Imagine Shinka kicking your ass in public

Imagine Shinka kicking your ass in public.

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I don't have to imagine it.

Will Sup Forums ever defeat her? Surely the losing streak will have to end someday.

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just imagining, but when it will become a reality?

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In reality you might actually win.

I respect Shinka.

How could I ever win against someone so much taller than me?

Did you know Shinka is actually a dickgirl?

How much taller is she?

Is Shinka the perfect KyoAni girl?

She is the perfect KyoAni girl because she's a futa?

She's the perfect girl.

Shinka is not a futa.

Correct, she's a shemale.

I imagined it and now Im rock hard

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Prove it.

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user I can't even lift 1pl8. The bar alone is hard.

She has a big bulge between her legs and I don't think most girls have balls in their panties!

Would she go out of her way to toy with me and make my defeat as humiliating as possible?

Yes, she's a canon sadist after all.

Yes and then spear you with her girthy futa-penis.

She does not have a penis!

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She does. And she used to be a HE. So imagine this scenario you degenerate, Shinka fucking you in the butt while getting rutted by Cerberus.

Please elaborate. Would she step on me? Mock the baby strength behind my punches? Or maybe stinkface me?

imagine shinka breaking your balls with her strong foot

She would put you in a guillotine choke and then proceed to knee you in the chest over and over until you start vomitting blood.

She would slap you around with her hands and her girthy womanhood if you know what I mean, keep you on a collar and put things up your butt in public. And also mock and belittle your dick in front of your friends and family to crumble your self-esteem.

She wouldn't need kicks. Shinka could defeat you with just hip attacks.

What's her problem?

Imagine Shinka wiping your ass in public.

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I had no idea Shinka was a futa.

imagine shinka roasting you and eating you for sustenance

i wish i was Shinka baby

She would have to wipe your ass in private after the court sentences her to be your personal caretaker as punishment for her brutal attack on you which left you paralysed.

getting beaten by your mom isn't hot at all

Shinka is not a futa!

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yes it is, she is angry when she hit me but she will regret and kiss my wee-wee to make it up

Pee on her in revenge!

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What devious Machinations is she planning?

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You would be impregnated over and over, user.
Correct, she is a shemale.

Is she interested in mcs dick? Does she win the bowl or the other retrard?

I wonder what really happened in the cheerleader club.

male teachers and senpais hit on them, Shinka is pure and does not accept the usual path to become top cheerleader

No and no, Shinka is Shinka.

a surprise birthday party for you

Does she really say this in the manga, or is it an edit? I’m more inclined to think that it’s the latter.

>that grabbing toes

I'm not even a footfag and that shit hit me

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What does this pose mean?

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That pose means she wants a diaper change.


>in public
Suspension of disbelief shattered

But she's a big girl, she doesn't wear diapers.

True, she's probably just imitating you.


shes trying to help you hit her g-spot really good

Marvel vs Capcom and Sega?

Which one is Shinka in?

Yes she is!

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Fan arts are not canon.

That is not fan art.

You are stupid aids and make sure you kill yourself

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I can confirm that it's not fanart.

Hello ESL third-worlder stop being so mad.

I can confirm that you are stupid aids faggot

Shinka pleases dogs for money.

So I am a gay acquired immune deficiency syndrome, how is that supposed to work, am I strengthening peoples immune systems?

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Why does everyone want Shinka to kick their ass?

Because she can.

I want to rape Shinka as school principal

Shinka is the school principal.

I want to rape principal as student

You would get suspended, think of your future.

Not if i can blackmail her

How? The whole chuuni book thing is just a quick way for you to get dropped.

I want Shinka to pursue a career in kicking my shit in!

This post gave me a boner and I'm just shameless enough to admit it

god I wish that were me

>losing to a girl
pft what a loser

I remember content by heart and recite it to force her into submission

She's 126lbs, she's heavier than most of Sup Forums

Daily reminder Shiburin would totally kick her ass.

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But would she kick my ass though?

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Shinka is heavier, Shinka would beat Shiburin to a pulp.

Her extra weight are boobs and butt

A deadly combination.

Imagine fucking shinka’s ass in public.

In Keijo.

Imagine Shinka fucking your ass in public

How nervous would you be during the staredown?

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I wanted to learn the ways of the Shinka, so I borrowed the Mabinogion from the local library, but I fucked up and accidentially grabbed the Necronomicon. What do?

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I don't get it.

Imagine Shinka and I becoming the beast with two backs.

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I went to Australia to read Mabinogion instead I got neknominated.

Using a gun, knife or even a fucking stone doesn't require weightlifter-tier muscle.

Nor does lifting 1pl8 in anything except oly where you can head to straight to snap city if you're brain damaged.

Has Shinka ever killed people before?

Please elaborate.

Depends. Are you a turbomanlet?