Huh, so this is what kino looks like. Based MAPPA

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Dororo is in a way the most important manga by Tezuka.


How come?

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>gong strike

Dororo, the original reverse trap.

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One of my favourite ps2 era game

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But the movie sucks.

today was a good day


Looks very Yuasaesque (I know it's not by him).

*muffled helicopter noises.

Nah, The person it resembles would be Shinya Ohira (who did the Ping Pong OP among other collaborations with Yuasa, so I can understand your assumption), but it's actually animated by 宮本託自 ( who studied under Ohira. It looks really cool, but I can't believe a TV anime could look like that consistently.

I'm glad they didn't keep the original designs. It might be cool.

Tezuka is truly ahead of his time

So like is this confirmed to be an full tv anime? Any date of release ?

Mappa basically sold out. Instead of being creative ambitious studio they became new Ufotable, just making remakes of old stuff instead of fateshit.

I'm really interested in the character designs they'll do. Wow, of all the Tezuka stuff to get remade I wasn't expecting this one. One of my favorites so I'm very excited.

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Old Stuff > Fateshit

Plus, there's tons of old stuff that needs proper adaptation/an adaptation at all. It's certainly better than adapting the first two volumes of a shitty light novel as a glorified advertisement.

Is it actually good? I was always curious about it but never got around to play it.

Not that guy, but I enjoyed it a lot. I even managed to finish it.


It's genuinely good but got axed and unfinished.

>Vinland Saga
Today was a really great day.

It's really good for a ps2 game.
Bunch of secret boss and weapons to collect.
The combat is no DMC tier but still playable, plus you get to wield dual blade and fire a fucking canon with your leg.

I also love how everytime you get back your organ/limb you unlock a new gameplay element (Eyes let you see in colour, vocal chords let you speak and leg let you dash.)

And City Hunter movie
Nips are nostalgic lately


I'm really just glad it's not shovelware. I'll play it as soon as I can, thanks m8s

Oh you meant the game. I thought you asked about the manga.

Berserk ripoff.
I'm kidding.

The PV implies we're getting Ohira-esque character art for a whole TV anime. Adaptation or not, that is very much an ambitious thing creatively. I have my doubts how well it'll turn out, but you can't just write it off as "just some old shit".

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What the hell is going on? Pluto adaptation, Vinland saga adaptation and now this is getting a remake? Plus a new City hunter film is due to be released next year. Fucking nice.

I don't expect much because this is by Twin enginges that made Kokkoku this season. Kokkoku anime is mediocre as fuck.

This will be out in 2019 at the very least, MAPPA is doing Banana Fish this year, and Yuri on Ice movie entered production.

Have you actually looked at the thing?

The final boss is very good, the rest of the game is mediocre.

Maybe if they don't try to do conventional scenes. This could either be a flop of the size of Fujiko Mine or be amazing. Depends on the schedule.

Thanks for the acc! (Has he worked on anything else?)

Well, I am glad they are allowing other type of animation, but maybe this is just for the OP?

Nigga, the PV clearly says Mappa in big ass letters.

I mean, by advertising the show like that, the show is going to certainly be unconventional stuff. That's for sure.

Seems like it's just a one-off work by Takuji Miyamoto. He won't be working on the show proper.


What a shame.

More nostalgiashit bait. Fucking MAPPA.
Yuri on Ice movie when?

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I wonder what kind of ending they'll go with, if they'll work the game's ending in or just leave it like the manga?

Fuck off.

How is the manga? Just want to know before I proceed to read it.
My first PS2 game. It has a special place in my heart.
The character growth is subtle but satisfying. The boss fight get boring quick, and the human fight get boring quicker, but everything else is enjoyable.
Dororo fighting fiend alone is the best part of the game, by the way.

Of course, he won't. Interest lost.

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Based Mappa

But where is yuri on ice season 2?

No season 2. Movie announced.

Nah, it says "製作ツインエンジン" which means the actual animation work will be by Twin Engine.

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You are retarded. Tezuka Production and Mappa will be making the anime.

That's sad, it seemed to fit the story.

Japanese twitter is exploded by the Dororo pics.どろろ&src=typd

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But can they really show young Hyakkimaru on tv today?

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Is Japan, they can.

Of course. It's a classic.

I didn't care for it, what's so great about it?

>Dororo is in a way the most important manga by Tezuka.
Wouldn't that title go to Atom Boy?

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It is Atom, but he said "in a way" and we never hear in what way.

No it’s Phoenix

Phoenix is incredible, but I still think Atom is his most important along with influential manga. Tezuka has a lot of great works under his belt.

In the trash, where it belongs.

Kill yourself.

In all honesty, if it wasn't for YOI's big money, Mappa wouldn't announce all these many interesting adaptations in the last year.

1969 1st anime ep1 どろろ / どろろと百鬼丸 = 01 = 百鬼丸の巻 (1)

I bought a used disk of this at game at gamestop some years back, but never got around to playing it.