Toji no Miko


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>magireco 10 roll: 250 gems
>kirara 10 roll: 400 gems
>toji no miko 10 roll: 3800 gems

The inflation is real.

How to remove Mihono from the main screen?

>open APKPure
>"Registered - Coming Soon"
Looks like I'm too much of a brainlet to figure this out. Saved from gacha hell

Just use a jp google account.

Who's still on reroll mines?

Try Qooapp

We need an episode focused entirely on the elite guard.

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the two soon-to-be-cakes are great. I should remember their names at some point

options then one with the heart

So Toji no Miko became Little Witch Academia with sword girls instead of witches. That's a shame.

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Assets rip where?


Rolling for Kaoru and Nene!

>16 years old
>soon to be cakes
What did he mean by this?

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>Square Enix copying Trigger's bastardation of LWA
>Toji no Miko is literally LWA 2.0
Square Enix also wants to copy LWA anime's failure. RIP in fucking piss in advance

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Should I keep?
Good: two 4*
Bad: both 4* are support

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You should have one or two 4* fighters at the very least

They look like they're in their early 20s

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>What did he mean by this?
I never checked their ages and they looked more like they are in their early to mid twenties.

How to reroll? Do I have to redownload everything? If I have to then I will just keep this no 3 stars account since it is too troublesome.

More like Two Car 2.0

If you're rooted then just delete data00 under files.

>censored word in the prologue
What was that?

Read NoWaYu

How can they be cakes if they have each other?

Stop forcing this meme retard. Males are worthless.

It's fucking funny actually that shit you don't want in gacha is male. They are the equivalent of characterless R in GBF.

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Maki is a boy

Why doesn't the birb have her scars?

Supports have higher drop rate. It's 4* fighter you want.

She may have a big sword and hilt, but that's not enough to make her a boy.

Just delete data. It's 200mb.

The scars are only on her left arm which is conveniently placed behind her so they don't need to bother drawing it.

mokusa or kanami

Actually, male have a worth as meat shields and literal cannon fodder.

All the more reason why they cannot be cakes. If anything, Suzuka is gonna become a MILF soon.

Wait, I already leveled up Konami up to level 5, but the quest is still not cleared? What else should I do?

My only problem with game are often crashes. Shame considering AGA looks better and runs perfectly.

Which of the 2 10+1 banners are you supposed to reroll on?

If you mean the rank 5 quest that's your player rank.

She's gonna divorce Maki and aim for real girls

You can't roll the first one. It's for paid gems only.

You can only roll one of them without paying real money. There are two types of rainbow rocks that looks exactly the same, but one you can only get by paying for it.

One of them is a paid gacha so it won't let you use your free gems/stones.

That's very rude.

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So the paid 10+1 gives you a guaranteed 4*? If 4* is the highest rarity, that's quite generous.

She's mature and well-developed. It's a compliment.

Yeah, but 4* supports have twice the chance of a 4* main.

No the third quest.

3% is pretty generous and battle system is okay rpg stuff. If only game had better optimization.


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It'd probably run like shit on my phone but I haven't had an issue on Nox.

Yeah, trudging through menus is goddamn painful and slow as fuck.

So in the graphics page what is this on/off thing?

And best graphics are on the right or left?

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In this case it's a guaranteed main. They wouldn't be that mean.

I want to cute Kaoru's hair horns

Those melons are unreal.


>tap her boobs to continue with the dialog

I wonder how long before we're kicked out to /vg/.

it'll happen sooner or later
/mbgg/ is a shithole though so no one should look forward to it

The game is going to spoil the anime and ruin everything, right?

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The day after the anime ends.

The anime didn't stop existing.

Left is low

what is the fastest way to farm crystal ?

It only spoiled one thing which we've seen coming for weeks.

If I can keep kirara threads alive I can keep toji alive.

>Cross Ange is het anime and het-free game
>Little Witch Academia is het anime and het-free game
>Toji no Miko is het-free anime and het game
It's like Japan wants to pander to yurifags in one medium and piss them off in the other.

Raildex threads were talking about their shitty game for months without anime airing.

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I was just going to say the same thing.

Fair point.

Shut the fuck up.

Raildex threads have moderation immunity so it doesn't count.

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It is not fair.

Fuck it, I'll keep this.

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>No Hiyori
Why even continue?

keep it. also, what do the colors and so on imply? I assume pink text box and golden border is fighter, pink text box and silver border is support and ...?

I didn't notice it, but is the free one-time roll banner a guaranteed 4* main?

No, 3+.

Fuck I hate the fucking red tapes. Kirara is the same too. I have to claim my reward 2 times. Magireco doesn't have this problem and they should learn from it.

Pink is main and green is support. The borders are just rarity.

I got a 4* Kanami from it. Is she good?

doesnt even open on my nox

What am I supposed to do with all these Nenes?

Feed her to some supports.

>Ellen’s family is going to visit her
>Ellen’s happily talk about her family to Kaoru
>Mom called her and told her that they’re busy and can’t come to see her
>Sad Ellen
>Kaoru comforted Ellen and said that she will bring her to cake buffet store she wanted to go.

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Has Nene's sex ever been mentioned anywhere?

>tfw no cute toji womanlet to cheer you up when you're down

No. But seems I was in Made in Abyss thread for such a long time that I will call everyone "her".

So Ellen still pays?

Ellen breastfeeding buffet Kaoru

That's weird. I'm on and it works both rooted and unrooted.

Which is the "speed" stat? Kofuki seems to always attack first in the tutorial and I got a 4* of her from the free roll, not sure if I should keep or reroll.

How to limit break a support?

HOW THE FUCK DO YOU REROLL? /vg/ thread when?

Would be funny if you could only do that with busty mikos.

I play the game now.

And I LOVE Mihono!

She's such a cute dork.

>/vg/ thread when?
This, I want Mihonofriends to leave and never come back.