Dragon Ball Super

The end is near

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first for little green

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Hitto time clone soon.

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Frieza will win

the show will end not on a cliffhqnger

Goku is gonna win and revive cauli

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its pretty much confirmed by now that erased universes are not coming back. Ending will prop for the next movie.

Goku would rather revive his dear friend, Jiren the Grey, because that man has a sexy voice, and an even sexier brother.

Sorry Cutegang, but best boy needs his boat. Maybe next time.

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>not frieza
sure thing reddit droid

>t. lizardcuck

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She needs to be alive for the movie mr roboto

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t. cuckdroid

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And she can come back after 17 gets his boat.

Who would be stronger? SS3 Kelfa or Hit with god ki? How well would they last against my dear friend, Jiren the Grey?

>dead show
>dead thread

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How can one man be so based and cute?


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I know
Because I got Dragonball Super cancelled.
It was me.
I am the reason Dragon Ball anime is ending with no future plans.
I killed Goku, Gohan and Vegetables.

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You need to be cute in order to be a protagonist in DBS.

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That's why Cabba's VA was at the final recording?

God ki isn't a power up you retard

How come adult Goku doesn't show off his penis like kid Goku? It would be so funny if he did haha!

seconding this


>SS3 Kelfa or Hit with god ki?
Kefla God ki doesn't make you stronger unless hit's race has a godly transformation
>How well would they last against my dear friend, Jiren the Grey?
SS3 Kefla puts as much of fight that UI omen goku
Blue Kefla rapes

How come Basil doesn't have a penis?

I know Sup Forums loves to be contrarian as fuck, but honestly, 130 was one of the best, if not the best episode of Dragon Ball ever made, and the ToP has really been a phenomenal ride.

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Nice headcanon retard

dont kill yourself on saturday because there wont be u6.

>nice headcanon
your tears are gonna be delicious

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Riding toei's cock sure is fun huh?

Thats a cute bills

Sound argument, contrarian poster.

>make 120 horrible episodes
>make 8 above average eps and 2 good

was one of the best, if not the best episode of Dragon Ball ever made
>implying I said anything about the quality of the show as a whole or care about Toei
You can stop shitposting now.

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The True Cutegang coming through. Caulifla need not apply.

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>and the ToP has really been a phenomenal ride.

>the entire show
Pick one you fucking mongoloid

>all with shit riding ;D

Post some proof my friend. So far we know Cabba's VA was at the final recording and this is the final track
So either they get wished back or get wished into U7 so that Goku can get his fight boner on.

Jiren wins.


no you pick one, 130 or whole ToP

>we know

He accepts the magic of fwiendship, smiles, and says goodbye to u7! :3

Learn to read, user


Shut the FUCK up


no you shut the FUCK up

Are any of the new banners worth pulling from or do they have shit pull rates?


>t. Jiren

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t. gokek who lost again

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Leave Jiren to us

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goku vs hit takes that cake

You should go on the wiki and check, I tried pulling golden frieza from the dokkan festival but had no luck so far.

so is caulifla an alternate universe R34 goku?

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>anime makes it incredibly clear that UI Goku blew the fuck out of Jiren
>Jiren literally asks Goku to hurry up and knock him out of the ring

>B-but Goku lost!

Jirenfags stay mad

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>b-b-but goku lost
he did, he didn't cross the finishing line, he lost. Jiren was closer to eliminate Goku than Goku was closer to eliminate Jiren.


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user probably means the photo that was taken after the final recording.
>Vegeta and Goku eating next to each other

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Super has been shit with select peaks of pure greatness, but I thoroughly enjoyed the tournament of power. If the fights with random no-names from other universes were just removed, it would surely be my favorite arc in all of dragon ball. It focused that show to the essence of what made it good, without any of the braindead filler.

i still dont understand the junnanango thing. why was he pushed so much? did he hit the teenage girl demographic or something? was there a big viewership wave whenever he was on screen? why is he suddenly such an important and integral character?

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that picture doesn't mean anything, actors eating together after the last recording of the anime series looks pretty normal to me, theres probably more people there we cant see that wont be on the final episode but still got invited to eat.


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Did the instrumental version of Ultimate Battle ever get an official release?

The guy was a non factor since Cell, they had the opportunity to finally do something with him, so they went all out. Simple as that. He has always been a liked character and fans been wanting him to do something for a long time.

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It's still something to go by.
And what would the reason be for goku not to wish everyone back to fight them again?

>Jirencucks will defend this

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>jiren literally asks goku to knock him out, acknowledging his loss
>Goku never gives up and it actually fucking makes Jiren shout in angry disbelief
>"goku was closer to losing"

I know this is just shitposting but I'm so fucking glad those spoilers were false.

He was pretty much a blank slate to do cool shit with
Besides his fight with piccolo he did nothing. Even in that fight piccolo was the star. Outside of the fight 18 was the star for being a woman and 16 was the only android that contributed anything to the plot besides being absorbtion fodder
Hes finally been given something to do and theyre going all out with it

>Vegeta went down pretty hard at the end
>Did WAAAAAY more than I expected him to do
>espcially with that ED theory that he was third to out.
All in all i'm pretty content with being veggieman

>Jiren fanboys still hyping up Jiren
>He himself is telling Goku to hurry up and finish him off

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Jiren better not be a recurring character because his characterization was so obviously not planned at all.

Any fagdroids and lizardcucks here? I wanna kick your asses

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>i don't think of myself as a warrior of justice or anything

Ameridubs blown the fuck out

Imagine posting the same pictures of the sane characters are over and over every minute of every day
Just kill yourself man, why prolong your suffering like this?

the spoilers for 130 weren't fake.

Open wide, Jiren.

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>Jirencuck still acting superior.

>Literally begging to die.

Fuckin' kek.

Well if some anons are to be believed no universe will get wished back

she sort of looks like him and has a similar wild attitude but without the naive friendly side (due to not being dropped as a baby)

I think its a missed opportunity to have female sayians and no sayian-sayian relationship

unlike cuckza and others he didn't beg for his life

I on't recall Vegetable going on about saying "go ahead, finish me faggot"


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Hopefully you all get the fuck off the board

>looks like him
>similar attitude

>Not begging for his life
Ok bro

Mislink fag.

Vegeta literally cried like a little bitch before getting killed by Freiza


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she does, and kale is clearly alt-broly
considering they were both babies together in the main universe why not their alt-reality cousins/

Yeah, I remember that.
Don't remember him going on about "go ahead, kill me faggot"

>tanks everything u7 spews in his direction, even MUI
>goku runs out of juice yet again
Blame toei's shit writing, Jiren won. The manga will clear up all this "he's a villian" and "goku is now le nakami boi" bullshit. Jiren is pure. He wants peace and harmony. Toei wanted to make him look bad to not confuse the kids and have him "overpowered" for one moment to appeal to the gokuks. But that's not Jiren and that's not Goku, hence why he fell out of nowhere. Seriously, why have goku overpower him just for one second only to fall right after? It's "fanservice" and not canon.

Any bald aliens in spandex here? I wanna kick your asses

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wishful thinking, kale is a broly clone but caulifla was just made to be a pair with Kale.

>inb4 "the Manga won't pull the same shit"
Do you really have that much faith in the guy who just shat on the humans so godamn hard? And is literally speeding the entire tournament up so we miss tons of shit too?

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