Are Naruto and Sasuke gay?

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Since Naruto and Sasuke were able to have kids that means they were able to get a boner for pussy meaning they can't be 100% gay.


they definitely have a weird homoerotic lust for each other with the way they yell each others names


You all sissies have never been to army or are even above 18.

That's manly love, bro. Fuck you all.

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redpill: all anime is gay and it will turn you gay as well until you end up becoming a tranny freak


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not as gay as you, OP

Sasuke was definitely homosexual and thinking of Naruto the only time he had sex with Sakura but Naruto seems like the standard pansexual type and willing to fall in love with anyone who responds to his kindness

Naruto was never manly

What about the Rock Lee? Compare that to Kenshiro. Rock Lee was a kid and mastered the art meanwhile Ken was just nearly retarded but could learn how to kill people.

Wasn't their fight supposed to end with them holding hands, but author wussed out at last second and chopped them off instead or something?

No, but you are
(Is that the wanswer you were fishing for? OP? If so, glad to have been of usefulness)

Naruto is obviously gay for Sasuke but Sasuke is straight after tapping that Sakura and Karin ass

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anime says yes.

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Let's just say that if they became a couple at the end of the manga, none would have been surprised

Do you know what bisexual means?

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>constantly ignores and belittles naruto despite being his teammate
>cries like a bitch and runs away from the village as soon as naruto starts to actually match him in strength
>spends the next several years skulking around like an autist and helping every major villain in the series while doing it
>he was my BEST friend!!

Whatever Naruto and Sasuke had together, I think it's safe to say it was more than """""friendship"""""


The entire show's main theme was their gay relationship. Are you seriously asking this?

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Nah, they are brothers. The problem is the homoerotism in the show.

>barely talk while being on the same team, aside from exchanging the occasional insult
The dude spends his entire time on Team 7 dismissing the fuck out of Naruto for being a loser, and as soon as Naruto actually starts being competent on the same level as him he chimps out and becomes a villain until the very end of the series. Fucking shikamaru and choji were better brothers to Naruto than Sasuke ever was.

But they are brothers. One is Indra and the other is Ashura.



100% yes !!!

>they were able to get a boner for pussy

Checked, Check mine please, somebody.

Sakura was probably artificially inseminated.

>Are Naruto and Sasuke gay?

Every other day.