Cawfee or Gween Tea?

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Gween Tea is better because its healthier.

Gween tea is actually brown except for the first minute inside the cup.


Gween Tea

Kawfweya damnit!

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Iced green tea because I developed a caffeine sensitivity as a result of my anxiety disorder.

Gween tee has more caffeine than covfefe tho

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Depends on whether it's steamed or roasted. Nip green tea is freakishly green.

whats the difference?
quite curious

Syaro-chan's steaming hot pee

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Maybe he gets decaf gween t.

Although I love Chiya green tea is shit

Why does your mouth smell like shit after drinking Cawfee?

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I mean. One is steamed. The other is roasted. Only japanese teas are steamed and they have this weird plant taste, but the roasted teas have better aroma.

Cawfee with Chikoree

You drink shit cawwfea. Also no sugar/milk, try frenchpressing it, dark roast.

Black tea, you pleb. j/k Why not all three?

i see but what makes them go brown?
as compare to nips', which is greenish
also, is matcha green tea and green tea are different?

Did someone say tea?

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Not sure exactly but it's probably the lack of water during the cooking process. Matcha is a type of powdered green tea.

In general sense, Matcha is fine grounded instead of coming in loose leaf.

Some matcha are grown specially for that purpose though.

Pu'er master race.

Sencha is green as fuck, and it's the most common tea consumed in Japan.

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neither i take steamed hams

Water master race here, both are for faggots

Cawfee onegai

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hai dozo

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Sencha is delicious desu.


Gween Monster.

energy drinks are for faggots

Black Tea is the best tea desu~

Gween tea is one of those things I wish I liked but the taste is terrible to me. Stupid british upbringing with black tea which is the only tea I like.

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have you tried real green tea with quality leaves and brewed properly? there are many different types. japanese tea tastes much different than chinese tea, etc.

it's fucking good when made properly.

bagged tea is almost always pure garbage.

I tried some when I went to Japan a few years back, still didn't like it. Just one of those things I think...

Nevermind the tea, I've been looking to buy a cup like this online for ages and it seems they sell literally everything except this particular shape in this particular color pattern, it's either something entirely different, or gay colored, or looking rather questionable to use for human consumption.

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I always prefer black or green tea over cawfee
coffee is just a drug for long nights of work desu

I'll drink all three but Black Tea is objectively superior, get yourself some of that top grade Darjeeling and Keemun loose leaf in tins. Fantastic shit


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Only good with Rum or Jack, or if you're a boomer.

either will do as long as it's served like this

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Try some other teas desu. Japanese green tea tastes and smells radically different from most other green teas.

I'd probably be able to choke down gween tea better then cowfee.

Earl grey master race reporting in.

Togame a shit.


For me, it‘s soylent the best so*boy drink.

That's a crossboarder meme and it's also offensive to our soyboy faggot mods so please never post it again on Sup Forums

Ok alcoholic

Hojicha > genmaicha > latte matcha > matcha > sencha

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Hot cocoa

gween fee

Oxidization turns all leaves brown. Black tea is actually just a different type of tea leaf which is allowed to oxidize until it is blackish.
Tea from unoxidized green tea leaves will be green.

Finally, someone who knows what they're doing.

>dark roast
You also drinks hit cowfe

Hot Cocoa.

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Didn't the Chinese invent tea?

Try brushing your teeth more often.

I want to drink her hotto cocoa from the source

Yeah, but tea has been around in Japan for almost as long. Way longer than Britbongland and shit.

based post

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