Cardcaptor Sakura

Since when could Eriol open doors and move chairs just by looking at them?

If Sakura is more powerful than Eriol, can she do that as well once she's fully grown up?

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Since he's a fucking wizard?
Sakura is powerful, but doesn't know shit about magic and shows no interest in learning. Unless that changes she's not likely to get better.

Has there ever been a debate on who would win between Harry Potter and Eriol?

Probably. Retards love power level discussions that go nowhere.

Fuck, I've just remembered those HP/CCS crossover fanfics

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Eriol never got his powers split in the anime so he's basically Clow without the cards.

I always wonder how do the clow cards work. Clow probably used them with his wand, just like Sakura, but Sakura gives away her wand in the TRC world, and says that it's fine because the cards are still with her, which can mean that she doesn't needs it to activate the cards or that she will be using the wand from the Clear Card arc and Syaoran can use them too with his sword.
I just assumed that anyone with magical powers can use the cards

Syaoran never used the cards in the original manga and when he uses them in Clear Card I don't think he really uses his sword. So I don't think you need any kind of wand or anything at all and Sakura's wands are just crutches or something similar.

Syaoran doesn't need the sword to use the cards, at least in the clear card manga, he just activates them with his hands so Sakura can learn how to do it as well. The wand is probably necessary for card capturing, not to much for activating the cards.

She doesn't need to grow up to do that, she need to learn to use magic without using card.

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Clow fucking Reed vs a gary stu that won because his own mother sacrified herself and won with an asspull

Not to mention Clow unbalanced the multiverse with just one wish

yes, he is canonically powerful, like lotr characters

>number 2 on a fujo poll dominated by male character
How does she do it?

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Nostalgia. Remember that Sakura was supposed to be a self-insert for little girls.

> If Sakura is more powerful than Eriol, can she do that as well once she's fully grown up?

She could do all that shit now if she bothered to try, only problem is that she's stuck in the system of using cards to channel her powers.

Even though the Sakura cards are ones made with her own powers, she's only limiting herself by continuing to use them. Eriol himself said that Sakura has the potential to become way stronger than he was, even to do shit like see the future + have an elongated life span, but odds are she'll never bother to actually learn that shit.

She doesn't bother to learn because she wants to live a normal life, but as Eriol said, because of her powers magicians will inevitably be attracted to where she is so she might as well accept that's her life from now on and properly learn magic.

Well, I will be the power level fag around here and say that...Eriol stomps in so many ways it is not even funny.

Every single of the cards is far, far stronger than anything Harry could even do or even attempt.

And, well, Sakura restored the CLAMP multiverse one time, Eriol shouldnt be that far behind.

Eriol with the clow cards stomp Harryverse.

Eriol in the manga halved his powers and gave half of it to Sakura's dad, so Sakura is definitely a lot more powerful than him. In the anime that didn't happen though so him and Sakura have similar powerlevels, but he's done growing as a magician while Sakura has still immense potential to grow.

>Weaknesses: Naive
Dumb kaiju

Please don't bully

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>It's a footservice episode

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>Powers and Abilities: Super Human caracteristics, Time-Stop (The Time), Arqueria (The Arrow), Transmutation (The Big y The Little), Water Manipulation (The Watery, The Wave and The Bubbles), Mental Manipulation (The Change), Weather Manipulation (With The Cloud, The Wood, The Rain, The Snow) Creation (The Create), Spacial Manipulation (The Dark and The Light) Magic Issolation (The Dark), Time Manipulation (The Time, The Return, The Light y The Dark) Instant Death, Reality Manipulation (The Erase) Terrakinesis (Con The Earthy) Dream Manipulation (The Dream) Probability Manipulation (The Hope Can create a posibility were the hope of those who were and those who will shall prevail.The Shot) Flotation (The Float) Martial Arts (The Fight) Pyrokinesis (The Firey), Flight (The Fly), Ice Manipulation (The Frezze) Light Manipulation (The Glow), Illusions (The Illusion) Mind Reading (The Libra Can predict if someone is lying, can put opponents to sleep with The Sleep) Magical Limitation (The Little), Sealing (Con The Lock and the Cetro de Sakura.), Mist Creation (The Mist) Teleportation (The Move), Sand Manipulation (The Sand), Darkness Manipulation (The Shadow), Inmortality (Reincarnation), The Shot can only be destroyed conceptually), Stealth (The Silent), Maze Creation ( The Maze) Luring (The Song) Cooking (The Sweet), Superhuman vision (The Through), Electrokinesis (The Thunder), Clonation (The Twin), Sound Manipulation (The Voice allows her to steal the opponent`s voice)

Gee Sakura, how come Clow Reed lets you to have so many abilities?

>Mind Reading (The Libra Can predict if someone is lying)
Still sad we never saw this card in action

Sakura is not interested in really being a mage, so she probably will never learn how to do things besides using the cards.

She utterly stomps Madokami with the Light and the Dark.