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Today is the day

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i-is this the end, bros?

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Of Sup Forums for sure.

Wouldn't it have better to make the thread later once we had spoilers. Not even 20th yet in Japan. This thread might die before that.

Images from the LN of this series always come out around midnight in Japan which means in next 5-6 hours, user.

I'm just saying it's a bit early, the usual DAL posters are probably not here yet. Thread will probably die before then.

Two hours to go...

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Do you guys have a raw capper/image poster?

No. It's random every time. So if you're offering...

It is usually about an hour after midnight though. Like, very, very quick stuff.

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Alright, I will do it after I'm done with DxD.

So you won't need me then?

Victory for Kurumi.

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It's actually around 23:00 pm there. Of course the book won't go on sale at midnight but on the morning. OP moght have made the thread too early.

Cheers, mate!

The book IS put up at midnight for things like BookWalker. This your first thread, user? We always get spoilers around Midnight Jap Time

That's DAB user, not DAL

Has Tachibana planned on any new series in advance?

He's mentioned wanting to start a new series, yeah. Not DAL-related, though.

Fuck, I'm not at home now. I'm gonna miss the thread.

I'll save you some popcorn, user

>Not DAL-related, though.
Just like every LN writer who isn't named Nishio.
I doubt the new series will bear the same charm though. And in that case all that remains would be his shitty story telling.

It's still DAL related stuff, user, last time I posted all of it's images on the same thread which images of previous vol. of DAL were dumped.

We still have s3

Enjoy DAL while you can, user.
I'm also upset DAL is getting closer to ending.

Bet it will be nothing but psycho lesbens

No, I mean Tachibana has said he wants to work on a new, non DAL novel series in the near future, when DAL ends. He moved on from Sokyuu no Karma to DAL, and no he wants to do the same again

Kurumi a best

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Why are you upset? Not ending soon would just drag the series on - we already know pretty much everything, and you can only keep delaying Westcott's big move for so long

It's probably going to end with volume 19, 20 at most.

The charm probably comes from the fact that tye author doesn't know how to write harems.

I'm actually looking forward to season 3 if it's done by another studio. The posibility is actually there.

Oh yeah, hella agree

>yfw it is made by GONZO

Or he's intentionally writing it that way becuase he knows normal harems are bland and boring.

Less than an hour now, guys

7th aniversary, heck it's been 7 years already.

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I am not sure how a writer who should be conscious of Miku hatred among fans would still be keeping his writing consistent

So he is intentionally making mediocre girls that barely anyone likes? What about all the unnecessary filler?

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For a moment I thought that was Origami.

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So is Shidou actually using Halvanhelev this time or is it another error like in volume 5?

I'd say it's legit

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No, come on you can see he's using Halvanhelev.

Those are some perfect tits

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The same happened in one of volume 5 illustrations but he was supposed to be using Sandalphon in that scene.

Oh, that is SO Reine

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I'm looking forward to season 3 too, especially Origami's arc. The studio problem is troublesome though, I mean in case the almost dead Production IMS picks it up it will terrible so hopefully not. What better studios can we hope topick it up?
Honestly apart from the human memories/origin of a few of the girls and the way the inverse forms seem to be different beings(Tohka's example) he only things left are to beat Westcott and conquer Kurumi(which might happen this volume).

Chapter names? Anyone read them?

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>Mayuri cameo.

Mayuri gets a cameo, Shido gets through to Westcott? Uses Zafkiel

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Kurumi sealed?

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Tachibana went on a rampage for this volume.

I wonder if the Spirit's backstories are revealed this volume. Either way, this DEFINITELY sets up next volume as the last.

Is she breastfeeding the bear?

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Jesus, without context, this is a mess to try and understand. Akiye isn't summarising this time, either...

My penis is pleased

So the ugly clock eye come with the powers, hopefully is not permanent.

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So like I'm assuming Mio is absorbing the power of all the spirits?

>Tachibana goes all in on the mommy fetish for Mio
>also makes her younger-looking at the same time

>tfw asked the question to people on this thread a few month ago that Mayuri would appear or not

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Is that Marina?

I'm assuming that's inverse Tohka on the left?

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It's just a cameo, though. Like how the Nibelkols aren't Marina, or how Mio disguised as Reine.

Those samefaces man, I can't tell who is who. Dark Tohka and Tohka I assume?

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>Shidou is suddenly using the angels like a master.
Feels great, looks like this volume will be action-packed to the brim.

Aaaand their memories will be erased. What a surprise.

>It's just a cameo, though
The same answer from that time, but I know this would be happened

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Everyone knew she'd get a cameo.

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Yeah, she was always bound to get a cameo...but just that. If Tachibana didn;t make his favourite, Rinne important, Mayuri has no chance

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Knowing Tachibana. Tohka will have a vital role in this arc for whatever reason.

>Kamehameha Issac in the face

Why did people dislike Mayuri again? Being a background character isn't really a real reason for that.

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Or an nonsensical power up apparently

What an ungrateful daughter.

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Dislike? Mire like why would anyone like Mayuri to begin with. She is hardly a character so there is barely any reason to like or dislike her.

Will summary user help us this time?