone with a penis

Just read the chapter where Katakuri rapes Ichiji again.

I don't really think that's gonna happen so I gotta wonder. What if Big Mom don't eat the cake for whatever reason... will she go berserk on whatever island is close or is the place the cake is lost? And what happens next? Will she then again will have to ride a way to move towards the StrawHats? at that point they have a few hours of advantage, so will they encounter her again at high seas? Will she die in the way? How long will she last? Can she make it to Kaido's territory? And if she make it there, will all her fleet? If she dies there, will the Big Mom Pirates ally with the Beast Pirates?

Cry me a river anti germa fag, glass leg Sanji cant compete with their scientific triumph

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ichiji delivering a hux's speech before releasing the megazord next chapter?

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>They have a megazord
Oh lord YES!

Sulong again when?

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Whem she faces Daifuku again in the next couple of chapters

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>wank Germas
Dejavu from 869 when they got a hit on the Charlottes at the weeding and everyone hopped on the bandwagon saying they were hot shit. Exactly the same thing as now.
Germas are fucking trash.They can't get a good showing before getting shat by Oda a few chapters later.

Post a picture of Monet still alive. I'll wait.

OnePiece fans : Luffy isn't admiral lvl

Oda the hack : lemme do an asspull

OnePiece fans : ayyaya Oda best

One Piece Fans: Luffy needs to reach admiral lvl
Oda: Here's an opponent to make him grow closer
user: It's a hack!
Another user: (You)

Is Sanji still weaker than his brothers?

Yes. Last week is germa hype chapter. Now this week will be big mom pirates hype chapter.

May god or whoever is in charge hear you.

"Your captain is a loser, Vinsmoke Sanji!"

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>Buggy D. Clown is the oldest Luffy rival
>Buggy is a clown criminal boss with lots of circus goonies
>The other prominent clown in fiction who is a criminal clown boss is the Joker
>Luffy is anime Batman

He's probably around Ichiji/Niji level

U retard. Every one piss fag admits that admiral> luffy.

Katakuri was better than everyone than your mc

It was an ass pull. Why u keep sucking Oda's litty-bitty?

lol I know

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They wouldn't need to blackmail him into not fighting back if they were confident they were stronger than him

I'm a one piece fan and I admit that Bleach is better

Unfortunately one piece these days seems to follow the bleach fomula. One chapter the good guys are hyped up hen the next chapter the bad guys will look good again. Rinse and repeat until there is a conclusion.

Phew. Almost fell for that bait.

I'm a Oda dicksucker and I admit One piece is shit

Well you can argue to gear 4th luffy king kong gun destructive power is near admiral level.

What are the chances that Daifuku relies totally on Genie? As though once got around is game over for him.
Even if he were somewhat strong himself, he needs to keep rubbing and getting exposed.

An admiral one shotted a yonko commander

G4 can't even damage a yonko Commander

Samefag check

I am referring to king kong gun. A clean hit from king kong gun will cause quite a bit of damage. A admiral isn't one shotting a yonko commander unless he is bloodlust right from the start. Example will be akainu.

Good thing Katakuri is inside MirrorWorld so the Buster Call won't affect him

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>An admiral one shotted a yonko commander
If you are talking about Ace then you are an idiot.

If Ace choose to dodge the attack, Luffy would have died.

Well, after this fight.. I say kinda.
Luffy tried the Kong Gun with Big Mom, who we can consider to be Admiral Level and she just hakied up, not even flinched. And then there's the time limit thing.
After this fight he seem to be able to mantain if for longer and be more flexible with G4, he got a hang of Future Sight with the Observation, so it wouldn't be that crazy for another 10+hours of Luffy vs someone. After all, he fought two of the top brass of an Emperor for that time.
Also he said Cracker had the hardest Armament and he even cutted Luffy with his sword in G4, so I feel he also need a bit more training with his Armament.

>we can consider to be Admiral Level
Kinda true. Even if Yonko are stronger than Admiral.

The filler episode back in Alabasta where Luffy zoro and chopper get lost in the desert

>Luffy gets beaten to piss for a million chapters
>still standing
>Katakuri receives a few punches
>knocked the fuck out like a bitch

You literally cannot defend this. Oda is a hack.

>m-muh rubber body
It was already established that haki nullifies his ability to absorb blunt damage
>m-muh luffy is just tanky
And a fucking Yonko commander is not? This doesn't excuse Katakuri breaking all jobbing records to a form that DOESN'T EVEN PRIORITZE POWER unlike Boundman
Also, people have been constantly defending Luffy's tanking by saying "Everyone in One Piece can fight for days!", but suddenly when Katakuri jobs this point is conveniently dropped.
>hurrdurrr protagonist must always win THIS IS A SHONEN DON'T YOU REALIZE
Literally not an excuse for shit writing. Nevermind the fact that "DUDE JUST TURN YOUR BRAIN OFF XDD" is a defense only DBS spics use - You are just admitting it is shit writing and asking people to ignore it (which is why DBS spics do it because they can't defend the writing so they beg you to ignore it). In other words, concession accepted.

>Luffy fights back then
Back and forth struggle
Both Luffy and villain get BTFO repeatedly
Ends with Luffy edging out a win

>Luffy fights now
Luffy gets BTFO for 5000 chapters until
shitstomps the enemy

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>rubberboy vs Manji

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>mfw love drinking the tears of the Katafags

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Katakuri was just sleepy

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>big mom, who we consider to be admiral level
Is this a joke? We saw how fujitore struggled a little to block a elephant gun, big mom and the yonko ate above admiral
>he seem to be able to mantaim g4 for longer
No he isnt, there was nothing indicating something like that
>he got a hang of future sight
He didnt, he got better at CoO but he doesnt have any kind of legit future sight
>he said that cracker's CoA was the hardest ge ever faced
That was a mistranslation iirc

This is getting ridiculous

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This is the main villain of one piece
Say something nice about him

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I want a 4 minutes song about immoral donuts, Toei,with the cook singing their reaction too

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I cannot wait until he drown before even reaching Raftel.