Hisashiburi da ne, mangaka-san da yo!

Hisashiburi da ne, mangaka-san da yo!

Hi friends, it's been a while but I finally came back to make an update on my progress. I tried writing a draft, then I changed my story, then I changed it a few more times and never really came up with anything I liked or wanted to draw. I gave up for a bit, took a break and tried to find myself while I worked on tackling the areas of my drawings that I consider to be my weak points. I wrote down some ideas for jokes I want to include into my story, but actually I never really came up with a final story idea. To be completely honest, I'm still not completely sure what I want to write, and that's why I never came back to make any updates in my progress. But I'm still hard at work towards my goal.

The girl in the drawing will be our main character. This is just a rough sketch, but I really love this hairstyle. I might make some changes get to the eyes a bit though.

Her name is Ikumi, she's got brown hair and she's a second year at Tachikawa Senior High. She's 155 cm, B cup, slim body type. A bit of a tsundere. She struggles with the thought of growing up, she wants to remain a kid and do fun things but slowly she realizes the responsibilities of adult life are coming for her. She likes rock music and video games, she's also a little shy/a bit of a loner.

If you have any ideas for a story about Ikumi, let me know and I'll brainstorm on it. I'm still trying to come up with ideas on my own, but I'm also open to building off other ideas as well since I'm not sure what direction I want to go in.

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Ok but first of all, does she has a mobile phone?

Of course, why wouldn't she?

Are you ok with alternate universe scenarios?

It really depends on the universe. I'm open to the idea, but if I attempted something like that I would make big changes to the current formula.

Oh no, don't worry, nothing too big.
And finally, can she have love interests?


I'm a Japanese artist in Japan, this goes here.

Then why do you type Japanese in romaji like a deviantart weeaboo?

Love interests are a given, yes. What do you have in mind?


Whatever you say, ken-sama.

Ken is a Japanese name...


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Dont take advice from autists

You know what, this is probably the best advice that will come out of this thread.

>she wants to remain a kid and do fun things but slowly she realizes the responsibilities of adult life are coming for he
save that stuff for college

Any childhood trauma? A dead relative perhaps, or she witnessed some sort of tragedy.

How long did it take you to draw that headshot?

Like 3 minutes maybe, hence why she's missing a huge chunk in the back of her head, and her jawline is all fucked up. I was playing around with hairstyles.

Was this also you, OP?

In terms of story, touching on her insecurities might work. From what I'm reading, she's a tsundere that hates the idea of growing up and is a bit of a loner. OK, great, but WHY is she a tsundere? Why is she a loner? Why does she hate the idea of growing up?

All of these things share a common trait of fear, so explore that. She is like this because she's afraid of failure, rejection, change, the unknown, etc. So she copes through her hobbies as a form of escapism. This give her plenty of flaws that she can grow out of by the end of the story.

It would also help to have a cast that contrasts and compliment her personality. A character that is a total opposite of her is a good way to start, like an extrovert trying to push her out of her comfort zone for example.

Hopes this helps, user. Good luck on whatever you're working on.

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