Legend of Galactic Heroes

Name a better Anime

Also: Discussion about the upcoming reboot

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Why are you linking myanimelist?
Are you new here?

Obviously impossible.

What can be done instead is naming personal favorites. Patlabor, Space Adventure Cobra, Area 88 and Future War 198x are my shit nigga.

Wow I wouldn't have known there was going to be a reboot without that MAL link, thank you stupid faggot.

A bit of new info about remake from nip twitter
> Mitsuaki Hoshino revealed to play Dwight Greenhill
> Otsuka Yoshitada revealed to play Murai
> VA for Fyodor Patrichev will be revealed tomorrow

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>legend of the gay homos
just stop with this forced meme already

We had a good thread about LoGH yesterday, so this one either 'll die soon or wiil be a shit

>calls a medium transcending sci-fi series a meme

>goes back to watching seasonal moe and ecchi shit

who is the meme now?

When I initially watched the show years ago I found it engaging for its massive scope and complex character relationships, but on rewatch it became apparent that its storytelling, well-planned by the standards of most anime, suffered immensely from aninattention to craft. The acting is schematic, dramatic scenes are wan and lifeless, and cliched dialogue abounds, with little that would reward a close formal reading. It’s as if the only way to appreciate the show fully would be to remove oneselffrom the moment-to-moment experience of watching it and take it in abstraction, but even then whatGalactic Heroeshas to say about the nature of war and civilization has been said a million times over since Thucydides. Discrete, tangible ideas are often a poor fit for art.

This is point when you acknowledge the show is still one of the best executed anime series ever and watch Lotgh for spaceships bursting into steam with classical music, the hilariously awesome axe battles and dictatorship vs democracy memes.

>lol awesome battles and memes haha
So this is the modern loghfag.

Nah I'm the type who rates Md Geist 8/10 and chuckles when people die in a shitty Go Nagai anime. I'm in love with the manime aesthetic.

Its great and all when anime does intellectually stimulate you (like I still don't fully get what Angels Egg was about) but something that animation does even better than surrealism is gratuitous cult film style action and gore.

I don't see how your post refuted my statement.

Not only does this have nothing to do with his callout, but LOGH isn't even a good example of this.

Basically, don't be such a pretentious faggot and just enjoy anime.
Holding the way you enjoy anime to ridiculously high standards will just eventually kill your enjoyment of it and indeed, the whole point of anime.
Remember how enjoyable anime was when you first discovered it? Just loosen up and retake that feeling, its wonderful. The important distinction from an anime newbie of course is not letting your standards go too low.

Lotgh has plenty of badass anime moments my dude, are laser proof space knights swinging axes not enough for you?

Just turn your brain off bro

There are other options besides "pretentious faggot" and "epic fights and memes xD", you insufferable faggot. What happened to simply being someone who can post without sounding underage?

I have different experience - after rewatch I started to love LoGH even more. But I admit, my love is not rational, I just got very attached to the characters. Not a single anime (and only two manga series) had the same effect on me.

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Abe really likes Gate and would recommend you watch it. And then join the JDF

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Literally finished watching it 10 minutes ago

You autists are hilariously butthurt about only enjoying Lotgh in a specific way yet I wonder if you two can even appreciate an anime like Patlabor?

It's more the fact that you sound like a cancerous redditor but okay.

Why don't you watch Patlabor instead of preaching to me on how to appreciate anime? Subtle storytelling and world building at its finest.

It's not that you like it, it's that you're a fag

>MAL discussions

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Enjoy anime however you want, just don't post here.

Jealous that I'm clearly not too autistic to enjoy anime?

>Anime board

>don't post anime

ok retard

That's like saying 12 year olds should be allowed to post anime here because it's the anime board. There is a minimum IQ threshold which you unfortunately do not meet.

I wasn't aware this board was for muh intellecktuals

You're actually retarded if you think a board for anime actually has intelligence standards and you can thank yourself for said lack of intelligence.

>not typing like a faggot is an intellectual feat
I'm well aware that retards like you drag the standards of the board down, which is why you need to kill yourself out.

>Kill yourself out

Try harder loser

Kill yourself out, redditor.

Whats this reddit meme?

Well, that escalated quickly

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>Name a better Anime
Any and all. Yep, even Bocu no Pico is likely better.

Alcohol is humanity's friend

Talking about remake, the promotional campaign is pretty big. Aside of usual posters and Iserlohn cafe, there are giveaways of bookmarks and collection cards. And worst of all, ads slapped right onto recent novels reprints

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Still clinging onto the tiny hope this remake won't suck ass

It probably won't be, but it'll be hated anyway. Oldfags will hate it because "not muh logh". Mechafags will hate it because of CGI. Even fujos probably won't hop on the train, despite all of expectations - old fujos too attached to their classic fluffy-haired husbandos, and nu-fujos will drop after first two episodes, confused with all these space ships chasing each other in rounds.

I kinda feel sad for creators already

So I've never seen this, is it actually worth watching? I'm hesitant to start a series this large

wew those are ugly as fuck

Depends on what are your other favourite shows and genres.

Im pretty open to military science fiction anime but i think im going to be that cg hating mechafag.

I like sci fi a lot, but if I said my favourite shows it'd devolve into shitposting

Give it "10 episodes watch" then to decide. 3 episodes probably won't be enough.

Surely not Aldnoah Zero bad?

Haven't seen Aldnoah but my favourites are
Space Dandy
Mawaru Penguindrum and Utena
Paranoia Agent

>third one
You'll love logh then.

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>yuuki kaji voicing Julian

Is he the only voice actor capable of voicing teenage boys or something?

If you can get through Utena, you are definitely ready for a Lotgh marathon.

>MAL discussions
I want underagefags to leave

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