Shit tier waifu thread

Shit tier waifu thread

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You start op

Pic not related.

Pic related indeed.

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This fucker right here. Talk about worthless, literally gave up on being anything worthwhile. Doesn't clean up after herself, practically incapable due to negligence and general apathy. Doesn't handle large pressure well, doesn't handle small pressure well, and doesn't do anything with no pressure. Plays shitty MMO's all day, p2wfag spending money she doesn't have. Massive disappointment to her friends and family. Requires a literal demon to take care of her. Can't manage her time, clothes, food, hair, body, or life (literally, this is a life given to her by heaven above).

Complete and utter failure as a human being, as an angel, and as a entity in general. I give birth to more worthwhile existences in the toilet every morning. Fuck this character.

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What this nigga said

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damn that's literally me



>no Rem

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This failure of character


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Fuck off cunt, your meme waifu can suck a giant niggerdick

user I’m pretty sure that was the point

>My waifu who is one of the most hated is not in this list

Feels good desu.

>unironically liking Emilia
It's basically impossible if you like he story. Those who don't like it will give her as their favorite girl

>best girl nowhere to be found


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>wanting (you)s this hard
whats with those bait lists anyways, who even wastes time on them?

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i mean you have time to reply to the obvious bait post, so you shouldnt have to think hard to find the answer for your own question.

Does anyone even have Gab as a waifu? I always see people who like every other girl in that anime except for Gab.

delet this

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I just realized that this chart lacks idolshit.

>Rei of HOTD?
>Nina of Code Geass?
Who she is?

whats wrong with her?

Run elsie jewelria

She's a Tsundere and a Tomboy. That'll give you a fairly good idea.


All correct.

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No it's Akane.

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Literally waifubait character

This is awfully true.

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Asuka (NGE)

Kasumi > Ukyo > Nabiki > Akane >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> shit > kodachi > shampoop

I can understand nabiki and Kashmir but ukyo is basically a milder(and a less interesting) Akane.

What are you, gay?

Thats always is the most pathetic excuse of "argument" as "response" by a biggest ignorant, pretentious, superficial shit as you with a terrible shit taste

Ukyo is 30% tsun and 70% dere
Akane is 50% cunt 30% tsun and 20% hot air

>being this mad over someone else’s taste
Also, nice english pal.

She was more the self insert and vehical for the show than anything else, cute but the others were better

worst girl ever desu ;^)

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You get triggered so easy because you watched the official shit taste list and found it that you have an horrible shit taste

isnt tomoko made exactly to be a worst girl intentionally tho?

Agree, Thank you Qki Jose

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she is the worst of worst
( still like her tho)

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>my waiiu will never be posted in these threads

Feels good.

are you retarded?

nah just autistic like all of Sup Forums

Now Fuck You

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Worst Girl

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Oh look it's the 'Still buttmad my ship lost after 3 years' gif.

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pic related is the biggest retard magnet out there

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Actually, she's a perfect waifubait.

Aqua and Darkness are perfectly fine.
Megumeme is the only shit tier

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she's no waifubait

Any KyoAni girl since 2009

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Please don't talk about my wife like that.

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Jesus christ you have shit taste.

I like her eyes, they look like the n64 Controller thumbstick

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>Aqua and Darkness are perfectly fine.
both of them are walking jokes with no personality, megumin at least can think sometimes (at least in the novels).

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He's right though.

>out of all the sao girls you could of picked and you choose the only one that's good

No he’s not.

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This list is so bad and gay, that whoever posts it deserves a permaban

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Stop posting easily triggered ESL fag.

>cancer since 215

>an horrible

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eat shit

>Junko, Ayame, Hotaru and Midari
>Shit Tier

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the trash trio

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Ayame is a big girl.

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Rin is literally best girl baka user

Ayame is the only redeemable girl out of those 4. The worst one is Junko, obviously, anyone who unironically enjoys danganrompa is a mentally challenged person who should be made fun of because it's danganrompa for the love of Jesus "our savior"

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so much this, just look at these idiots

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That's not Illya

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Literally choke on a blowfish.

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factually wrong

Junko is shit tier though
>lmao muh despair

A reminder that Asuka pleases old men for free

t. Someone who only watches "manly" anime