Tohka a cute! Cute!

Tohka a cute! Cute!

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Volume 18 in a few hours

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Tohka is the cutest nep!

What Volume should I start reading after finishing the anime?

She's beautiful

I'd say you should start from the beginning since season 1 skipped a lot of plot relevant content.

Reine is true end

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from the vol 1 of that you can join us become tohkafag

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Patrician taste, user. She truly is best girl.

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Okay then thanks

Best girl

Is that grey haired women a villian? I mean the one who supports the Mc


i think i remember seeing somewhere that season 3 was supposed to come out. i'm too lazy to google it, anyone know when?

No release date has been officially announced. It IS coming, we just don't really know when. The October claims are hoaxes.


I want to fuck Tohka jesus christ

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Tohka is not a retard!

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I really need S3

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